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10 Fixes for a Receding Hairline

10 Fixes for a Receding Hairline

There are many caused for a receding hairline in women, from severe health issues adrenal gland or ovarian tumors to more easily fixed problems, like a hormone imbalance or damage from hair processing.

Since more women with a receding hairline also suffer thinning hair in other areas, hair transplants aren’t a solution as often as they are for men. Whatever the reason, whether it’s female pattern baldness or some other issue, learn more about the best receding hairline solutions.

1. Figure Out What’s Causing It

Getting to the root of hair loss is very important, and the first step should be analyzing your hairstyle choices. Harsh chemical treatments and hairstyles that keep your roots in tension, from cornrows and weaves to ponytails that are too tight, can be a big problem, but hair loss can also be caused by a wide variety of medical issues, most of them having hormone imbalances as a symptom.

2. Stop the Damage

Whatever the cause of your hair loss is, stopping any hair damage right away is one of the best receding hairline solutions. If the cause was related to harsh chemicals, heat damage or other hairstyle issues, you might be able to recover. Stop wearing weaves and extensions or attempting hairstyles that put a lot of pressure on your hair. Blow dryers can also cause heat damage, so you might consider air drying your hair.

3. Solve Your Thyroid Issues

One of the most common causes of a receding hairline is linked to hormone imbalances that can be traced back to a thyroid problem. You’ll need to get some tests and if you’re dealing with hypothyroidism, then the most effective treatment is levothyroxine, a hormone treatment that helps fight any imbalances.

10 Fixes for a Receding Hairline

4. Treat Your Autoimmune Problem

Alopecia areata is just one of the many autoimmune issues that can cause hair loss, so one of the best receding hairline solutions is getting it the right treatment. Corticosteroids and other immune suppressants are the most common treatments for this issue, and in many cases the hair loss can be reversed in up to a year once you’re on the right medication.

5. Chance Your Birth Control

Oral contraceptives can also create hormonal imbalances which sometimes lead to hair loss. Combined with a lot of hair damage, that can cause a receding hairline. If you’ve got a clean bill of health when it comes to your thyroid, the culprit might be your birth control, and asking your doctor for an alternative can solve the problem.

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6. Get Enough Nutrients

If you’ve tried a crash diet and lost a lot of weight fast, you might experience hair loss after a few months. One of the best receding hairline solutions is making sure that your diet isn’t contributing to hair loss. A low-protein diet can cause thinning hair, and too much vitamin A can also be a problem for your hair.

7. Go for Rogaine

Approved by the FDA, Rogaine (Minoxidil) has been proven to be effective in treating female pattern hair loss, slowing it down or even stopping and reversing it. Unless you’ve been diagnosed with alopecia areata, and are taking corticosteroids to treat it, Rogaine can be useful, especially if you have a history of female pattern hair loss in your family.

8. Try Laser Treatments

If you’ve tried Rogaine without the results you wanted, one of the best receding hairline solutions might be a laser treatment. Multiple treatment options have been approved by the FDA, both for clinics and home use, but low level laser therapy usually takes a few months to work.

10 Fixes for a Receding Hairline

9. Wear the Right Hairstyles

When you’re dealing with a receding hairline, tight ponytails and any other kind of tension causing hairstyle has to go. Instead, ask your hairstylist for the right hairstyle that helps you diminish the effects of the issue. Side-swept bangs are a great way to conceal frontal fibrosing alopecia, and a side part can also be very flattering.

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10. Use the Right Hair Products

Even if you’re using the best receding hairline solutions, you should also make sure that your hair care products are up to par. Look for strengthening products, along with shampoos and conditioners designer for thin and fine hair.

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