9 Popular Indian Silver Antique Jewellery

Antique silver jewellery has been worn by men as well as women since a long period of time. Silver is one of the precious metals and has various uses, and one of them is in jewellery. Silver antique jewellery has become very common and these days a lot of designs are available.

Antiques Silver Jewellery Designs:

Here are the some of best designs of silver antiques ornaments for women and girls.

1. Antique Silver Choker Necklace:

antique silver jewellery

Chokers have been worn a lot in the past. However, they have come back in fashion these days. This antique choker is unique and has a traditional look. It has a beautiful design and bells at the bottom. It looks good on young women.

2. Antique Hinged Bracelet:


This antique silver bracelet is a beautiful specimen of silver antique jewellery. It has a hinged opening, and fits perfectly on the hand. The design on it has a heavy look. It can be worn on Indian wear and will look pretty on all ages.

3. Antique Moonstone Locket with Chain:


This ancient locket has a silver chain attached to it and is a funky piece. It has the design of a compass made on it and a moonstone placed in the centre. The pretty detailing on the locket makes it a unique piece of jewellery.

4. Antique Silver Earrings Jewellery:


These pretty earrings have a very traditional and heavy look. They look really beautiful on the ears. The design on it is very intricate and the uniformity makes it look even prettier. It will look best on ghagras or lehengas.

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5. Wish Box Necklace:


This pretty silver antique necklace has an orb locket attached to it. The orb has a sophisticated design on it. Inside the orb is a rose quartz ball. Earlier, wish boxes were worn as a religious object, but these days it is worn as a jewellery. Children will love this.

6. Indian Antique Silver Anklets:


Anklets have been part of the Indian tradition since a long time. These silver antiques lend a pretty and charming look to the ankles. They have bells attached to it, which make a sound when someone walks around wearing them. These look good on females of all ages. This is an evergreen kind of anklet which will never go out of fashion.

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7. Antique Rose Ring:


Wedding rings with an antique look always hold a special place in the heart. This vintage ring with a beautiful rose, entirely made of silver, is one such ring. It is made of antique silver and the vintage look of the ring makes it classy and pretty. This type of ring can be worn daily, hence is of more use than heavy rings.

8. Sterling Silver Floral Jhumkas:


Jhumkas are traditional Indian jewellery and never go out of fashion. This floral jhumka has an indo-western look and hence goes well with Indian as well as western clothing. It is different from the normal jhumkas, and gives you a modern look.

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9. Sterling Silver Antiques Globe Locket Design:


This antique globe locket necklace is one of a kind. It has a beautifully designed globe that can be opened to fit in small items. It is one of the perfect sterling silver antiques which will be loved by all, be it old people or kids.

Antique silver jewellery has its own charm, which other types of jewellery do not possess. The soothing and calm look of antique silver is what makes it different from other metals.

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