How to Spend More Quality Time with Your Boyfriend

How to Spend More Quality Time with Your Boyfriend

A healthy relationship needs a lot of work, and maintaining your emotional connection with your boyfriend isn’t always easy. The key to happiness as a couple isn’t just spending time together, it’s making sure that it’s quality time.

You’ll need to invest some time and energy into it, but figuring out how to spend more quality time with your boyfriend isn’t as hard as you might think. Here are a few excellent tips on staying connected by spending time together the right way.

Schedule Your Quality Time

When you’re both busy, special moments don’t just happen out of the blue. Make an effort and schedule the time you’ll spend together, then stick to it. Whether it’s once a week or once a month, a special date night can do wonders for your relationship. Scheduling the time you spend together might seem weird, but it shows your guy that he’s a big priority for you.

Turn Off Your Gadgets

You won’t be able to create special memories if you’re on your phone every other 5 minutes. The right answer to the question of how to spend more quality time with your boyfriend is making sure that you’re focusing on him. Turn off your gadgets no matter what you have planned and enjoy each other’s company.

Explore Shared Interests

It’s very easy to focus just on yourself in your free time, but the common interests you share can help you connect more than you’d think. Take the time to figure out what activities you’d both enjoy and make them a priority if you want to keep your relationship healthy and happy. Even if you only have the time and energy to watch a movie, make sure that it’s something you’re both excited about.

How to Spend More Quality Time with Your Boyfriend

Find Reasons to Celebrate

When you want to spend more quality time with your boyfriend, create your own special celebrations. Whether it’s having a romantic dinner together every month on the anniversary of your first date or going out once a work project is completed, it’s up to you to make sure that you find a reason to show him how much you appreciate him.

Create Anticipation

Once you’ve got a special evening scheduled, you should always make sure that your boyfriend knows how excited you are about it. You don’t have to go as far as sexting, but text or email him saying how much you’re looking forward to it. Building up anticipation will help create a more special moment once you’re finally alone.

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Do Chores Together Instead of Dividing Them

Trying to spend more quality time with your boyfriend can be as simple as doing small chores around the house together. Instead of splitting the chores completely, figure out which ones you can do together. It might not sound like your idea of a romantic time, but talking while you work on the same thing can also help bring you together.

Travel on Weekends

If you’re living together, it’s easy to forget how exciting things were back when you used to spend the night at each other’s place. Make it a priority to travel when you have the time. Even a single weekend away from home can help you relax and connect more.

How to Spend More Quality Time with Your Boyfriend

Recreate Cherished Memories

Going back to where you had your your first date is just one example of how to spend more quality time with your boyfriend. Find the right moment and place to connect over cherished memories. Traveling to the same destination as your first weekend getaway is also a good idea. If important moments weren’t as good as you’d like, try to recreate them.

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Take Classes Together

Whether it’s cooking or dancing, taking a class together can help you enjoy each other’s company more and really spend some quality time together. Look for common interests and ask your boyfriend what he thinks about spending more time doing something that you both really like, away from home.

Avoid Unrealistic Expectations

No matter how you decide to spend more quality time with your boyfriend, it’s always important to keep your expectations in check. If one or both of you is tired, things might not go according to plan, but keeping your cool when something intervenes and your date night has to be rescheduled can be a special moment in itself.

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