15 Latest and Cute 13 Years Girl Dress Designs

Dresses play a big role in the life of a teenager. They are perfect to mark the occasion of their birthday as well as for family occasions and weddings. This is the right age to wear long length gowns and dresses. These dresses shown here are the best of the lot and you can choose them for your child.

Beautiful Dresses for 13 Years Old Girl in Fashion:

Get these top 15 dresses for your child.

1. Red Lace Dress:

This stunning 13-year girl dress is perfect for a birthday celebration or for a function. The lace dress in red colour is eye-catching and brings grandeur to the look. The long dress is fitted at the waist with a belt. The belt itself has a lovely jewelled brooch in the centre.

2. Ball Gown Dress for 13 Year:

Choose this gorgeous dress for 13 years old to wear to a wedding. The dress is a full-blown ball gown style with a fitted bodice and flared skirt. The long dress is scalloped at the edges. Net and satin are the materials that are used for this dress. The materials used here make the dress rich and fashionable. It is perfect for functions as well as special occasions in the child’s life.

3. Sleeveless Dress:

Here is a pretty dress for 13 years old girl that can be worn on any occasion. It is a simple dress with butterfly print. The two-layer skirt part is asymmetrical and this makes it stunning. Sleeveless dresses make it easy and comfortable for kids to wear any time. They help to let the child roam freely and play and move about.

4. Indian Style Dress:

For any Indian occasion it will be great to have this dress for 13-year-olds. The dress is a lehenga-choli that is long with long sleeves. The peacock design makes it typical. The colour combination of this dress is spectacular and thus perfect for occasions.

5. Flower Girl Dress:

Here is a great flower girl dress that you can have as a party dress for 13 year olds. This dress is made rich with jewels and beads on the top half. The flared skirt of the dress is something to behold. The halter-style neck with the cold shoulder is also trendy. This flower girl dress is not necessary for only a wedding function. It can be worn for any occasion as well, especially the child’s own birthday party.

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6. Big Bow Dress:

This lovely simple cute dress for 13 year olds is just right for summers as well as for play time. The dress is made with strawberry print which is one of the most loved prints by kids. The big bow at the waist makes a huge statement. Even simple dresses can be easily accentuated with simple accessories and be given a whole new dimension.

7. Sequined Dress:

What’s better that glitter and shiny things for children? This gorgeous sequined dress is the best that your child can have. It’s a formal dress for 13 year olds that can be worn for wedding functions as well. The shine of the sequins is perfect for the bright lights of the night.

8. Floor Length Dresses:

This is a simple yet elegant cute party dress for 13 year olds which are made floor length. The simple satin bodice and belt are exquisite and make a mark. The floor-length sheer material is spectacular and is perfect to wear for occasions.This length of dresses is common among party-goers as they look dressy and rich.

9. Cold Shoulder Dress:

Here is a cool cold shoulder dress for a 13 year old that can be worn any time. The pattern is perfect for simple parties and outings. Prints used in this design are normally close and bright. You can have the neck area flared as well with lace or material itself.

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10. Printed Dress with Belt:

Choose this lovely girls dress age 13 that is perfect for an outing. The printed dress is fitted with a black belt. The belt is made from synthetic material. Prints on these dresses can be floral or abstract. Kid-friendly prints are also most favoured.

11. A-line Dress:

This cute A-line dress is very simple yet sophisticated. The structure of the dress is classic and most elegant dresses are based on this design. The print is centred on the bottom of the dress. The top is plain with a high neck and is sleeveless.

12. High Low Hemline Dress:

A trendy design feature that is most popular now is the high low hemline. This printed dress for 13 year olds is very fashionable. Sleeveless dress is made stunning with the help of asymmetrical hemline. This gives a new style statement to the garment.

13. Princess Dress:

Try this prom dress for 13 year olds as a precious gift for your child. This white ensemble has all the features to make your child look like a princess. The top half of the dress has full sleeves and is made with lace. The bottom half has net material with flares and shiny sequins work. A big satin bow at the back makes the dress stand out.

14. Embroidered Dress:

Here is a cool Indian style outfit that will look great on your child. The embroidered bodice is accentuated with satin long gown style skirt. The colour combination of the bodice and the skirt are bright and engaging. You can have the skirt made from plain satin material or even silk.

15. Chiffon Layer Dress:

Try this light weight chiffon layer dress for your 13 year old girl. The layered dress is perfect for the hot summers and still makes it look rich. The layers are all at the bottom and this gives the dress a cool look. You can add flowers to the shoulder as well.

13 year old kids have a lot of choice in terms of dresses. These can be made in satin, silk or even cotton. Embroidery work or sequin work can accentuate the dresses as well. Dresses for 13 year olds are the best choice for a function like a birthday or wedding celebration.

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