How to Grow Out Bangs

How to Grow Out Bangs

As hair trends are changing from time to time, bangs constantly come in and go out of fashion. Many people experiment with cutting bangs then growing them out and it goes round in circles.

Growing out your bangs is no more a frustrating problem, as there are some tricky tips that help you to grow out your bangs faster and easier. If you want to try new, chic and stylish haircuts but your bangs don’t permit it, you will definitely like the following solutions to achieve a fabulous new look and keep up with the latest trends.

How to Grow Out Bangs

Plan Your New Look

Save yourself a little time to consider what you will do with your bangs. You can let them hang on one side and you can think about a new haircut as well. Imagine having a new hairstyle and think about whether this is something you really want to have. Nowadays you are really lucky as modern technology offers you great possibilities to visualize your ideas. For this purpose, you can either use Photoshop or try a virtual makeover program on the Internet. This way you can play with new looks in order to see if you will look good without your bangs.

Use Accessories

Don’t be upset about your hair. Patience will bring fabulous results and as your hair grows a little longer you can try getting a chic new haircut. Hair grows about half an inch in a month. However, it is a slow process, there are some genial ideas that will make you forget about this transitory state and these versatile styles will brighten up your days. Check out our tips!

Get a stylish headband to push your bangs out of your face and look fabulous. Headbands and chic hair accessories are extremely fashionable this year. Purchasing one such item is a great choice as it can be used in every stage of the hair’s growth.

How to Grow Out Bangs

Clip your bangs back using a trendy hair clip or bobby pins. Use your imagination and think about dozens of other stylish possibilities to arrange your hair and your bangs will be so much fun to play with. Backcomb your bangs to add a little volume to your strands then pull the quiff up and back and secure to the hair underneath. Another great way to jazz up your hair is to part your bangs into three equal sections, twisting them and clipping them back off your forehead. Use a touch of hairspray if you want it to last all day long. The ponytail is another popular variation on the same hairstyle.

Sweep Your Bangs to One Side Use a brush to part your hair and pull your bangs over to the side and you have instantly transformed them into gorgeous, sexy side-bangs.

Experiment With Different Types of Parts Parting your hair in many different ways can give you countless possibilities to arrange your bangs until they grow out. You can play with dividing your hair in one part or in the middle, as you prefer, and use bobby pins to fix your bangs.

Keep Them in Your Face Letting your bangs fall in your eyes is very sexy, stylish and cool, however it may get frustrating when your bangs grow a little longer. Wear them with style and enjoy the versatile looks they provide you with.

Blow Dry Your Bangs For a wonderful, trendy look, blow-dry your bangs in the morning to obtain a fresh, fluffy hair and to keep your fringes away from your eyes. Use hairspray and hair styling products to keep your bangs in place and to control fly-aways.

Although growing out your bangs is a slow process and many times can be really annoying, if you are ready to experiment, use your imagination and bring some fun and creativity into your hairstyles, you can even enjoy the stylish looks your bangs can give you during the growing-out process.

How to Grow Out Bangs How to Grow Out Bangs