How to Cover Acne Scars

How to Cover Acne Scars

Acne scars make women self-conscious about the way their skin looks like, creating insecurities about whether or not makeup could completely cover them up. Acne scars cannot be eliminated or treated without a dermatologist’s expert intervention.

Preventing Apparition of New Acne Scars

If you don’t want to do something very radical, like lasers or chemical peeling, you can ask for advice on how to reduce or prevent future acne scars. For a start, you can use cosmetic products that can balance your oily skin’s equilibrium and help reduce oil production. One such product is John Master Organics Bearberry oily skin balancing face serum with a blemish-fighting formula.

Keep your makeup brushes clean, by washing them regularly, thus preventing the accumulation of bacteria, which can make your acne even worse. Pay attention as to not get too much sun exposure, always try to limit your stress level and follow a healthy and balanced diet.

How to Clean your Face Properly

Once you’ve taken steps to prevent even more scars and marks, you should learn how to cover up acne scars. Create a makeup routine that works for you and best conceals your acne scars. Always start by washing your face to remove any oil excess. Try using Jan Marini Skin Research Bioglycolic oily skin cleansing gel that is great for extremely oily and acne problem-prone skin.

How to Cover Acne Scars

Applying Primer and Foundation

Make a habit of yours to apply first a primer, such as Too Faced Primed & Poreless Pure, an oil-free skin smoothing face velvety primer that soothes the skin for a flawless effect. Next on covering up your acne scars comes choosing your foundation. This will be a trial and error process, since you need to discover which foundation works best on your skin, and how to cover up acne without putting too much on your face. We recommend: Too Faced’s Amazing Face oil free foundation or NARS Sheer Glow foundation. Make sure the shade you’ve chosen matches your skin tone.

How to Cover Up Acne with Concealer & Powder

After applying your foundation, it is time to cover up your acne scars, so choose a concealer in a lighter shade, this way you can cover up any sign of redness. Use your fingers to cover acne scars with concealer. GloMinerals’s GloCamouflage is an oil free concealer that will help you hide your acne scars. Apply bareMinerals’ Mineral Veil finishing powder as your final step in achieving bare skin beauty. Now you’re good to go!

How to Cover Acne ScarsHow to Cover Acne ScarsHow to Cover Acne ScarsHow to Cover Acne Scars

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