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How to Organize Your Beauty Shelf

How to Organize Your Beauty Shelf

Your bathroom shelves might be chock-full with different beauty products and there are some that stood there untouched for months, if not years.

It’s time to make a huge summer cleaning – however it is important to stay green that’s why it is highly recommended that before you start ditching out the products think carefully whether you can’t find any role for these in the household. Let’s see some useful tips on how to organize your cosmetics

The first step is always planning, indeed the more organized the cleaning, the more efficient it will prove to be. That’s why make a division and group your cosmetics in at least 3 groups.

Group 1 Those products are included here that you use almost on a daily basis. For example think of pieces that belong to the daily skin care routine as: cleansers, daily, cream, body lotion, shower gel, shampoos etc. that would have to be always at hand.

How to Organize Your Beauty ShelfHow to Organize Your Beauty Shelf

Group 2 Enlist here the products that you scarcely use, about every 2 weeks or monthly. These can be placed behind the first group because you tend to use them only once in a while. However these still belong to the basic beauty care rituals

Group 3 The critical stuff that have a slight and find dust layer on them, since you might have not touched them for months. Think of their actual role and get rid of them as soon as possible.

These products are the consequences of huge shopping sprees, when you bought more than you actually needed. Next time try to be more rational and eco-friendly, you may do more harm to your environment than you think is you pile up more than it’s necessary.

Now, the next step is eliminating all the stuff from the Group 3 – these won’t get back to the bathroom anymore. Put them into a box and later, you’ll might think of finding another useful roles for them. For example shampoos can be still used as dishwashing soap or for makeup brush cleaning.

The next step is to re-organize the other two groups. The best solution to save space and effort is to put all the products form Group 2 into a separate basket, box, shelf or drawer that is not actually at hand, still close enough to get them if necessary. The point in this plan is to ‘hide’ them, so they won’t get in your way during your daily beauty care routine.

How to Organize Your Beauty Shelf

Those beauty essentials you tend to use not only on daily basis but even more times a day, should be placed close enough. These should be at hand whenever you feel like using them. Moreover your ritual won’t be blurred, the products that are on this particular shelf should be used each time you do your skin care practice.

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