Celebrity Fashion Icons

Celebrity Fashion Icons

Celebrity fashion icons can be a great source of inspiration when it comes to fashion style as they are surrounded by stylists and designer outfits. Although it seems easy to dress super cool when you have the financial possibilities it is actually not. Having such a vast variety of outfits and having everyone watching your every step is very stressful and difficult to assimilate.

Not all celebrities are considered style icons just because fashion and style is not an easy thing to master, so choosing a celebrity as a source of inspiration when it comes to fashion style must be done carefully. To ensure you make the right choice try to guide yourself after the following celebrity style icons which have an incredibly good taste in fashion.

Celebrity Fashion Icons Celebrity Fashion Icons

Nicole Richie Nicole Richie has spent years on the worst dressed list but in the last few years she hasn’t made it near that list. She has only gotten praises for her fashion transformation and it seems that this diva knows how to dress well. Nicole Richie loves to dress according to the occasion and to look flawless so she manages to look amazing every single time whether it’s a red carpet event or a casual outfit. Great source of inspiration for bohemian fashion lovers!

Gwen Stefani Similarly to Nicole Richie, Gwen was considered a fashion don’t but she managed to prove everyone wrong when she chose to learn all about fashion and style. She has an amazing, unique fashion sense and she looks fabulous every time she appears in public. Being a successful fashion designer for her brand L.A.M.B can only mean a good thing; so a thumbs up for Gwen.

Celebrity Fashion Icons Celebrity Fashion Icons

Rihanna Rihanna has manages to transform her style remarkably going from simple to fabulous without everyone noticing when this happened. She has an amazing fashion style that stands out and mesmerizes. For sure Rihanna can be a source of inspiration for girls and women who love to be the center of attention.

Lauren Conrad The girly girl type Lauren Conrad loves to show off her femininity and she manages to do so gracefully and with good taste. A true master is dressing feminine with dresses and skirts, Lauren Conrad can make you be a magnet of attraction.

Celebrity Fashion Icons Celebrity Fashion Icons Celebrity Fashion Icons Celebrity Fashion Icons

The Olsen Twins Who can have enough of the Olsen twins? I guess nobody, as they manage to surprise every time with their incredibly good fashion. Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen both opt for the same fashion styles but they both leave their print over their outfits so choose any of them as your muse and you will most definitely not go wrong.

Try to experiment with different styles as this is what fashion is all about and define your own unique fashion style so you can become a muse for others.

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