10 Signs You Need to Change Your Hairdresser

10 Signs You Need to Change Your Hairdresser

The most obvious reason to change your hair stylist has to do with their expertise. If they specialize in long hair and you’ve decided to get a pixie cut, there should be no hard feelings when you part ways. However, things are more complicated than that most of the time.

Learn how to spot the signs you need to change your hairdresser and you might improve the state of your hair with a simple change. Loyalty is important, but sometimes other things come first, and that’s when you need a new hair stylist.

1. You’re Facing Big Communication Problems

Dealing with communication issues can get difficult, and sometimes the easiest way to solve the problem is to change your hair stylist. When your hairdresser doesn’t take the time to listen to what you have to say or they seem to get it but the end result shows that they didn’t, you might be happier finding someone with better communication skills.

2. You Feel Rushed

You shouldn’t surprise your hair stylist with a request for a new color when you just go in for a trim. However, when they know in advance what you need and they hurry just to make the next appointment, that’s one of the signs you need to change your hairdresser. Some hair stylists work better under pressure, but when you feel rushed and don’t get the result you want, there’s a problem.

3. Your Example Photo Is Ignored

It’s definitely unrealistic to go in with a picture of a celebrity with a different hair type and ask for the exact same look. However, a good hairdresser will be open about that and work to get to the essence of what you really want. If they just ignore the picture and you end up with something completely different, it might be time to change your hair stylist.

10 Signs You Need to Change Your Hairdresser

4. You Feel Shamed

A professional knows that shaming clients into using the right products or getting a trim regularly is never a good idea. One of the biggest signs you need to change your hairdresser is feeling uncomfortable when the expert starts acting like you owe them to follow their advice to a T.

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5. They Always Seem to Be on Vacation

Scheduling your appointments well in advance before an important event is a good idea, but when you’re dealing with big issues because your hair stylist always seems to be away when you need them, you could use a change. If you’re getting frustrated because of the lack of availability, you should try someone different for a change.

6. They Pay More Attention to Their Phone

One of the clearest signs you need to change your hairdresser is if they’re paying more attention to their phone than to you. Of course, you can’t expect your hair stylist to sit around and entertain constantly, and there might be emergency calls that need their attention, but being distracted by the phone regularly is not a good sign.

7. You Can’t Find Them in the Right Mood

Scheduling morning appointments can get tricky if your hairdresser likes to party. If they’re hungover or really tired, your hair will suffer. If you can only make time for your hair when they’re not at their best, you might need to consider changing your hair stylist.

8. They Don’t Stick Around for the Blowdry

Drying your hair is one of the most important parts of getting it styled, and if you’re paying for a top notch hair stylists, you shouldn’t be handed off to an apprentice for that. If you’re stuck with someone inexperienced for your blowdry, that’s one of the signs you need to change your hairdresser.

10 Signs You Need to Change Your Hairdresser

9. They Don’t Accept Criticism

One of the worst things a hair stylist can do is try to explain to you how the botched job is actually awesome and looks great on you. If you’re unsatisfied, your hairdresser should be open to criticism and to fixing the issue, as long as the problem isn’t unrealistic expectations on your part.

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10. They’re Too Slow

Having to wait when you’re on time for an appointment is bad enough, but putting up with a process that’s too slow can be even worse. If you end up spending too many hours at a salon for a simple trim and coloring, that’s one of the signs you need to change your hairdresser and find someone who’s more skilled at time management.