How to Stop Biting Nails

How to Stop Biting Nails

It is very hard to give up our old and especially bad habits. Nail biting is only one of these. However there are not only medical but also traditional remedies for nail biters.

You’re not alone and there’s a cure for your problem. The reason for it can be stress or in cases boredom. The following tips will help you in getting rid of your dependency.

The very first thing you must do is to decide that you’ll want to quit biting your nails. Tune yourself into the process. Patience and perseverance is very important.

Find another habit to replace the old one, try to opt for something healthier. Whenever you have a nail biting attack react with the new habit. It is recommended to find a habit that has nothing to do with nails. Staring at or playing with them will only intensify the need.

How to Stop Biting Nails

When your mouth will crave for biting, try to shift the attention and eat carrots or have an emergency chewing gum at hand.

Covering your nails can also be very helpful. Try artificial ones, it won’t taste the way natural ones did, hopefully they will keep you away from biting.

It is useful to cut your nails back, long ones are easily bitten, keep nail clipper at hand.

Ask the help of friends and family to help you in quitting biting your nails,. experiment with challenges. Test yourself on how many hours can you resist without biting your nails.

Nail jewels are also useful, are harder to bite off. Wash your nails with soap, shampoo, or other cosmetic products with bad taste, all these will keep you away from biting.

Magnesium and calcium intakes are essential for your nail care. It was proved that many people engaged in this harmful habit, because their calcium and magnesium deficiency.

If you are a compulsive nail biter try wearing gloves, at least for a couple of days, until you get used to not biting your nails. It worked with several people why not try it?

Last but not least it is good to keep recording your progress. Try to reward yourself for letting your nails grow, buy yourself a gift that would remind you of your efforts.