Plunge Bra & Wearing Tips

Bra, a piece of inner wear worn by women all over the world surprisingly has a number of varieties. Surprised? Well, don’t be. Just like we do not wear the same kind of clothing always, our inner wear is styled differently too. It is essential for women to choose the right type of bra for the right dress. You might dress up in a beautiful lace gown, put on pretty shoes and wear expensive jewellery but end up looking out of place because you are wearing a wrong bra. So, let us discuss a certain type of bra from numerous kinds. This bra is called the Plunge Bra. Now, Plunge Bra is of two types. The basic plunge bra and the U plunge/deep plunge bra.

Plunge Bra

Plunge Bra:

This is the basic plunge bra which is designed in such a way so that you can wear a lot of cut clothes and your bra won’t show. The cups of a plunge bra join together at the bottom between the breasts with a thin centre piece. You can wear any low necklines or those that are widely cut because plunge bras mostly have wide shoulder straps.

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U Plunge Or Deep Plunge Bra:

U Plunge Bra

This kind of bra commonly known as the U plunge or Deep plunge bra is specially designed for really low necklines. The neckline of your top can be very low but you can still experience the support of a bra with u plunge/deep plunge bra. It generally has an underwire which provides support.

The kind of tops or dresses generally worn with a basic plunge or U plunge/deep plunge bra is with low necklines. U plunge or deep plunge bras are specially designed for tops or dresses which have an extremely low neckline and go all the way down whereas basic plunge bras are great to be worn underneath with slightly low and revealing necklines. So, if you are planning to wear that really pretty top you bought recently this weekend then go ahead and choose a basic plunge or u plunge/deep plunge bra for the ultimate comfort and support. You are sure to look great.

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Wearing Tips:

Here are the plunge bra-wearing tips. Believe it or not but even your inner wear has a specific way in which it should be worn. May be you haven’t been wearing your bra right all this while which is why you didn’t feel 100% comfortable and confident. But it’s not too late, follow these simple steps and you would know how to wear your bra perfectly.

Placing your arms through the armholes and clasping at the back Begin with you putting your arms through the armholes and then drag it up on your shoulders. Most of the bras have a clasp at the back which connects the left part to the right. Hold the two ends with each of your hands and put the hooks into the loops.

Adjusting The Straps:

Next step is to adjust the straps on your shoulders perfectly so that they do not hang loose or are not too tight. You’ll find a clasp each at the back of each strap. Just pull down or up the clasp according to your need and comfort. Both the clasps should be at the same level.

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Bend Down To Adjust The Positions Of The Cups:

Stand and bend down so that your back is lowered down a little. This helps in adjusting and checking the movement of your breasts.