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10 Common Bridal Makeup Mistakes

10 Common Bridal Makeup Mistakes

Getting a professional to do your makeup for your wedding day is probably the best idea, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t prepare and make sure that the end result looks great both in person and in your wedding album.

Discover 10 of the worst bridal makeup mistakes that you should try to avoid on your big day. From trying new things right before your wedding to choosing the wrong products, here’s what you need to know about the errors that can make you look less than your best.

1. Not Getting a Makeup Trial

Testing your wedding day look a couple of weeks or even months before the big day is a good idea. If you skip the makeup trial, you risk ending up with makeup that’s not what you really want. Make sure that you wear white when you’re getting the makeup trial and always take pictures to make sure it will look just as well in your wedding album.

2. Trying Something New

If you want to try a new look, always experiment with it in advance. Getting a tan or trying false eyelashes for the first time on your wedding day is one of the biggest bridal makeup mistakes. You should also keep your skin care regimen unchanged in order to avoid any chance of a breakout or other problems that can be caused by new products.

10 Common Bridal Makeup Mistakes

3. Not Going Waterproof All the Way

Every makeup product that you use on your wedding day should be waterproof, since you’re likely to tear up and dance a lot. From the primer to the setting powder, everything that contributes to your look should be waterproof. You’ll spend more time taking it off, but at least you’ll be sure that nothing will smudge during the big day.

4. Going for a Coordinated Look with Your Bridesmaids

You want to stand out on your wedding day, so avoid one of the worst bridal makeup mistakes, and don’t ask your bridesmaids to wear the same look as you. They can coordinate among themselves, but their makeup should always be a slightly or even completely different look than yours.

5. Choosing the Wrong Lip Product

Even if you want a natural shade for your lips, gloss and lipstick won’t do. Even waterproof lipstick formulas can smudge, and you’ll be kissing a lot of people. The easiest way to get the color you want and make sure that it stays put is to use a lip stain. Shinny lipsticks and glosses can also be problematic in pictures, so try a matte lip stain.

6. Going Astray with the Blush

Too little blush won’t register in the pictures, too much will look bad, and both are some of the worst bridal makeup mistakes. While technically you should use a little more than usual, because it won’t last for too long, but in order to get the perfect balance, you should choose a soft shade and apply it with a stippling brush for the perfect effect.

10 Common Bridal Makeup Mistakes

7. Using Makeup Products with SPF

While protecting your skin is important, particularly for an outdoors wedding, you shouldn’t use makeup with SPF on your big day. The reason is that some products with SPF can create a white effect when you’re getting your picture taken in a well lit environment. Opt for sunscreen underneath your foundation to avoid this problem.

8. Applying Your Makeup in a Hurry

Waiting a couple of minutes before each step is a wise move if you want it to stay put throughout the day. Rushing the process and applying layer after layer without letting each one dry can up as one of the worst bridal makeup mistakes. If you’re dealing with hot and humid weather, then use a hair dryer on the cool setting.

9. Not Being Prepared for Touch Ups

Oil blotting sheets are very important, but you should also make sure that you have the same products that were used on your face with you. Controlling shine and keeping everything looking perfect won’t be achieved well if you use different products or if you’re not prepared for the worst case scenario.

10. Skipping the Body Makeup

A little shimmer can go a long way for your body, especially if you want the perfect glow. Using products with glitter or sparkles can be one of the bridal makeup mistakes, since they can look bad in photos, so opt for a non-transferable shimmer lotion for your chest and arms.

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