10 Latest Short Layered Haircuts for Women in 2020

Who does not love short haircuts? They are super smart to look, appear quite stylish, and is easy to maintain. Out of several styles within these, the layer cut hairstyle for short hair is quite trending across the globe for a reason – they are modern yet contemporary, elegant and gives a classic vibe around in an effortless way. So why wait? If you are someone who is a sucker to the latest fashion and trends, these cute and best short layered haircuts can fit in well. Be it young modern women or ladies or for teenage and little girls, these are surely going to give an inch of extraordinary beauty!

10 Different Layered Haircuts for Short Hair Women:

Here come different variants and types of layers cut for those who have short hair to look for and take inspiration from.

1. Messy Super Short Layered Haircut:

Short Layered Hairstyle 1

Do you love a hot and messy edgy look? This blonde cut may be an apt fit for you. For all those women who think and want to look super stylish and contemporary, with a simple yet effective form of edgy style statement running around them, this short look can be quite a steal. Be best assured to attract attention from the crowd around you!

  • Preferable Face Shape: Oval and rectangular face shape can best fit in this look.
  • Ideal Age Group: Women of 30s are best suited to this look.
  • Matching Outfits: Wear a formal shirt and skirt or pants with this look to rock the day.
  • Best Occasion: Women can prefer to wear this look at offices or meetings. This look is very professional and matches the category!
  • Suitable Season: Summers are the best fit for this easy-peasy cute haircut.

2. Gutsy Polished Layer Haircut:

Short Layered Hairstyle 2

We quite are in love with this Short V-shaped chic layered haircut style. If you are in the fashion field or are a sucker for the latest trends and techniques, this look can be edgy and apt for you. You need to have an eye for fashion and trend for this look, and most women prefer this style for instantly enhancing and uplifting their beauty statement effortlessly.

  • Preferable Face Shape: Oval, rectangular and heart face shape can try this style.
  • Ideal Age Group: Wear this for women in the 30s to look effortlessly young and ageless.
  • Matching Outfits: Super casual t-shirt and jeans can match this gutsy style well.
  • Best Occasion: Wear this style for parties and night events.
  • Suitable Season: Any season is good to go completely to work on this look.

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3. Chic and Front Step Layer Cut for Short Hair:

Layered Haircuts For Short Hair 2

You can go ahead and club in a step and cute layer haircut style, as shown above. This edgy and comfortable to look is quite easy to maintain for the short hair length, and best during those busy schedule days. It has a bit of side bang trimmed well across, and the layers look quite fluffy all over. So all women out there, who think being messy is the new cool and who has less time to think about their hair can try this look!

  • Preferable Face Shape: All face shapes can quite try this style quickly.
  • Ideal Age Group: Wear this for women in 20s only.
  • Matching Outfits: Casual t-shirt and jeans can go right in this look.
  • Best Occasion: Wear this kind of style for a casual girl’s day out or movies with friends.
  • Suitable Season: Summers is best to try this comfortable style.

4. Professional Short Layered Bob Haircut with Fringe:

Short Layered Hairstyles 4

Are you in search of a professional and formal hairstyle look? This can be very apt for you. For all those women in corporate and business, this can be your new goto look. It gives an excellent impression for anyone who comes down and inevitably attracts attention too. Be it an interview or meeting or parties; you surely are going to be lauded!

  • Preferable Face Shape: Square, oval and heart face shape can try this style.
  • Ideal Age Group: Wear this for women in the 30s to 40s age group.
  • Matching Outfits: Wear this style with formal blazer and skirts.
  • Best Occasion: Women can try this style during parties or meetings time.
  • Suitable Season: Any season is good to go in to try this look.

5. Purple Ombre Short Layered Pixie Haircut:

Short Layer Haircuts 5

If you love the chic and funky look, with modern gutsy appearance, this purple ombre highlights can be best. This favourite look of ours is quite natural to achieve; all you need to do is get a short trimmed, layered cut done from hair professional and get the hairs highlighted. You can even go ahead and add a bit of feathered texture too to this haircut. That is it; you are good to go and seize the day! What are your thoughts about this one?

  • Preferable Face Shape: Round and heart face shape can try this style. Those who have fat and chubby faces can also try this style.
  • Ideal Age Group: Wear this for all women in the late 20s to late 30s age group.
  • Matching Outfits: Casual tank top and shorts or jeans can go well.
  • Best Occasion: If you are in the art or music field, this can be your everyday option too.
  • Suitable Season: Summers and spring can suit this style better.

6. Shaggy Short Layer with Bangs and Fringe:

Short Layered Hairstyle 6

A shaggy look is not easy to carry at all. One needs to be bold and experimental to try out layers and shaggy combo. Here is one such variant. If you like this style and are willing to experiment, you shouldn’t stop yourself. This look is quite unique and trendy to go with, and surely deserves applause with its new styling technique and hair look.

  • Preferable Face Shape: This is a good short layered haircut option for oval and rectangular face shape.
  • Ideal Age Group: Wear this for women in the 30s age group only.
  • Matching Outfits: Casual t-shirts or shirts can match well with this unique and trendy look.
  • Best Occasion: Wear this style for family or friends outings and gatherings.
  • Suitable Season: Winters and autumn is the right time to experiment in this style.

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7. Asian Short Layered Haircuts for Curly Hair:

Short Layered Hairstyle 9

In case you are blessed with curly hair, you are quite blessed to try this short layered cut! Your hair is going to appear very thick and dense, and surely going to attract anyone for who sees you in the crowd. Try this kind of fluffy and edgy layer cut, and we are sure you got to have a lot of fan following from this one. It is one of our absolute favourites!

  • Preferable Face Shape: Heart, diamond and oval face shape can try this style.
  • Ideal Age Group: Be it 20s or 30s, anyone can try this style.
  • Matching Outfits: Wear this with edgy party dress or outfits.
  • Best Occasion: This style can go well with cocktail parties and events.
  • Suitable Season: Winters and monsoons can go well in here.

8. Classic and Vintage Short Layered Angled Bob:

Short Layered Hairstyle 8

Who doesn’t love to look elegant and poised? This classic and vintage style of layered haircut is one of our top favourites. If you are a sucker for such kind of looks and appearances, we surely encourage you to try out. They are timeless and will instantly give you a charm and light on your overall appearance. Further, if you have a pinch of wavy hair, this can be the best option too. What do you think?

  • Preferable Face Shape: Oval, heart and rectangular face shape can go ahead in this look.
  • Ideal Age Group: Wear this for women above the 40s age group.
  • Matching Outfits: Try this style with any outfit of your choice, as it can go well with all types.
  • Best Occasion: Wear this for regular workwear or parties, both!
  • Suitable Season: Any season is perfect for accommodating this style statement.

9. Graduated Short Layered Bob Haircut:

Short Layered Hairstyle 7

Another bob variant is here. This kind of short graduated layered haircut is a prevalent and easy one which we may observe often. However, this style isn’t any day going out of fashion – given the style statement and simplicity it delivers. So if you are a sucker for simple looks, we recommend you to try this style out. It’s the right blend of simplicity, trend and modest fashion. Those who have thin straight hair can also try this style!

  • Preferable Face Shape: All face shapes can try this kind of look.
  • Ideal Age Group: Wear this style for women in the late 30s to 40s for a youthful look.
  • Matching Outfits: T-shirts to dresses to skirts, any outfit can suit them well.
  • Best Occasion: Office can be an excellent option to try this style regularly.
  • Suitable Season: Be it summers or monsoons, and this style is surely going to match well.

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10. Stylish and Edgy Bang Layer Cut:

Short Layered Hairstyles 10

Another, last but not least in edgy looks for short hair is this kind of bang cut with layers. This is an imitation to the asymmetrical half bob layered haircut. While not everyone can carry forward such kind of intense looks, if you think you are capable and have fine hair, we sincerely recommend you to try out!

  • Preferable Face Shape: Round and oval face shape can try this style.
  • Ideal Age Group: Wear this for women in the late 20s to late 30s age group.
  • Matching Outfits: Tank top and super casual everyday jean or short can go well here.
  • Best Occasion: Wear this for casual outings or parties, as you wish.
  • Suitable Season: Summers is an excellent and comfortable time to try this one.

Additional Tips:

Given these several looks and variants, here are a few clues and advice to help you to enhance overall look further.

  1. You can go ahead and further enhance texture and beauty by doing highlights of your choice.
  2. This short layered hair is quite versatile and can go with several colours such as brown, purple, pink and yellow. They go very well with dense black thick hair too.
  3. Make sure your hair is shiny and healthy. They can enhance further appearance.
  4. Have a proper diet and food. Healthy food can lead to a healthy texture of hair.
  5. Moisturize hair well. Make sure you use an organic and mild shampoo and good oil massage often.

With these layer cut hairstyle options for short hair, hope you found your right fit. Let us know what your absolute favourite is and why. Share your thoughts with us too!

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

Q1. Does short blunt haircut with layers suit women with heart face shape?

Ans: Yes, you can quickly go ahead with a blunt haircut with heart face shape too. Those with round and heart face shape can prefer a more extended bob layer blunt look.

Q2. What is semi layered haircut for short hair?

Ans: Semi layered cut is where not all of your hairstyle is with layers, but only a few inches or sides of the look may constitute layers. It can go well even with short haircuts.

Q3. Does short layered spiky haircut suit women above 40 years?

Ans: Yes, spiky look quite funky and is preferable by women of all ages. If you are gutsy and experimental, we recommend you to try it out.