The Maker’s Diet

The Maker’s Diet

When it comes to dieting there are several principles that many people decide to follow. Calorie restriction, restriction of certain foods or even food groups, taking into account the glycemic index of a certain food as well as cutting back on sugar/fat or both are a few popular diet principles that many people follow in order to get to their ideal weight.

The Maker’s Diet is a plan that is written from a christian perspective that asks us to think about food from a different perspective: God’s perspective. Basically, the diet is built on biblical principles that are meant to approach nutrition from a spiritual perspective. The Maker’s Diet

Created by doctor Jordan Rubin the diet is based on the diet principles of ancient Jews so pork, bacon and shellfish are avoided. Although the book is meant to assist those who are in need of a healthy weight loss strategy the main emphasis of the book is a general detox, as the author strongly encourages eliminating processed food in favor of natural, organic fruits, vegetables and other food varieties.

Foods like broccoli, cauliflower, berries, grapes, certain seeds, nuts, grains, and legumes, natural fats including those found in fish, cod liver oil, and the saturated fat found naturally in butters, cheeses, milk are permitted in most stages of the diet. Increasing your water intake, finding time for relaxation and dealing with the problem of emotional eating are other strong principles that are described throughout the book.

Even though the book might not be user-friendly for those who are not convinced of the accuracy of the biblical facts, the recommendations can be taken into account by everyone who aspires to a better health and want a sound weight loss plan. The 40 day plan is divided in three stages each one lasting about two weeks.

Phase 1 (Days 1-14) is the most restrictive phase as it limits high carb foods, many commercial dairy products, chlorinated tap water, caffeine, red meat as well as saturated fats and sugars. These restrictions are meant to balance the body’s chemistry. A variety of healthy foods are recommended as replacements and prayer is also encouraged thought the book. The Maker’s Diet

Phase 2 (Days 15-28) reintroduces some of the foods that were previously restricted such as dairy and sweet potatoes as well as an abundance of fruits. If in this phase the weight loss is accelerated by the restrictions made, the weight loss process slows down a bit, becoming less dramatic.

Phase 3 ( Days 29-40) is the least restrictive as this phase is meant to help you get adjusted with the principles and to apply them for longer periods of time. Since the program encourages us to adopt these principles long term, this diet is not the typical crash diet. The author claims that the diet helped him manage Crohn’s disease so it might also have therapeutic effects.

As far as exercise is concerned there is no specific plan recommended, although the importance of regular exercise as well as proper rest is mentioned throughout the book.

Outdoor exercise is recommended to be able to get proper vitamin D levels as well as the other benefits that come with regular exposure. Partial fasting is also recommended from time to time.