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9 Beautiful Flower Earrings in Latest Designs

Earrings are the most favorite item of jewellery for ladies. One hole is pierced on the earlobe to wear an earring. Flower earrings are worn since the inception of this world. Goddess used to wear earrings made up of flower. Flower earring can be made up of real flowers or from artificial art too. There can also be a stone given shape of flower. With diamonds too you can create flower earrings. Various metals are used to make a single earring.

Best Flower Earrings in Different Designs:

Flower earrings, if worn on some of your special day, can make you appear unique. Select your best one and pick it.

1. Shiny Flower Earring:

Shiny Flower Earring

This flower earring is made up of crystal shiny stone. Five crystal stones are arranged cover with gold. In between there is one diamond embossed. The purple stone are giving a crystal clear shining and sparkling in the eyes of the watcher.

2. Rose Flower Earrings:

Rose Flower Earrings

These are an amazing gold flower earrings. Two leaves are also attached with earring forming a part of it. The earring has been given a real resemblance like a rose flower. It is an expertise of art that every minute touch is covered to give a real shape of rose flower.

3. Double Flower Earrings:

Double Flower Earrings

These silver flower earrings are in hanging pattern. It is having open and double flower design. Two flowers are attached over each other with a stone in between. A long hook is there which to be inserted on earlobe. It is having five petal designs.

4. Plastic Flower Earrings:

Plastic Flower Earrings

These flower stud earrings are made from plastic bottles. A flower petal shape is created from the base of plastic bottle and painted with acrylic colours. This shape is then stuck out with a stud helpful in wearing in ears. This earring is new in market.

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5. White Stone Flower Earrings:

White Stone Flower Earrings

These rare white flower earrings are created from various shapes of white stone. The arrangement of stones is done in such a way that it becomes a flower. This must contain some weight too as it is of stone. But on wearing it will come out to be different from the rest.

6. Trendy Pearl Flower Earrings:

Trendy Flower Earrings

These earrings are fully hand-made and created from pearls. This pearl flower earring contains an amazing design of pearls. First it has floral pattern with three pearls. Then it has round shape pearl pattern hanging with on a hook. Inside round, there is one more pearl too.

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7. Ribbon Flower Earrings:

Ribbon Flower Earrings

These pink flower earrings are created from pink colour ribbon. There is dual open flower pattern of golden wire. Over it there is a pink ribbon work of flower. A modern touch is delivered with the use of ribbon. This party wear earring is looking hot in pink colour.

8. Flower Earring with Chains:

Flower Earring with Chains

These black flower earrings have small black metal flower design. Each petal of black flower is covered with white colour. There is black colour pearl beneath flower. With pearl, there are lot of chains hanging. Floral pattern is looking cute with chains.

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9. Diamond Flower Stud Earring:

Diamond Studded Flower Earring

These earrings have six diamond studded in it. These flower diamond studs earrings are looking stunning. On each petal, there is one small diamond embossed in it. In middle, the size of diamond is big. It is having ethnic and superb design. Diamonds earring is love of all

Flower earrings contains so many designs and it attracts each lady on itself. It is mostly used by young ladies and it can be a best option to gift any lady. It will look so different from typical designs. Though used by all still it will stay hot favorite for many years to come. Ladies can’t get bore of flower design earring. As seen in images, flower shape can be made from many things and you can use it in ornaments too.

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