NARS and Pierre Hardy Makeup Collection On Its Way

NARS and Pierre Hardy Makeup Collection On Its Way

The NARS and Pierre Hardy makeup collection is the latest surprise the label has prepared for the new season. NARS has had its fair share of exciting projects, with the Andy Warhol-inspired line being perhaps one of the most recent examples. It seems that high quality and classiness is one of the things that attracts attention every single time. NARS’ expertise has had a strong effect on the renowned shoe designer who told Elle UK that he was ‘seduced’ by the label.

The shoe designer was taken aback by the striking similarities between his work and the NARS makeup products: “I’ve been seduced! I remember the first time I went to New York to the meeting [with Francois Nars] and all the products were spread out – the colour, the pencils, for me it was like an artist’s paint box. And that is what I love most. Beyond fashion, beyond accessories, I really love art and painting and creation – what you can do with it”, adding that “It’s another field of fashion, it’s something that I never actually thought about before…but it’s complementary.”

NARS and Pierre Hardy Makeup Collection On Its Way

The NARS x Pierre Hardy makeup collection will bring some of the iconic tones the accessories guru seduced fashionistas with over the years. The Pierre Hardy for NARS makeup line will be featuring five exquisite nail polishes and two blushers which will be inspired by Pierre Hardy’s spring/summer 2020 jewelry collection and which will be featuring a gold geometric pattern.

The designer also went on to say that the new nail polishes will be a mix of sweetness and drama, which can be the perfect description for the next months’ perfect nail polish shades. With excitement about the collection running high, there are plenty of questions that arise. Unfortunately, at this date questions like when is the launch date or the individual prices for products in the new collection have not yet been answers, as details are quite scarce at this date. We’ll keep you posted on the novelties regarding the NARS and Pierre Hardy collaboration. We do know however, that Elle UK is currently offering the chance to win the complete limited edition Pierre Hardy for NARS collection worth £192. The closing date for the contest is April 30.

NARS and Pierre Hardy Makeup Collection On Its Way

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