Get in Shape with Water Aerobics

Get in Shape with Water Aerobics

Get in shape with water aerobics that can make working out so much fun and comfortable. It is a great way to lose weight because of the variety of exercises you can perform in water.

Water supports more than half of your body weight about 80% so it is less likely to injure your muscles, bones, back and joints. Exercises are usually done in chest deep water. The water provides support and buoyancy for the body. Because water is more dense than air you increase the muscle endurance and tone body more efficiently.

Since water supports most of the weight you can increase flexibility without experiencing any pain in the joints.

This is why water aerobics can be a great option for older people as well.

Get in Shape with Water Aerobics

Water aerobic maintains the heart rate level low compared to other exercises done ‘on land’. The water keeps the body cool making it more comfortable and more endurable.

Water is more dense than air so you work your muscles better and feel much comfortable therefore the weight loss will be more significant. In one hour of water aerobic workout you can burn up to 700 calories.

The equipment you will need depends on how advanced you get. You will need:

– swim suit– water aerobic shoes to provide traction and prevent injury– goggles if you get under water – swim cap – aqua blocks for increased resistance – foam filled cylinders for deep water exercises – flotation belt – kickboard

So give it a try and see how you like it because for sure you will not regret it and get in shape with water aerobics!