15 Simple & Traditional Horse Tattoo Designs With Meanings

Since ancient time, a horse is said to be the favourite pet animal among all. It symbolizes strength and guidance. They sometimes also represent passion and free spirit. At other times they are chosen for their excellent looks. Similarly, the horse tattoo has gained popularity worldwide due to its various designs. Horse tattoos look amazing and can be made anywhere on your body. It is neutral when it comes to gender and can thus be chosen by both men and women.

Different Types Of Horse Tattoo Designs With Pictures:

horse tattoo designs

You can make your horse look tribal, artistic or realistic. You can add color and other embellishments or keep it simple and black. Here are a few horse tattoo designs to help make your decision easier.

1. Horse With Shoe Tattoo On Leg:


Such horse tattoos for men are trendy among the youth of America and Europe. It is said that such horseshoe tattoos are carried as good luck by the people. It is also a symbol of prosperity. But different countries get it inked differently. For some, Fortune knocks your door if the end of the horseshoe is upwards while for those living in the Southern part believes that it should remain downwards. But the ultimate meaning is that it brings you prosperity, good luck and wealth.

2. Fire And Horse Tattoo For Men:


This kind of horse tattoo designs has its own significance. This kind of tattoo also gives a glance of the wild horses which van not be kept as pets. A flaming Horse signifies power which is beyond control and strength. The above picture gives you a clear vision of the same. The red and yellow flames give the tattoo a different view. It adds to its beauty. Such tattoos are widely carried on the back, waist, ribs or chest. For every religion, fire is considered to be a pious thing. It is treated as one of the God. Similarly, the horse is also considered pure and a sign of wisdom, especially the white ones. It is one of the best horse tattoo designs for men.

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3. The Horse Skeleton Tattoo On Back Shoulder:

Such horse tattoo designs are widely carried out by the teens of the college. Not only the guys but also the girls are highly attracted by such tattoos. This kind of tattoo designs does not have any significant meaning. They are just carried out for fashion purpose. This kind of tattoo shows the excellence of the tattoo maker. The Dark Black shades give it a wonderful lovely look. The minor care taken to make this tattoo makes it a creative one.

4. A Black Detailed Dark Horse Tattoo For Women:

A black detailed horse

You can get a detailed, realistic image of a black horse galloping towards you as your tattoo. You can show some dust flying in the distance to make its speed more evident. If the tattoo maker succeeds in nailing its details, it will look beyond amazing! Such tattoo is said to be given a 3rd effect by the maker. The horse is shown travelling with a great speed which I nutcases that the wearer is also ready b to travel a long distance to prove something.

5.  A Horse Face With Flowers Tattoo On Thigh:

A horse face with flowers and other embellishments

As mentioned earlier, you can make your horse tattoo vibrant with colors should you choose to do so. You can give it a cartoonish look to make it funkier rather than serious. Flowers are the most commonly used supplement in horse tattoos. Often people add stable doors and stalls too. If you are looking to pay homage to a particular pet of yours you may even add its name.

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6. Small Horse Tribal Tattoo On Ankle:


Small tribal horse tattoo looks very different and elegant. The simple look of it gives it a wonderful look. Such horse tattoo symbolizes power, strength, bravery and wisdom. As they are small, they can be inked on the wrist, behind the ears, on the ankle, on fingers etc. Such horse tattoo designs for women are getting trendier among the kids also. The natives of America and South America carry such tattoos for a religious purpose.

7. Horse Name Tattoo For Boys:


Such horse tattoo pictures are inked mostly by the jockeys to show their love to their favourite horse whom they might have lost. This type of tattoo is also drawn by pet lovers. A simple black horse-drawn followed by wonderful cursive fonts gives a unique and attractive look. Also, the pet lovers get such tattoo and write the names odd to be the horse by which they call them. Such horse tattoos are also known as racehorse tattoo as they are widely carried out by the jockeys.

8. Horse With Wings Tattoo Design:


This kind of horse tattoo gives a wonderful and impressive look. Such horse tattoo meaning is divinity, love, fertility, grace and rebirth. This kind of horse is named Pegasus according to Greek mythology. It is said that when Medusa was killed, this horse came out of her body and hence, it is considered to be the angel horse or God’s horse. There are also few more stories related to such horses according to different religions.

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9. Horseshoe Tattoo With Feathers:

A horse shoe with two feathers

If you want your tattoo to represent everything that a horse stands for, or if it is to express your love for the animal, it isn’t requisite for your tattoo design to have a horse in it. You can design your tattoo around a horseshoe instead. This is again a different idea which reflects your individuality making you stand apart in the crowd. Adding feathers is an additional touch. You can add other embellishments that may mean something else to you.

10. Artistic Horse Feather Tattoo On Thigh:

A revolutionary design for horse tattoos is a horse within a feather. Sounds odd, but believe me when I say it looks amazing! It features a feather with the horse face and body made the folds of its hair. It’s a different concept which reflects the creativity of the designer.

11. Horse Tribal Tattoo Design:

A tribal horse design, though typical can look breathtaking! You just have to use the right sort of curves and curls to make your horse. Tribal designs are always black, though there’s no restriction in choosing another color. But black is the preferable choice.

12. Side View Of A Galloping Horse Tattoo For Men:

Side view of a galloping horse

A simple outline of a galloping horse also looks stunning. Though it is nothing new or different it still manages to look good. There is something to be said about the classics, they never fail. Such a horse tattoo describes the passion of the wearer to travel to various beautiful places around the world. The grey and black color shades give it a wonderful look.

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13. A Colored Horse Tattoo On Neck Outline:

A coloured horse outline

You can choose a tribal horse outline and then choose a bright color like red or orange and get the lines in that color. It looks elegant and yet vibrant. These designs are typically for your back. This kind of small tattoo designs looks perfect on the neck. The red a dc yellow tribal shaded Vine branches give it a unique look.

14. Black And Colored Horse Face Tattoo For Girls:

A black horse face with coloured mane

Girls often make their horse tattoos more feminine by adding bright colors to it and making their horse’s gender more evident. You can choose to get just a horse head as your tattoo, keeping the head black but making the mane colored. The best position for this tattoo is upon your back. It is one of the great horse tattoo designs for girls.

15. Heart And Love Horse Tattoo On Shoulder:

A heart, love, horse tattoo

Some people choose to get horse tattoos to express their immense love for horses. This design is perfect for them! It includes a horse face, intelligently woven within a heart with the word love somewhere in between. It’s nice to look at and expresses its meaning clearly. This is one of the popular horse tattoo designs for women.

The horse tattoo pictures have a different meaning according to the design and color you select. Also, different religions have different signs of horse tattoos. Generally, a horse tattoo means power, wisdom, grace, fertility, rebirth, intelligence etc. The black color horse tattoo also indicates death. Hence you get a variety of horse tattoo to choose from once you are confirmed what that horse stands for you.

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