15 Simple Looking Mangalsutra Designs with Images

Mangalsutra is a valuable promise between bride and groom. It is an easy but meaningful tradition of Hindu Marriage. It says that the bride is of forever’s grooms. Mangalsutra display the well-being of groom. A mangalsutra is a beautiful memory of marriage containing love emotions of groom for the bride. The design of mangalsutra should be simple and elegant that a lady can wear daily. It reminds for her love and honesty towards groom. It carries a lot of importance in bride’s life.

simple mangalsutra Designs

Mangalsutra is a mixture of chain and black beads with sometimes decorative pendant. If matching earrings are there, it becomes a complete necklace. It upgrades the overall look of married women.

Beautiful and Stylish Simple Mangalsutra Designs for Womens in Trend:

Let we have to look at the top 9 simple mangalsutra designs.

1. Simple Mangalsutra Designs with Hanging Pendant:

Simple Mangalsutra with Hanging Pendant

It is a stylish mangalsutra chain in gold and with black beads. The hanging pendant seems like Jhumar is hanged on roof. This simple gold mangalsutra possess fine texture design. Some strings are hanging below pendant with small black and gold beads.

2. Delicate Single Line Mangalsutra:

Delicate Single Line Mangalsutra

It is simple mangalsutra pattern with single line of small black beads. It is having two pink twinkling balls attached with each other. In between these pink balls, a hook is connected to dangle a beautiful diamond pendant. This is simple for everyday wear.

3. Simple Mangalsutra with Diamond Pendant:

Simple Mangalsutra with Diamond Pendant

This is mangalsutra simple design with two diamond pendant. The chain is having a link of medium size black beads. The pendant is having one big and one small size diamond with three open circles. Over big diamond, there are two circles and one circle is in between two diamonds.

4. Double Vati Simple Mangalsutra:

Double Vati Simple Mangalsutra

It is Maharashtrian simple gold mangalsutra design. It is having double chain and double vati pendant. Two gold vati  are hanged below small four gold coins. This pattern is popular in Maharashtra State. This vati is amazingly ornamented with lining design.

5. Single Line Mangalsutra with Gemstone:

Single Line Mangalsutra with Gemstone

This gold mangalsutra simple design is having gemstone on peacock motif. A black beaded chain is attached with an astounding pendant having peacock design. This peacock is decorated with white diamond and there is pink pear shape gemstone hanging below pendant.

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6. Mango Motif Simple Mangalsutra Designs:

Mango Motif Simple Manglasutra

This simple mangalsutra design is juicy with mango motif. There is a beautiful gold chain with some line of black beads at certain gap. There is a reverse mango motif in gold with a row of small gold balls attached over motif. Three black beads are hanging on motif.

7. Trendy Mangalsutra with Peacock Feathers:

Trendy mangalsutra with Peacock Feathers

This is simple gold mangalsutra with a thick gold chain. There are black balls at each interval. There is beautiful pendant with peacock feather design. The feather colour is white with black bead on top. A very fine curve is given on gold and looks like a real peacock.

8. Pearl and Gold Balls Mangalsutra:

Pearl and Gold balls Mangalsutra

This is stupendous mangalsutra design with single black bead chain. There are three green colour pearls and two gold balls on alternate way. This gold and green pearl combination is unique one and delivering a high standard look. These pearls are having flashing features.

9. Simply Classic Gold Mangalsutra:

Simply Classic Gold Mangalsutra

This mangalsutra is having a classic gold pattern like two gold stick are meeting each other. This simple mangalsutra designs in gold is having a tear drop design in gold and it is covered with silver circle. It is furnished with shining gold.

10. Black Beaded Simple Mangalsutra:

Black Beaded Simple Mangalsutra

It is simple mangalsutra designs with black beads. The whole chain is having a line of black beads. There are big black balls over some interval. It is uncomplicated mangalsutra design with black ball. The black ball is given support of gold. Black ball is having radiating effect.

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11. Rose Pendant Simple Mangalsutra:

Rose Pendant Simple Mangalsutra

This mangalsutra simple design is in one layer black beaded chain. The pendant is with two thick gold sticks. This stick is connected with a rose diamond pendant. The rose is adorned with a white diamond. This rose diamonds are twinkling like a star. Rose pendant is spreading its smell.

12. Laxmi Pendant Mangalsutra:

Laxmi Pendant Mangalsutra

This is two layers minor black beads chain having Goddess Laxmi pendant. There is gold coin pendant with an image of Goddess Laxmi. It is based on religious theme and there are two red rods on both side of pendant. This pendant is to seek blessing of Goddess Laxmi.

13. Single Layer Pearl Mangalsutra:

Single Layer Pearl Mangalsutra

This is very soft mangalsutra pattern. This simple gold mangalsutra design is having three pearls in a row. There is a circle of gold embossed with diamond in between each pearl. The chain is in single line with black beads. The design is fetching much fame with these ultra-soft pearls.

14. Black Flower Pendant Mangalsutra:

Black Flower Pendant Mangalsutra

It is two-layered mangalsutra simple design with three black flowers. There is a small curvy stick embellished with black diamond. Below this stick, there are two circles embossed with white and black diamond and over it one more circular with black and white diamonds.

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15. White and Yellow Gold Simple Mangalsutra:

White and Yellow Gold Simple Mangalsutra

This is a masterpiece design in gold mangalsutra. One side there is white gold stick attached with yellow gold stick on other side. With each stick, there is sparkling diamond star design. Nice shape has been given to these sticks. This is simply a designer piece.

Simple mangalsutra designs are very famous currently as it is adjustable to wear regularly. Even working women can wear such designs without any hassle. Presently, there is a trend that bride selects her own mangalsutra design. Earlier, her in-law used to select very traditional design. But now a bride is free to choose her mangalsutra design. Instead of big ethnic design, delicate designs are more prevalent in mangalsutra. She won’t even be afraid of theft and can move anywhere without tension.