10 Style Tips for New Moms

10 Style Tips for New Moms

While your style can certainly take a few hits in the last trimester of your pregnancy and in the first few weeks after the arrival of your baby, it’s important to get back on track as soon as possible.

Using the best style tips for new moms, you’ll be able to find the perfect balance between fashion and comfort. You shouldn’t worry too much about your look when you’re spending time with your new born, but once you’re ready to go out and get back to your fashionable self, try these excellent tips for a great look.

1. Don’t Be Afraid of Showing Skin

OK, you might not be interesting in showing off your legs, but getting back to a sexy look can be as easy as wearing a one shoulder top. Strapless tops or dresses will also allow you show some skin, without worrying about the way your body is getting back in shape after you’ve given birth. Even if your arms are anything but toned, don’t keep them hidden away either.

2. Go for A-line Dresses

Definitely one of the best style tips for new moms, the A-line silhouette can be the perfect way to ease back into your stylish wardrobe. Whether you want to go for a shorter look or you’re keeping it under the knee, a good A-line dress can help you feel sexy and stylish again when spend a little time away from your baby.

10 Style Tips for New Moms

3. Don’t Settle for Just Maxi Dresses

Column-style maxi dresses can be a great look, both during your pregnancy and after you deliver, but they can’t be the only option. Of course it’s easier to just throw one on when you’re feeling tired and don’t want to worry about your style, but once a few weeks since delivery have passed, it’s time to bring back separates.

4. Stop Hiding Your Waist

Slimming down quickly is more likely when you didn’t gain more than 30 pounds and you kept active during your pregnancy. Even if you’re not crazy about your post-baby belly, one of the best style tips for new moms is try dresses with an empire waist. They’ll highlight the thinnest part of your waist, and can also provide flattering draping for your abdominal area.

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5. Accessorize to Feel Sexy

Even when you’re stuck in baggy clothing, bring a little glamor to your look with the right jewelry. Long earring, cocktail rings and layered necklaces will get in the way, so instead opt for decorative hair accessories and smaller chokers. Don’t forget about the perfect accessories for outdoors: oversized sunglasses and a bold lip to get a quick glam look even when you’re feeling tired. Colorful scarves are also a great way to touch up your style, but make sure they’re made out of easy to wash fabrics.

10 Style Tips for New Moms

6. Try Tunics

Long and loose tops are always better than long and loose dresses. One of the best style tips for new moms is to not be afraid to go shorter with your tops, as long as you keep them flowy. Tunics are a good fit and ponchos are rarely fashionable, but they are acceptable when you’re not ready to show off your waist yet.

7. Find the Perfect Oversized Tote Bag

When it comes to your bag, you shouldn’t sacrifice style over function completely. Instead, find an oversized tote with a little structure and with plenty of compartments for everything you need to carry when you go out with your baby. Leather will stand any baby puke attack if you use a good cleaner and conditioner, but stay away from suede tote bags.

10 Style Tips for New Moms

8. Get Some Flare in Your Jeans

Definitely one of the best style tips for new moms is to wear flared jeans and pants. They’ll make you look taller even when you’re wearing flats and they’ll give your style a little vintage flair if you go for bell bottoms. Even if keep it more subtle, flared jeans are trending again.

9. Rock Flat Boots

Colorful boots can definitely improve any boring look, but stay away from heals when you’re still recuperating after giving birth. Over-the-knee boots are definitely a style upgrade from simple flats.

10 Style Tips for New Moms

10. Choose Your Flats Wisely

If you’re not ready to try boots yet, one of the best style tips for new moms is to get a little style kick from your flats. Stick to the comfortable shape of ballet flats, but don’t be afraid to try a pair with more embellishment. They could bring your look to the next level.