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10 Things Women Hate about Men’s Fashion

10 Things Women Hate about Men’s Fashion

Even though some women give a temporary fashion pass to a man they like, that doesn’t mean they’re into some of the ugliest trends that men are attracted to. A preference for funky ties or sweatpants is a detail that can be fixed, but there are 10 things women hate about men’s fashion that will get the ladies wondering if you have any sense of style.

A lot of men feel entitled to strong opinions when it comes to their date’s outfit, so they should pay extra attention to the things women hate about men’s fashion if the goal is to make a good impression in front of the ladies.


Few men can pull of a vest that’s not part of a uniform or not attached to an expensive suit. Unless you’re a biker, stay away from leather vests. Fringe and other embellishment can get even more tricky, but in the end it’s the vest itself that ruins any sense of style. Guys, cool it with showing off your guns, because vests can only detract from your look.

Shiny Suits

10 Things Women Hate about Men’s Fashion

There’s a special place for any shiny clothing for me: the trash. A shiny top can be pulled off at a club, but few men really do it in style. When it comes to suits, there’s absolutely no exception, since shiny suits are one of the things women really hate about men’s fashion. Besides being ugly, a shiny suit will still come off as cheap, no matter who designed it.

T-shirts with Sayings

Forget about slogans on your tees if you really want to be stylish. Whether they’re funny, a humblebrag or simply cocky, the only statement these t-shirts are saying is “I need help”. You can still rock t-shirts that display the name of your favorite bands, but forget about anything that’s supposed to come off as funny or inspired. It usually doesn’t.

Ugg Boots

10 Things Women Hate about Men’s Fashion

There’s little to say about ugg boots except they’re pretty close to the top of the list of things women hate about men’s fashion. They’re already passé when it comes to women’s fashion. What makes you think you’ll turn them around?

Flip Flops

They were designed for the beach and that’s where flip flops should stay. Even if your feet are always perfectly pedicured, flip flops are still one of the things women hate about men’s fashion. If Michael Fassbender couldn’t pull them off at the Venice Film Festival, neither can you unless you’re relaxing at the beach.

Leather Pants

10 Things Women Hate about Men’s Fashion

Not even Brad Pitt could make leather pants cool (and he did try!). They’re one of the things women hate about how men dress because they’re simply too flashy for most men. Buy them in one size too small and you’ll be wrestling with yourself to get them off. Just like the leather vest, they belong on members on bike gangs, not men who think of themselves as fashionable.

Boots Worn Over Jeans

If you’re not interested in taking style tips from a pirate (and why should any stylish man be?) jeans and all pants should never stray inside your boots. The look doesn’t work for modern and edgy boots and it definitely doesn’t work for cowboy boots, unless you’re getting ready to lasso a calf.

Jewelry Overkill

10 Things Women Hate about Men’s Fashionsource

Too much jewelry can lead to a look that’s even difficult to pull of for women. It’s not really rock’n’roll and it’s not stylish. Stick to the basics, a good watch is worth 1000 accessories. You can even add a ring, but if you’re thinking bracelets or necklaces, think again. your life is heading. Too much jewelry is definitely one of the things women hate about men’s fashion.

Drop-Crotch Pants

10 Things Women Hate about Men’s Fashion


Harem pants need serious styling to work on women and unless you’re going for the MC Hammer look, they don’t belong on a fashionable man. Keep pants tailored for a good look and forget about this trend, no matter who’s trying to make it happen.

Men’s Makeup

Some women like to know a guy takes care of himself with a touch of concealer on dark circles, but any makeup that becomes obvious joins the things women hate about men’s fashion. Currently a very big thing in some Asian countries, men’s makeup should be stricly corrective and completely invisible. Mix it with guyliner and you’ll get the Adam Lambert look.

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