Is Eucalyptus Oil Safe During Pregnancy?

You want everything to be perfect and healthy when it comes to your pregnancy. From your food to your clothes ,your medicines and everything which is related to the health of your baby. You buy things you think are the best for you and will benefit you in every way. Our grandmothers and mothers always have some tips and suggestions regarding what to eat and what not to eat while pregnant. Eucalyptus oil in pregnancy is treated as one of the most effective and beneficial oil to be used during pregnancy. A question which often arises in the minds of the pregnant ladies is that is eucalyptus oil safe during pregnancy?

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We have answers to all your questions, so just read to know more about the pros and cons of the eucalyptus oil during pregnancy.



Many women get worried if they catch a cold during pregnancy. Eucalyptus oil provides quick relief from cold and flu. It is very useful during winters when the chances for pregnant women getting sick is more and they have to take special care of themselves.


The intake of eucalyptus oil while pregnancy is very beneficial in case of cuts and wounds. You don’t need to be afraid if you get a small or big cut during pregnancy. Eucalyptus oil has antiseptic qualities which will help in healing the wounds quickly.


In case of pregnant women suffering from asthma , eucalyptus oil massage on the chest is an essential and healthy treatment . Just a few drops of eucalyptus oil will help in the calming of the throat and dilating the blood vessels. It will allow more oxygen to pass through the lungs and generate normal breathing.


One of the most crucial problems faced by women during pregnancy is mental tiredness and excursion. Use of eucalyptus oil during pregnancy will create a cooling and refreshing effect on the mother as well as on the baby. Pregnant women suffering from disorders which cause them to feel the mental excursion will need this. It helps in rejuvenating the minds of the women.

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The women with heavy weights often suffer from joint and knee pains. Eucalyptus oil massage on that particular area will help in reducing the pain and will help in making the women feel lighter and happier. It helps in curing sprained ligaments, stiff muscles, aches and even nerve pains. It will help in making the muscles stronger which will be beneficial for the mother as well as the baby.


Eucalyptus oil is very safe and effective in treating cavities and gum problems. It helps in removing plaque and bad breath. It is also used in many mouthwashes, toothpastes and dental hygiene products. Women who have problems while chewing food can use this as a mouthwash to prevent diseases of any sorts.

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Eucalyptus oil is majorly used to remove all the intestinal germs and hence it is a boon for the pregnant women as it removes all the germs and bacteria which might have taken birth inside the mother’s womb.


It is very important for all the pregnant women to live in an aura which is suitably good and appropriate for her as well as her baby. Eucalyptus oil while pregnancy is completely safe and vibrant to be used as an air freshener.

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Women now that you know the benefits and importance of eucalyptus oil we are sure you will definitely consider to use it in your daily lives. It is a remedy which is very abundantly available and is so useful.