18 Most Significant Armband Tattoo Designs for Men and Women

Tattoos have always been a popular way of expressing one’s attitude and philosophy using body art. Only sky is the limit when it comes to the designs. Especially, the millennial generation clients want something unique to set them apart from crowd. In the pursuit to attract more clients, tattoo artists are coming up with novel designs each day. Among all the designs, Armband tattoos are extremely popular with many men and women. They are considered to be classy, elegant and stylish. In this article, we shall explore some of the best and simple armband tattoo designs.

Meaning Of Armband Tattoos:

Armband tattoo meaning as the name suggest, are tattoos made on arms, which look a beautiful band. These tattoos complement your well-toned arms and render grace and elegance. Armband tattoo also give a nice peek-a-boo moment where they look flashy at once, at get veiled under your sleeves. From a regular gym-goer to a cute girl next door, these tattoos top the list! Armband tattoos come in many designs like wrath, barbed fence and even names. Each symbol has a different name associated with it and can be linked to the memory of a dead person, a holiday or even a word that can inspire you.

armband tattoo designs

Different Armband Tattoo Designs With Names:

Styling tattoos on your armband are a good way to express yourself and your emotions for your loved ones also. Some of the awesome tribal and Celtic armband tattoo designs for men and women with their meanings are presented here in the following lines.

1. Cherry Blossom Tree Armband Tattoo:

Cherry Blossom Tree Armband Tattoos

Cherry blossom tree armband tattoo designs are one of the most significant and popular tattoos for women these days. The design is both beautiful and delicate to look at. The cherry blossom tree itself carries a lot of meaning and importance in countries like Japan and China. China understands it as a symbol of feminine beauty, power and love. Japan on the other hand thinks these trees represent the transience of life. The tattoo is very picturesque to look at and is certainly one of the awesome armband tattoos to exist currently.

  • Best For: Cherry blossoms represent the shortness of a human life, which must be embraced before it gets too late. The beauty of cherry blossoms can be enjoyed only in a particular season.
  • Preferable Ink: Black, red and Pink shades
  • Where: This tattoo is best done on the arms, shoulders and even the upper back for bold look.
  • Size: While some people want to highlight this floral design on the backs, you can also opt for a simple wreath of cherry blossoms for a cute and dainty look.
  • Skin Tone: This is best suitable for wheatish to fair skinned people.

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2. Musical Armband Tattoos:

musical armband tattoos

Music tattoos symbolizes the love of music, passion and energy of the person towards music. Music has been always being considered a magical way to express yourself in front of your loved ones. Musical notes tattoos are often combined with other symbols for musical notes that may replicate a piece of music. Musician and artist generally engrave musical armband tattoo designs to show their intense love and relationship for music. It is suitable for both men and women.

  • Best For: Music tattoo represents the harmony and symphony of life. Especially for people who have a penchant for music, this tattoo can make their favorite notes eternal by etching them on skin.
  • Preferable Ink: They are best done in black
  • Where: This tattoo looks amazing around the arm, which looks like musical notes flying out of a melodious lute.
  • Size: If you want more notes to be visible, you can opt for a medium sized band, with your favorite symbols etched around it.
  • Skin Tone: As it is done in black color, this tattoo is best for people with medium skin tone to fair tones.

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3. Indian Armband Tattoo With Feathers:


Indian feather tattoos can be designed in several different and artistic ways. Indian feather tattoos is a great choice to permanently portray your heritage and express your patriotism for the country. It is being considered a great choice to display your pride and your loyalty for customs and traditions of the folk. It is considered a great choice for both men and women and this tattoo can be styled with different colors also.

  • Best For: This feather tattoo is a symbol of the tribal heritage and culture. For those who want to trace themselves to their ethnicity, nothing can beat the creativity of this design. The feathers represent the blood of the native Americans!
  • Preferable Ink: While black is the chosen color for background, the feathers can be done in multiple colors for an aesthetic look.
  • Where: You can get this done around the arm to make it look like a Boho inspired arm band.
  • Size: If you want to make a bold and loud statement about the pride with which you carry the legacy, go for a larger sized band.
  • Skin Tone: This looks stunning on people with dusky to fair skin.

4. Tribal Cross Armband Tattoo Designs:


These tattoos originate with Native Americans but it depicts the culture of the particular tribe. Each member of the tribe would be inked with identical tattoos to indicate their familial origins. But now it seems that people choose these types of tattoos so that they can look cool, without paying much importance to the deeper meaning of that design which they have styled on their armband. But actually these tattoos represent strength, love, peace, wisdom, love and family. This is one of the most popular armband tattoo designs for men with dare.

  • Best For: This tribal tattoo represent the inner strength and valour of the person. People who have good mental and physical strength and who can strike a good balance between love, war and everything else choose this insightful tattoo.
  • Preferable Ink: This tattoo is preferably done in blue, red and black colors.
  • Where: A well-toned arm is the perfect place to get this tattoo done.
  • Size: This is usually preferred in medium size. However, people with larger biceps can up the size of their tattoo to make it look bold and beautiful.
  • Skin Tone: From medium skin to fair tone, this tattoo suits most people.

5. Rose Thorn Armband Tattoos:

 Rose Thorn Armband Tattoos

Rose Thorn Armband Tattoos are creative and colorful. Simple yet beautiful, it consists of a rose surrounded with thorns. Red is mostly used, although several other others can also be chosen from. Rose tattoos are prevalent for their rich symbolic meaning as well for beauty. The meaning of rose varies by colors. Red represents love, beauty, romance while yellow express joy and friendship and black rose symbolizes death and passing away. This design is very common among both men and women folk. This is very best armband tattoo design for women with love.

  • Best For: This tattoo represents the bitter sweet emotions of love and loss. While the roses represent love and hope, the thorn represents agony and death. You can use this tattoo when you feel that your love has been betrayed by someone.
  • Preferable Ink: This tattoo is preferably done in red and black colors.
  • Where: These preferable places to get this tattoo done are arms and shoulders.
  • Size: You can opt anywhere between small to medium sized designs to suit the width of your arm.
  • Skin Tone: If you are medium toned have fair skin, this tattoo looks amazing on you.

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6. Aztec Armband Tattoo Design:

Aztec Armband Tattoos

Aztec Tattoos comes from the ancient tribes named Aztec who were known for their tattooing skills. Their tattoos are usually related to weather, fertility and creativity. Other symbols could also be sun and moon tattoos, cross and eagles which signify the strength of a warrior. The Aztec calendar and princesses also fall under this list. Aztec Armband Tattoos make a very interesting category under various tattoos designed and have been appreciated by many till date.

  • Best For: This is best for those who believe in God. Aztec tattoos are done to honour the Aztec God and to make people believe that his divine power is always protecting us.
  • Preferable Ink: This tattoo is preferably done in black color
  • Where: Arms are the perfect places to get these tattoos done.
  • Size: You can try experimenting with a medium to large sized design based on your arm size.
  • Skin Tone: This best suits fair skinned people. However, medium skinned people can effortlessly carry this design.

7. Polynesian Armband Tattoos:

Polynesian Armband Tattoos

Polynesian Tattoo designs are beautiful and attractive. They represent the customs and culture of Polynesia and are becoming more and more popular with time. They follow a very painful process of inscribing and have been very well incorporated in modern designs. Polynesian tattoos mainly symbolise strength and valour of the warriors. These patterns have different geometrical shapes and based on the part on which they are etched, these tattoos have a different meaning.

  • Best For:Polynesian tattoos are mainly used for expressing one’s strength and warrior qualities. They also indicate leadership qualities.
  • Preferable Ink: This tattoo is preferably done in black color
  • Where: You can get them done on arms, knees and ankles.
  • Size: Polynesian tattoos are generally medium sized
  • Skin Tone: Suits medium to fair skin tone.

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8. Flower And Vine Armband Tattoo Designs:

Flower And Vine Tattoos

Flower and vine Armband Tattoo designs are a very simple style of tattoos. They are popular and consist of simple flowers surrounded by vines. They are attractive and contain several trendy designs to choose from. These tattoos hold a symbolic importance to the one who wears because of its rich history of symbolism. These designs depict power, strength, friendship and good luck also. Mostly women prefer small armband tattoos in the flower and vine designs.

  • Best For: Flower and vine tattoos are best for people who believe in the power of love and relationships. They symbolize lifelong commitment to their family or people of importance.
  • Preferable Ink: While black is the best color, you can also get them done in red and green.
  • Where: Arms are the best place for getting these tattoos done.
  • Size: Small to medium sized vines look perfect on arms.
  • Skin Tone: Dusky to fair skin tone.

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9. Barbed Wire Armband Tattoo Design:

Barbed Wire Armband Tattoos

Barbed Wire Armband Tattoos have been liked by both men and women. They are a popular choice and come from poison culture which was later taken up by the Latinos who lived in Southern California. All of them stand as a symbol of security, preservation and of prohibiting a passage. Barbed wires also represent the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and have religious symbolism as well. It also means that one believes in the power of the almighty. Barbed armband tattoos for female often come in small sizes.

  • Best For: Barbed wire tattoos are best for those who believe in the divine power of God. The design also indicates that you are a private person and wish to fence and protect your loved ones.
  • Preferable Ink: Black the best color for Barbed wires.
  • Where: There is no better place than your arms to get this tattoo done.
  • Size: Small and medium sized tattoos are best for your arms
  • Skin Tone: Dusky to fair skin tone.

10. Native American Armband Tattoo Designs:


This tattoo is in the form of rope tied around the arms. This rope mostly consists of beads and couple of feathers hanging from it. Even you can design some pictures like a bull skull, a dream catcher and other miniature in these tattoos to give a fire look to this tattoo. This design of the tattoo is associated with the Native American culture. It also holds importance in representation of the Native American pride.

  • Best For: This is best for people who like to proudly show off their native culture and heritage. It is a way to eternalise your Native American bloodline.
  • Preferable Ink: You can use multi colors for getting this tattoo
  • Where: Arms are the best spots for etching the tattoo
  • Size: Small and medium sized tattoos are best suited for your arms
  • Skin Tone: Medium tone to fair skin tone.

11. Swirls And Stars Armband Tattoos:

These swirls and stars types of armband tattoo designs are very popular in men’s. These tattoos may appear small but it carries a great idea with meaning are much loved by most people. It stands for truth, spirit, hope and for religion also. As stars are known to emit light in universe where ever there is darkness, seems to guide you through unknown paths of life. These tattoo designs require lots of skill to get it designed as with stars you have to join several individual tattoos in a way that will make them look like a continuous design. If possible it should be pictured by a skilled artist only to give an excellent and unique armband tattoo.

  • Best For: These tattoos are preferred by people, particularly by men who love to be centered with their loved ones. They also symbolise positivity and hope.
  • Preferable Ink: While black looks best, you can even add a pop of color
  • Where: Arms are the best places for this tattoo
  • Size: Small and medium sized tattoos are most preferred
  • Skin Tone: Medium brown tone to fair skin tone.

12. Tribal Armband Tattoo Design:

 Tribal Armband Tattoos

Tribal Armband Tattoos have been very popular among people from different cultures and regions for hundreds and hundreds of years. People like to wear it mostly because it represents a society or culture or civilization which gives it an ethnic look. These tattoos are inspired from the designs of the traditional tribal arts, which largely symbolize strength, valor and leadership qualities. Tribal patterns are one of the best armband tattoo designs for guys and come in a number of designs based on your requirement.

  • Best For: Tribal tattoos are best for people who believe in their inner strength and wish to show the world that they are born leaders.
  • Preferable Ink: There is no better color than black, although some people also add dark green.
  • Where: Arms are the most preferred places
  • Size: Small and medium sized tattoos are desirable
  • Skin Tone: Medium tone to fair skin tone.

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13. Hawaiian Armband Tattoos:

Hawaiian Armband Tattoos

Hawaiian Armband Tattoos are probably the latest and best tattoos to be found. It represents the Hawaiian culture and usually consists of Hawaii’s flora and fauna such as orchids, dolphins, turtles and many others. It really looks stylish and trendy on one’s arms and gives them a classy look. These tattoos also symbolise celebrations, strength and chieftain qualities. They are usually done in honor of the rich cultural and natural beauty of the Hawaiian islands.

  • Best For:These are best for people who love Hawaii and wish to take back memories from this beautiful place.
  • Preferable Ink: Black is the best color.
  • Where: Well-tones Arms are the most preferred places
  • Size: Small to medium sized tattoos look good on arms
  • Skin Tone: Dusky tone to fair skin tone.

14. Names Designed On Armband:

Name tattoos are highly sought by both men and women. These name tattoo designs reflects the name of person who is close to your heart. So before deciding the name take lot of time that whose name to get it ink. This is because the name of letters to use can make the name more or less legible to read. Styling the name of armband is the best place thus place is easily visible and your emotions can be expressed easily.

  • Best For: If you love someone deeply, there is no better way to say it aloud than getting a name tattoo done on your arms.
  • Preferable Ink: Black is the most popular color to make the names look bold and visible.
  • Where: Arms are the most preferred places, while some people prefer ankles also
  • Size: Medium sized armbands look great
  • Skin Tone: It best suits fair skinned people

15. Celtic Armband Tattoo Designs:

Celtic Armband Tattoos

Celtic Armband Tattoos are known to exemplify the art and life of the Celtic people. Looking back into history, Celtic Tattoos were used during the war periods in order to appeal the enemies. Each tattoo carries an important meaning. Women also wear this tattoo with a combination of feminine symbols such as hearts and flowers. Celtic knots also represent the endlessness of the Universe. Just like the Celtic knot which has no beginning or ending, the tattoo symbolizes endless love, relationship and trust to someone

  • Best For: They are best for people who believe in the interconnection of life with the universe. Also preferred by people who like to declare their endless love, loyalty and trust to someone
  • Preferable Ink: Black is used for drawing the knots, while you can use colors like red, blue to highlight the background.
  • Where: Best done on your arms.
  • Size: Medium sized armbands are preferable.
  • Skin Tone: Best for light skinned people.

16. Geometric Armband Tattoo:

Geometric Armband Tattoo

Geometric armband tattoo designs are best known for the love of symmetry. These tattoos have been in existence about 2000 years back and were first found on the people of Micronesian islands. Geometric tattoos represent the zeal to achieve perfection and expertise in life. These tattoos are extremely difficult to make as even a small deviation can result in a flawed tattoo design. Geometric tattoos are usually done in black, but one can add a pop of color to it. They are associated with the elements of nature which are in perfect symmetry with each other.

  • Best For: These tattoos are perfect for people with an eye for detail and who wish to achieve perfection in anything they do
  • Preferable Ink: Black is the best color, but you also add a hint of other colors.
  • Where: Arms, elbows and wrists are the best places.
  • Size: Depending on the place, you can choose between small to medium sized tattoos.
  • Skin Tone: Suits best for light skinned people.

17. 3D Armband Tattoo Design:

3D armband tattoo designs are extremely difficult to etch and need skill and expertise. These tattoos are life like and blur the line between real and virtual. 3D designs are preferred by people who want something unique on their bodies. They are so real that one might wonder if they suddenly take a breath of life and come alive. From eyes to wolves, 3D designs are every creative and each one is a masterpiece on its own. They are preferably done on arms and biceps, which are the best places to flaunt these pieces of art.

  • Best For: 3D tattoos are preferred by people who like to add a touch of realism in everything. These people are practical and understand the reality of life.
  • Preferable Ink: 3D art is done in a variety of colors to bring the art to life.
  • Where: Biceps are the best places to add a touch of drama to your body
  • Size: 3D designs are usually medium to large sized.
  • Skin Tone: They are best visible on fair skinned people.

18. Forearm band Tattoo:


Forearms bands are another popular way of using armband tattoos. These tattoos are usually simple, minimalistic, but have deeper meanings. They are often made in geometric patterns, thick black lines or tribal patterns. Forearm tattoos are mainly preferred by people who want to try something bold and who is not afraid of their decisions. They symbolize pride, self-confidence and modernistic ideologies. Forearms tattoos are usually done by men who have larger forearms, but is also popular with many women.

  • Best For: These designs are best for people who are not afraid to take their decisions and never regret for anything in life.
  • Preferable Ink: Forearm designs are done in black.
  • Where: Forearms are the best places, as the name suggests.
  • Size: They are minimal and come in small to medium sizes
  • Skin Tone: Best done on fair skin tone.

We hope this article helped you gather a few ideas on armband tattoos. Before zeroing in on a specific design, you need to first understand the purpose of getting a tattoo done. Remember that tattoos are forever and is difficult to reverse. So, you need to really put your thoughts together to understand why you need a specific design. Whether it is the memory of a recent holiday or the memory of your loves one, these armband tattoo designs have deeper meanings. So Folks, it’s time to immortalize your feelings through art on your body!