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15 Cool Dad Tattoo Designs For Men And Women

A father is your guide in every step of your life. He protects you when you’re a child and guides you when you’re an adult. At every step of the way a father is there for you. And it can never be enough to thank him for bringing you into this world and always being by your side. Getting a daddy tattoo is something which could help you show your dad your deepest appreciation for all his years of hard work to just make the world a little bit of a better place for you to live in. It is a sign of pure love for your dad.

Dad tattoo designs

This is not just simple craftsmanship; this is representation of affection towards father. Cherishing and adoring recollections of father find these tattoo thoughts. To make it easier for you to pick given below are some of the best famous daddy dedicated tattoos available in the world.

Traditional Dad Tattoo Designs:

Here are the famous dad tattoo designs for men and women as follows.

1. Parents Dedication Tattoo:


This mom dad tattoo ideas is getting trendy these days. This is one among them. This tattoo shows perfect dedication towards ones parents. This tattoo shows love and respect towards ones parents. This tattoo includes both mom and dad. It also a beautiful tattoo which indicates that ‘my dad is my mom.’ This tattoo is also carried by people who have lost their mom and their dad has carried out the responsibilities of both mom and dad. It is also a dedicated tattoo for both for others. This tattoo includes roses, hearts, attractive fonts etc. This tattoo also can be made using various colors on the back, lower back, chest, arms and legs. Girls can also carry it on their waist. It is the best mom dad tattoo for all.

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2. Real Image Dad Tattoos:


This kind of dad tattoos for men is becoming trendier among youth these days. This tattoo required highly dedication towards drawing, as it is made as an actual sketch. The actual picture of the father is carried out on the arms or back with or without various colors. Girls also get this tattoo inked on their waist, while boys get it on the chest. This is also an inspirational tattoo as to show that the father is their primary inspiration to fight against various difficulties in life. This also helps the youngster to take care of their similarly as their father took theirs. This is the best real image dad tattoos for men.

3. Caring Dad Portrait:


This tattoo designs for dad shows the love, infection and care a dad has for his little angel. This tattoo is best taken on the back to give it a marvelous look. To add to its beauty, attractive fonts to write a message. For any dad, his princess is his world, while for any daughter her dad is his super hero. This tattoo expresses the love between dad and daughter. In the tattoo, the dad is carrying his child in one hand with care, which is the best pose to show love. This tattoo can also be carried on the back, shoulder and arms with different colors and other attractive fonts.

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4. Sportsman Dad Tattoos:


This tattoo designs for dads is very famous among the sportsmen. This tattoo shows that both the son and dad carry the same passion and interest. This tattoo carries two people, the father and the son, with the same uniform. This tattoo is widely inked by the cricketers, footballers, hockey players or any other sports related pair of father and son as both carries the same passion. This tattoo can be carried on the back, ribs, lower back, shoulder or chest.

5. Musical Love:

Musical love

If you share a common love for music with your dad and you need to honor him with a musical tattoo but can’t find the right one then this can be your lucky day. This tattoo is not only an ideal musical tattoo it also is world famous for honoring ones dad. It shows that your dad is your greatest and most important inspiration and the reason why you love music so much today. The angel wings with the musical symbol indicate that your dad is no other but the angel of your life.  This tattoo is highly carried on the shoulders and back. This is one of the perfect dad tattoo designs for men.

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6. Unlock The Love:

Unlock the love

If you have been pulled away by your life during the recent years and need way to represent your love for your dad maybe on his birthday then this is a great tattoo that will do the job you require. It shows how by moving away from your father there was a rift that was caused ad how u used the key to neutralize that barrier.

7. Rip Dad Designs:

Rip dad Designs

This tattoo is symbolic in the sense that as much as your dad could lay his life down for you that you would do the same for him. You could take a rip dad tattoo. This tattoo includes a cross, a bird and a rose. The beautiful color adds to its beauty. The design includes the date which shows the time he spent alive. To make it more memorable, one can also add his/her father’s name to it. This is highly carried on the shoulders.

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8. Collage Of Roses Dad Tattoos:

Collage of roses

This tattoo is symbolic in the sense that it is because of your father that you could blossom today into a flower that he would always call you. The design includes roses in it, which is a symbol of love and passion. This tattoo looks livelier when colors are added to it. The unique font can give a marvelous look to it. This tattoo shows one’s love towards his/her father and respect.

9. Dog Tag:

Dog tag

If your dad was in the army this is the best tattoo to get to honor him. Dog tags are considered extremely important for army personnel. It would make him proud. This tattoo is highly carried out by military and army men, warriors etc. The tattoo can also include the batch number of your dad, his name, important year for him of a war etc. This tattoo best looks in black color with grey shades, but some also make it trendy with beautiful colors.

10. Impression Print Dad Tattoo:


With regards to dad tattoo designs a standout amongst the most typical ones are the committed to one’s dad. These glad daddies flaunt exceptional tattoo design plans propelled by their kids. It is one of the great dad tattoos for daughters.

11. Little Girl And Dad Tattoo Designs:

Lil girl

For a woman this is the most suitable tattoo to honor your dad. He will not only feel special but it will make him extremely happy as to every father their daughter is the most precious. This tattoo also shows the love of a daughter towards her father. The two humming birds beside the written message add to its beauty. The stars and dots around give it a heavenly look. It is one of the best dad tattoo designs for girls.

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12. Beach Themed Tattoos:


This dad tattoo design is given a beautiful beach theme. This tattoo is mostly carried on by the people whose fathers were passionate about surfing or loved beaches. This tattoo looks beautiful with different colors. The surfing board on the sand, the coastal trees, skies, mountains etc gives it a marvelous look. This tattoo looks attractive on the shoulder, back, waist and leg. This tattoo also gives a glance of the memorable time spent with ones dad on the beaches. Everything is designed in a heart which symbolizes love or loving memories.

13. Weigh Down The Anchor:

Weigh down the anchor

This tattoo has a lot of meaning. The most basic concept is that your father is your anchor In life. He keeps you grounded and compatible. No matter how dynamic life gets he will always be there to help you get through the worst so that finally you can stand on your own two feet and if you are a boy in turn become the anchor to your own child.

14. Cowboy Love:

Cowboy love

To every child their father is their original hero. He protects them from the harshness of the world. And to represent your father as a cowboy tattoo on your body is to show you think of him as strong and courageous. This tattoo is very famous among the cowboy caste. The colors and fonts used in this tattoo make it more demanding. This tattoo mostly is taken off on back, shoulder and leg.

15. Gone In The Wind:

Gone in the wind

This is the perfect tattoo to honor your late father as it shows you represented as a child which you will always be in his eyes. It shows your constant plea for his guidance and protection as you will always need your father’s wisdom no matter what. This is one of the cool dad tattoo designs for women.

Hence, these days’ youngsters are highly seen wearing tattoos dedicated to dad, mom or both. There are various designs showing love, respect and honor for dad. Some get this tattoo in the memory of their father, while some have it as a symbol of protection, faith and devotion. The tattoo designs can also be made memorable moments such as what makes his face glow with smile, his passion, his favorite place, a memorable day etc. So choose a perfect tattoo and wear it for your dad.

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