10 Best Wedding Hairstyles for Long and Short Hair

We can bet that on your wedding day you want to look like a princess. You wish to be the most beautiful bride ever in your amazing dress and shiny braided hair.


Wedding hairstyle is highly important part of the total bridal look. And of course, it is very difficult to choose the right one. But don’t panic and remember two important things: choose the wedding concept, choose a dress and the hairstyle will follow them. Now calm down, take a cup of tea or coffee and check this TOP 10 wedding hairstyles we collected for you.

1. Romantic Curls:

You always dreamed of princess style wedding with a fluffy dress, flower arcs and bouquets and soft pastel colours? Romantic curls fit perfectly in this concept. Thick or thin curls – it’s one of the most popular wedding hairstyles for long hair. You can add flowers, shiny barrette or a tiara to make it more cute and romantic.

2. Curled Messy Braid:

Very romantic and elegant wedding hairstyle for long hair. It adds volume to the thin hair and makes them look more rich and textured. Curled messy braid looks amazing on its own, but you can add flowers or little pearls just as an emphasis. Choose this hairstyle for an elegant open back, mermaid style or Greek style dress.

3. Greek Braid:

That’s a pure elegance. A Greek braid emphasised by flowers, pearls or long earrings shows all the beauty of long hair and make a bride look like a goddess. Greek style dress and Greek braid is the perfect match, but of course, you can combine it with other styles as well. Try lace bohemian or eclectic short dress for beach wedding -should be great!

4. Waterfall Braids:

That’s a nice hairstyle for weddings in bohemian, rustic or eco style. You can combine it with flowers or ribbons or don’t give any emphasis – this hairstyle will look nice even on its own on both long or short hair. Perfect choice for forest or beach summer wedding. Combine it with wavy curls and you will be the prettiest bride ever.

5. Braided Bun:

Classy and romantic wedding hairstyle that has many variations and can match any dress. Low messy braided bun accompanied by little flowers, nude or pastel shades make-up and tiny necklace suits to young brides. High tied bun with a braid around goes with open shoulders elegant dresses in classical or princess style and can be combined with long earrings or massive necklace.

6. Updo Hairstyle:

Chic and romantic wedding hairstyle for shorter hair. Messy locks, flowers, tiaras and shiny clips and even the short bob haircut turns into elegant hairstyle. So don’t worry that your hair is too short, just trust it to an experienced hairdresser and he or she will make a masterpiece on your head. Updo matches amazingly with long bridal veil.

7. Side Part:

Beautiful wedding hairstyle for short cascade or bob-styled hairstyles. Looks gorgeous with big flowers, clips or flower crowns. Don’t leave it on its own – this simple hairstyle needs emphasis. It looks even more beautiful on messy curly hair with bright colours or ombre.

8. Wrap-Around Braid:

This simple but elegant hairstyle goes perfectly with messy loose curls or low bun. You can underline it with flowers or flower crown and combine with boho or rustic style wedding dress. Amazing solution for thin short hair and an outdoor summer or spring wedding in a forest, village or at the beach.

9. Fishtail braid:

A classic wedding hairstyle for long hair. A thick and a bit messy fishtail braid can be combined with any style of dress: mermaid, princess, boho, rustic, eclectic, vintage or Greek. You can give a different emphasis using hair accessories: flowers, flower crown, clips, bows, ribbons, tiaras, little hat and retro or bridal veil.

10. Loss Hair:

Sometimes the best wedding hairstyle is natural loss hair with few accessories. If you have trouble with choosing accessories, visit therighthairstyles.com. Here we collected a lot of tips and tricks about wedding hairstyling. But whatever dress or wedding concept you choose, flowers, veil or shiny clips are the best companions for bridal hairstyle for both long or short hair.