Green Coffee Bean Diet

Green Coffee Bean Diet

Green coffee beans could be the most effective way to lose weight without changing your eating habits. The Green Coffee Bean Diet could be the key for faster weight loss that doesn’t have any side effects. But does the Green Coffee Diet really work?

The Green Coffee Bean Diet is by no means a traditional diet. It simply adds to your meals instead of subtracting or replacing foods. Derived from raw and unroasted coffee beans, the extract has two main benefits that may aid in weight loss more than other methods. First of all, in the Green Coffee Extract diet, caffeine is used as a natural weight loss trigger.

Even more important than caffeine is chlorogenic acid, a substance that’s lost when coffee beans are roasted. It inhibits an enzyme called glucose-6-phosphatase, which has been shown to help the formation of glucose in the liver. The effect is not only weight loss, but also a lower risk of diabetes.

Green Coffee Bean Diet

Green Coffee Bean Diet Scientific Research

Some of the studies that prove the Green Coffee Extract Diet’s power have been funded by organizations directly involved and producing and marketing the green coffee bean extract, but independent studies have shown similar results.

One of the trustworthy sources of research on the Green Coffee Bean Diet, Dr. Oz, has found that taking the green coffee bean extracts can lead to an average weight loss of 2 pounds per week.

Nicknamed the “Lipo Slim Green Coffee Diet”, based on the powerful ingredients, the diet that includes the powerful extract has been shown to work by another study, published in the journal of Gastroenterology Research and Practice.

For Dr. Oz, the Green Coffee Bean Diet only really works when the supplements contain at least 45% chlorogenic acid, an ingredient which can be listed on packaging as GCA (green coffee antioxidant) or Svetol.

Green Coffee Bean Diet

Green Coffee Bean Diet Pros

The most important advantage of the Green Coffee Extract Diet is the fact that the food supplements can be taken without any changes in the regular diet. However, most studies have proved the Green Coffee Extract Diet to work on people who are moderately active, not completely sedentary.

Green Coffee Bean Diet Cons

Since few studies have been devoted to the Green Coffee Diet, even fewer have analyzed its side effects. While no unpleasant side effects have been determined so far, the green coffee extract can lead to an increased heart disease risk. To avoid that, the supplement is only recommended for adults over 18 who shouldn’t take more than 300-400 mgs if they’re also coffee drinkers. Pregnant women and women who are breast-feeding should not use it.

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