15 Amazing Dolphin Tattoo Designs and Meanings

Those who love animals and creatures will always love dolphins. They are known to be very playful out of all sea creatures and are quite adorable. It is difficult quite often to catch sight of dolphins around and you cannot help but fall in love with them. Given that dolphins have huge range of fan base of those who love their qualities, dolphin tattoo designs have come up in trend right now.

But why are dolphin tattoos so famous? What is the hidden dolphin tattoo meaning and ideas? They symbolize community, friendship and harmony. Henceforth we see a lot of couples and friends getting similar dolphin tattoos on themselves. In this article we give you our top favorite simple dolphin tattoo ideas and cute dolphin tattoos to try out.

dolphin tattoo designs

Realistic Dolphin Tattoos Designs with Pictures:

Following are the most favorable and best dolphin tattoos with images and their meanings for both men and women for your celebrations. Be it for a casual fling or for touchy mood, these unique dolphin tattoos will totally want you to go get them given the way they are adorable and also creative at the same time.

1. The Colorful and Celtic Dolphin Tattoo:

dolphin tattoo designs 1

The Celtic dolphin tattoos are more similar to the tribal dolphin tattoos. They are generally formed with the shapes the tribal castes used to make designs. The above dolphin is a beautiful design with two dolphins making a heart, with Celtic twists. The evening sunset background adds to its beauty. The awesome color combination makes it more attractive. This tattoo indicates the end of a bad day and rise of a new day with new hopes and new dreams. Those who want a cool dolphin tattoo, but also want an artistic design which is close to nature can definitely go for this sweet gesture. This is bright, colorful, lovely and creative all at the same time.

  • Body Placement: This tattoo is widely carried out on the back and chest.
  • Color: This tattoo goes in these colorful elements only, with a touch of blue, green and orange!
  • Size: Make a medium-sized tattoo for itself to show up given the bright colors.
  • Skin Tone: This tattoo suits well for fair to medium skin tone at best.
  • Suitable Gender: This is the perfect tattoo design for girls.

2. Unicorn Dolphin Tattoo for Sci-Fi Lovers:

dolphin tattoo designs 2

This dolphin tattoo for men is actually a mammal named Narwhal. This dolphin tattoo has a legendary history related to it. The Vikings in the history thought that the horns of the unicorn were so special that they could treat any kind of poison. Hence, this image came into existence replacing mermaid by unicorns. This tattoo also signifies power and strength to defeat evil. This dolphin tattoo imagearehence for those who also love fiction and are a fan of sci-fi movies. This is a blend of both good and evil and hence those who are bold, yet shy in nature; brave yet mild in personality area perfect fit.

  • Body Placement: This is great dolphin tattoo on the wrist to try out.
  • Color: The tattoo can be done in the above-mentioned way with black and red or even blue and red.
  • Size: This tattoo is good when it is smaller in size.
  • Skin Tone: Those with any skin tone can totally try these out.
  • Suitable Gender: This is a unisex tattoo, both men and women can try this one out.

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3. The Lunar Dolphin Tattoo Design:

The lunar dolphin tattoo design

The lunar symbolism of the dolphin includes elements like intuition, hidden powers, dreams, conception and so on. This picture of dolphin tattoo is generally a representation of the feminine power and is thus opted for by women. You can add a crescent moon or a full one. That kind of choice varies from person to person, but all in all a moon dolphin design generally looks beautiful. It gives you a pretty look rather than a daring edge which tattoos generally provide. This is one of the most popular and cutest lunar dolphin tattoos for girls. If you are doubtful of getting a tattoo and yet contemplating, but wanting to take a step ahead, then this tattoois totally for you.

  • Body Placement: This is great dolphin sleeve tattoos or arm tattoos to try out.
  • Color: This is good to be colorful, with a blend of blue and orange.
  • Size: This dolphin tattoo can look super cute when it is tiny.
  • Skin Tone: Fairer skin tone women can try this one out than others.
  • Suitable Gender: Women are best suited for this dolphin tiny tattoo.

4. DolphinTribal Tattoo for Young Girls:

DolphinTribal Tattoo for Young Girls

This tribal dolphin tattoo is madeup of geometrical shapes, which is the basic theme of the tribal caste in America. This kind of dolphin tattoo signifies prosperity and reincarnation. This tattoo shows the cycle of rebirth i.e. death and then life. This means that if you want to have a change in your life, or finding a chance to recreate yourself, this tattoo is the best for you. This tattoo can also be made with colors, but with black ink, it gives the best effect. This dolphin tattoo for women is for those girls and modern women who want to have a significant meaning out of their tattoo. The unicolor of the tattoo is further quite simple yet very elegant.

  • Body Placement: This can be good and amazing dolphin arm tattoo or at the back too. Young girls can carry of this tattoo on their anklestoo.
  • Color:This is good to be in black and white color.
  • Size: Medium-sized dolphin tattoo in this design is good to go.
  • Skin Tone: Those with any skin tone can totally try this one out.
  • Suitable Gender: Both men and women can try this tattoo out, however preferable for young girls.

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5. DolphinAnchor Tattoo on Shoulder:

Dolphin with an anchor

Dolphin is one of those sea creatures that make you yearn for the blue waters in a manner that no whale can. They are cute and as the movies portray loyal friends to humans. A dolphin with a ship anchor is an excellent choice if you wish to make your tattoo a reminder of your times in the sea. The mixing of anchor and dolphin are the best dolphin tattoos ideas. Try out this dolphin tattoo for guys who have good muscles. Those who have nice macho muscles and arms are a perfect fit to flaunt this tattoo with style and trend. It is totally masculine and yet very trendy and fashionable.

  • Body Placement: This is great shoulder dolphin tattoo or also dolphin arm tattoo.
  • Color: Black is the right color choice to try this tattoo.
  • Size: This is good to be shown in big size only.
  • Skin Tone: Any skin tone men can totally try this tattoo out.
  • Suitable Gender: Men are best to try this design.

6. Funky and Chirpy Dolphin Tattoo:

Ting and yang style dolphin tattoo

Dolphins are often made in pairs circling each other, as if they are running after the tail of the other. This gives them a yin and yang look. Now if you add that circle behind them the meaning becomes even more evident. Dolphins have always been represented in two manners the sun and the moon. The lunar moon as has been mentioned above is a sign of femininity and as it is opposite the solar dolphin is often taken as a symbol of the male power. Further dolphin tattoos are good for kids who are willing to get inked and want a cute one for their legs or arms. This is quite simple and pretty and good for all those young girls out there who dare to try out something new.

  • Body Placement: This dolphin tattoo looks good on the leg.
  • Color: The above shown colorful elements should be included for it to pop up like green, orange, black and blue.
  • Size: This tattoo is good if in larger size.
  • Skin Tone: Fair skin tone women can try this tattoo off given its colorful nature.
  • Suitable Gender: These type of dolphin tattoos are fine for women.

7. Dolphins Tattoo for Sea Lover:

A dolphin within the sea tattoo

Dolphin tattoos need not be just the dolphins. You can portray them in their home environment with lots of other sea plants and animals surrounding them. You can make this kind of a tattoo bright and vibrant, fraught with a lot of colour. This tattoo gives a glimpse of the undersea view. This colorful tattoo is eye-catchy because of the use of various colors. Further, if you want a colorful and bright tattoo this is good choice. Any animal lover who loves to keep it wild and creative would totally go for this tattoo. Further those who love diving can totally opt for this bold choice.

  • Body Placement: It is mainly created on the waist, back and lower back. It can also be great dolphin heart tattoo.
  • Color: The colors with green and blue should be there for its glam not to get lost.
  • Size: This tattoo should be larger for it to be charming.
  • Skin Tone: Those with fairer skin tone can prefer this tattoo than others.
  • Suitable Gender: Women can try this colorful tattoo out.

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8. Simple Blue Dolphin Tattoos for Couples:

Simple blue dolphins

Your design can be of two simple dolphins too. You can make dolphins of any coloras you wish, though blue would be your best bet. People often get small tattoos of this kind to make them inconspicuous. This is the simplest dolphin tattoo one can carry. This type of tattoos symbolizes love, simplicity and passion. Further in case you are thinking to get this tattoo as a couple, then this is a perfect fit for you both as well. Both men and women can totallyget this one inked and it is totally charming, simple, trendy and lovely. It signifies the love between you both as a couple at a different level.

  • Body Placement: This is great dolphin tattoo to be done on foot or on hands.This tattoo is widely carried out on the waist, wrist and neck by men and women.
  • Color: This is to be in plain blue color to remain with elegance.
  • Size: Tiny size of this tattoo would be ideal for it to look charming and lovely.
  • Skin Tone: Any skin tone can totally try this design out.
  • Suitable Gender: Both men and women can try out this tattoo.

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9. Dolphin Chain Linked Tattoo on Wrist:

Dolphin Chain Linked Tattoo on Wrist

This is a different kind of tattoo design. this comprises of a dolphin that is built up with chain links. It represents dolphin as a symbol of harmony and unity. It makes the dolphin look more complicated and cool too. This tattoo is widely carried out by the patriotic people as well as the people who are very devoted to their family. If you are someone who is within close-knitharmony and family or community this definitely goes good for you. This can be a good family tattoo as well in case you like it that way. It is bold, colorful and lovely all at the same time.

  • Body Placement: This is a great dolphin tattoo on hand to tryout.
  • Color: The given blue and black colors should be well blended in this tattoo.
  • Size: This is good to be medium sized for it to look beautiful.
  • Skin Tone: Fair to medium skin tone girls and women or fair men can try this tattoo out.
  • Suitable Gender: Both men and women can try this colorful tattoo.

10. Mini Dolphin Tattoo for Lovely Woman:

Mini Dolphin Tattoo for Lovely Woman

This dolphin tattoo on the ankle symbolizes good health, energy and intelligence. However, this kind of dolphin represents two types of spiritual powers. The sun dolphin represents the good quality of life and act of renewal, while the moon dolphin signifies the female power, dreams and good intuition. They both also represent hidden powers. This dark inked dolphin tattoo looks attractive with vine branches around it. If you want to keep it simple, tiny and yet colorful, then one can go for this kind of mini dolphin tattoo on their body. It is lovely and yet trendy and bright. One does not need to think much to get this done.

  • Body Placement: This is great dolphin rose tattoo to make on hands.
  • Color: Try this out in blue color only to look sweet and simple.
  • Size: This is good when done in medium size.
  • Skin Tone: Any skin tone woman can totally try this one out as they wish.
  • Suitable Gender: All lovely and modern women out there can try this tattoo for lovely look.

11. Dolphin Tattoo with Sunset:

Dolphin with a sun

The solar symbolism of the dolphin tattoos includes elements like active life, exuberance, health and renewal. Dolphin with sun represents all of these. It also looks pretty and beautiful if you add the colors to it. You can make the sun a rising or a setting one.If you are sunset or sunrise lover then this dolphin tattoo idea is for you. This is for a nature lover, beach and diving lover and a perfect tattoo for such personalities. One does not need to think twice,just go ahead if you have a blend of all these qualities within.

  • Body Placement: This is a great dolphin tattoo on legs or wrist to try out.
  • Color: It should be in blue and orange color as shown above.
  • Size: This tattoo looks good when it you is in medium size.
  • Skin Tone: Only fair skin women can try this tattoo out due to the choice of colors.
  • Suitable Gender: This is great tattoo to try out on women.

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12. The Musical Dolphin Tattoos:

Dolphin with a music symbol

This is a unique and very different design. It is one of the best dolphin tattoo designs to date! Music is supposed to be rejuvenating and the one thing that can be your companion in all your moods whether they be happy or sad. Dolphins are animals representing all sorts of positivity. When you combine them together, you get an epic tattoo. Now if you love music and also love dolphins or sea or water then this is for you definitely. It is quite simple, does not take time and yet is very trendy. The inner and deeper meaning here can be understood only if you examine it well and hence what else is more intense than this one.

  • Body Placement: This is great dolphin tattoo design to try out on arms.
  • Color: This design is good to be in black only.
  • Size: Wear this in a largersize to look good.
  • Skin Tone: Any skin tone men or women can try this one out.
  • Suitable Gender: Either men or women can try this design out.

13. Chirpy and Lovely Dolphin Tattoo for Women:

This dolphin tattoo for women is highly used by the trendy girls of the colleges. It is inked on the lower back, back or belly button by the girls. This tattoo is a mixture of floral designs and mystical vibes. The tattoo gives a glance of the dolphins enjoying the shores of the water. Hence, this tattoo is chosen by women who are full of life and enjoy any hard situation with fun. The fun tattoo is for those who are party lovers and those who love dance and music. The personalities who are quite chirpy, bubbly and lovely can blindly go for this design. Further couples also can get this dolphin tattoo design inked.

  • Body Placement: This dolphin tattoo is good to be inked on arms.
  • Color: Try this design in black only.
  • Size: It is good in small or medium size design.
  • Skin Tone: Any skin color and tone can totallyget this tattoo inked.
  • Suitable Gender: This is a good design to try for women and girls.

14. A Maori Dolphin Tattoo for Men:

A tribal dolphin tattoo design

Tribal Maori dolphin tattoo designs includes a large number of black curves and lines that are twisted together beautifully to look like a dolphin. You can include just a dolphin in your design or you can add other tribal embellishments to it. You can add floral patterns, waves or even other sea creatures. Above all, if you are sea diving kind of person there is nothing better than this tattoo for you. Men who love swimming and diving can easily get this one done on them. It is easy and quick and also trendy. This is one of the perfect dolphin tattoo designs for men.

  • Body Placement: Men can get this tattoo placed on their waist or back of the shoulder.
  • Color: Black is right and perfect color to match and go with this design.
  • Size: This is good to be inked in a larger size only for it to look good.
  • Skin Tone: Those with darker and medium skin tone can try this design out.
  • Suitable Gender: Men are a perfect for this tattoo.

15. Dolphin Tattoo for Modern Woman:

This tattoo is a combination of dolphins and kanji symbols. This dolphin tattoo meaning is beauty and ambition. This type of dolphin tattoos is carried out by the ambitious people. This tattoo also signifies beauty of nature. It is becoming trendy among the collegians. The young modern woman can totally go for this one without a doubt if she loves trend and style, yet very fond of sea and beaches. It symbolizes her personality of inner strength and meaning too.

  • Body Placement: This is a great dolphin tattoo when done either on the wrist or on legs.
  • Color: Blue is the right color to fit the design.
  • Size: This tattoo is good to be done in medium size.
  • Skin Tone: Try this with any skin tone as it fits all personalities.
  • Suitable Gender: Women suit this dolphin tattoo better.

Additional Tips:

Here are some tips to think of while getting these dolphin tattoos

  • Make sure you seek a professional tattoo designer. This is important for the tattoo not to get spoiled as it is permanent.
  • Do not get it inked in a hurry, think twice on the best design for yourself and try it out.
  • Make up your mind on a design. Since it is permanent and it is here to stay unless you want to make alterations. But it is always good to decide on the design, give yourself time and be doubly sure before embarking on it.
  • Mentally get prepared. Be sure and clear about colors of dolphin and the design.

Hope you liked this list of dolphin tattoo designs for you. Be it any age group or gender, these list of tattoos are quite comprehensive and versatile that anyone can totally fit themselves in. Check out the design and color you love the most and try them out. Yousurely cannot help but fall in love with them. Tell us what you think of these tattoos, we love to hear from you.