15+Trending and Latest Business Hairstyles for Men

Men – if you think only women are particular about style statements and have a lot to flaunt about on several occasions, you are wrong. Because here we bring you the latest trends in business hairstyles for men. In case you are in managerial positions and business fields, these formal makeovers and looks are quite crucial to make you stand apart unique from the usual crowd. As they say, the first impression is the best, and your looks and appearance matter the most for essential events.

Our today’s edition on business haircuts is for those men who believe in the importance of makeovers during special and formal events. Here we go!

Top and Modern Men’s Business Professional Hairstyles and Haircuts in 2020:

Professional haircuts have received tremendous response from guys all across the globe. We now recognize the importance attached to looking our best for important events, deals, meetings, and parties, especially when they are concerned with business, which can transform our career path. Today, we bring you the best and smart classic hairstyle looks for businessmen. These haircuts are good, cute, suitable for office goers, and are super simple and easy too.

1. Fade with the Slick Back Style:

Fade With The Slick Back Style

Most men hesitate to try out fade looks or similar variants when in business or formal office spaces. Well, here we are to redefine the entire style and makeover patterns with the unique and latest business fade haircut. Did you ever imagine to try out such a slick back look for offices with fade? How do you like this one? We are in love with this unique and new modern styles.

Possible Style Ideas:

  • Suitable hair type: Straight and smooth hair texture is ideal to this look.
  • Preferable face shape: Oval and elongated face shape for men is very appropriate here.
  • Ideal age group: Men in the age of 40s can look youthful and stylish with this one.
  • Suitable season: Wear this look during monsoons and summer season.

2. Classy Business Look:

Classy Business Look

Well, this short business hairstyle idea is not new to us, or not something we aren’t aware of. This classic vibed handsome hunk look for men has been in trend from generations and ages together, and no wonder it still did not fade away with the latest trends. It is among timeless fashionable looks and we cannot stop but gush over it more! All those men who prefer quick and straightforward yet classic style haircut can attempt to this one.

Possible Style Ideas:

  • Suitable hair type: Wavy hair texture can be ideal in this look.
  • Preferable face shape: Wear this for men with round and oval face shape.
  • Ideal age group: Those in the late 20s to late 40s age group, anyone can attempt to wear it easily.
  • Suitable season: Summers and winters season are appropriate and apt fit.

3. Side Combed Business Look for Thin Hair:

Side Combed Business Look For Thin Hair

Men who have thin hair and not very dense look out, do not worry. We get you sorted too! This simple and straightforward business look with side comb style looks super smart and easy for all men who are into this formal sector. This is a well known and fashionable look, yet got back in to popularity recently for its neverending style statement and trendy sense. Those men who love elegance can try it out.

Possible Style Ideas:

  • Suitable hair type: Any hair texture can ideally try this easy look:
  • Preferable face shape: Wear this for round, square and elongated face shape:
  • Ideal age group: Men in 30s can look youthful effortlessly in this style:
  • Suitable season: Summers and spring season are ideal and good to go.

4. Modern Handsome Look for Business Parties:

Modern Handsome Look For Business Parties

Those men and guys who are wondering that business hairstyles may be boring or routine looks, here we come with new and such handsome hairstyles. Those who love to look modern, contemporary, and full of the latest fashion trends, this simple and yet super stylish haircut can be the right choice. Add on a gel and slick hair neatly with combing it to look much younger and fashionable! This is a perfect and excellent party haircut too.

Possible Style Ideas:

  • Suitable hair type: Any hair texture can try this look easily.
  • Preferable face shape: Wear this for men with any face shape.
  • Ideal age group: Those guys in early to late 30s can be suited well in this look.
  • Suitable season: Monsoons and winters season is good to go and ideal.

5. Business Hairstyle Idea for Curly Hair:

Business Hairstyle Idea For Curly Hair

If you have dense, tangled, and very curly rough hair, do not worry, we have a hack and tip for you too! Men can now flaunt in their thick curls and waves around with this simple haircut. You can transform your irritable curls into a handsome style statement. Comb in hair in similar fashion post haircut and do not part it. Rest assured, you can look modern and stylish, yet professional in this business hairstyle!

Possible Style Ideas:

  • Suitable hair type: Those with curly hair texture can try this ideal look easily.
  • Preferable face shape: Wear this for men with the round, square face shape.
  • Ideal age group: Men from 20s to 40s, all of them can try it out effortlessly.
  • Suitable season: Winters season can be perfect, however,it can be tried in monsoons too.

6. Salt and Pepper Inspired Business Hairstyle:

Salt And Pepper Inspired Business Hairstyle

Gone are those days white hair is seen as something unwanted; now, men prefer to have such looks in current days. Salt and pepper hairstyle inspired by black and white hair has gained a lot of prominences. Now all men in business and formal looks can prefer such hairstyles too, and can yet look youthful and dashing. This simple and yet bright haircut is for those men who want bold and modern looks regularly.

Possible Style Ideas:

  • Suitable hair type: Wavy hair texture is appropriate and ideal for men.
  • Preferable face shape: Wear this for oval and elongated face shape.
  • Ideal age group: Try this look for those men who are above 40 years old.
  • Suitable season: Winters and monsoon season are perfectly suitable to this look.

7. Rough Look Business Haircut with Beard:

Rough Look Business Haircut With Beard

Those young guys and male who love to look casual, and yet contemporary, modern and dashing should not miss this look. This casual business meeting hairstyle is super easy to maintain and make and inevitably draws in a lot of attention from the crowd. The rough look given by beard and mustache can further stand out to look fashionable. This haircut is best for office going men and boys.

Possible Style Ideas:

  • Suitable hair type: Any hair texture is appropriate and apt fit in here.
  • Preferable face shape: Wear this for men in oval and square face shape.
  • Ideal age group: Try this for younger age group guys such as those below 35 years old.
  • Suitable season: Winters and summers are perfect and suitable for this haircut.

8. Men’s Bun Business Hairstyle:

Men’s Bun Business Hairstyle

Men who have long hair, in case you are wondering how to go about business errands and tasks in this look, we have a tip for you. The latest casual hairstyle idea in the form of the bun for men has gone quite popular, and it even got well-received among business sector folks. Men who don’t mind being bold, and are in higher positions, can easily flaunt in this look effortlessly and look unique. Turn your long hair to a simple and smart businessmen haircut look through this makeover.

Possible Style Ideas:

  • Suitable hair type: Any hair texture can be perfect and apt here.
  • Preferable face shape:Oval and elongated face shape can try this look.
  • Ideal age group: Guys who are in the 20s and the 30s can be excellent and well suitable.
  • Suitable season: Summers and the monsoons seasons can be perfect in here.

9. Business Formal Makeover for Older Men:

Business Formal Makeover For Older Men

There are ample hairstyles and makeover ideas these days in the contemporary era which can effortlessly make you look young and stylish, despite your age concerns. Here is one such example of corporate hairstyles. Even the men from older age groups, who are into business or higher positions incorporates can attempt to look smart and handsome through this attire. Growing hair to medium length and styling in a similar way shown above is the new cool for all the business folks!

Possible Style Ideas:

  • Suitable hair type: Wavy hair texture is perfect for this look. However, men with curly hair can also try it out.
  • Preferable face shape: Wear this for elongated face shapes only.
  • Ideal age group: Those men who are above 50 years can attempt to try this out.
  • Suitable season: Monsoons and winter season can be comfortable and perfect here.

10. Latest Undercut Haircut:

Latest Undercut Haircut

Here is another latest and modern entrepreneur hairstyle idea. What distinguishes this look from others is the undercut variant as well as the beard and mustache to make oneself look stylish and handsome in youthful and modern form. Those men who prefer to keep some efforts to look good, and believes in looking up to date, despite any career and field they are in can try out this look.

Possible Style Ideas:

  • Suitable hair type: Any hair texture can try this look ideally.
  • Preferable face shape: Oval and elongated face shape are best suited in this young businessman haircut.
  • Ideal age group: Men above 30 years till 50 years can try it out.
  • Suitable season: Winters and summers are perfect seasons and perfect time of the year to attempt this style.

11. Classic tapper Haircut for Men:

business hairstyles

This is a classic business haircut for men. This is very suitable for all men and you can look stylish and professional at the same time with this look. You can easily maintain your hair in this look. You can choose hair length as you want. In tapper hairstyle, there are many varieties tight, classic, traditional and low tight etc. Choose your favourite haircut and all are suitable business look.

12. Undercut with Textured Messy Hair:

Undercut with textured Messy hair

This is a popular men’s business casual haircut for people who like to look stylish even in their business attire. It comes with long messy hair in the middle and side short hair. You can use gel to look the hair look same as in the picture. This look is more suitable for curly hair than a straight

13. Butcher Haircut:

Butcher Haircut

This is the most comfortable hairstyle for men in their profession. This is an ideal hairstyle for men who want to save their time on hair combing. You can do it at home and also, save some money. If men with curly hair want to straighten their hair you can cut all and make your hair look straight and short.

14. Side Part Haircut:

Side part haircut

This is the simple men’s business casual hairstyle. If you like this side part hairstyle this is the easy one for you. This is a classy and simple hairstyle for young men can choose and if you want some length to your hair this is the most suitable hairstyle. Get a crook look and be professional.

15. Best Style for Long Hair:

Best style for long hair

Men who want to maintain their long hair can try this hairstyle. They can try this business professional haircut to get a neat look. They can use gels and arrange it well. Just shorten your hair length and this hairstyle is suitable for all face shapes.

16. Sliced back Taper Haircut:

Sliced back taper haircut

If you want a simple business haircut this is the style you are looking for. This is suitable for all ages and tries this to get a casual and professional look at the same time. Make a lengthy cut in the middle and short hair on sides. Get this beautiful and trendy professional haircut look which most of the men prefers.

Additional Tips:

With these latest and most sought business hairstyle ideas for men and guys of different age groups, here are a few tips and hacks from us to enhance overall style statements and makeover.

  • These styles can be ideal for several formal and business events. They may range from simple interviews and office going casual routines to those with formal parties, get-togethers, and presentations.
  • Adding up gel or wax at the end of look to slick back or lift hair can enhance the overall style. This can be done in any haircut without hesitation.
  • Adding up beard in most of these looks will only make you further handsome and stylish.
  • You can style hair when its wet with gel or wax to make sure it stays for long.

With several of such business hairstyles variants and haircuts, we hope you found the right match and favorite makeover in this guide. Gone are those days you assume that business or work hairstyles are not needed, instead of with the onset of new trends and fashion era, it is essential to make the most of it through looking at our best. Tell us your thoughts too!