21 Best Homemade Beauty Tips For Lips Care

Who doesn’t want light toned and pinkish lips? All of us do. But many of us cannot get rid of some bad habits like smoking or taking in lots of caffeine and these results in darker lips. This is the main reason to get bad and vulgar lips. If you want beautiful and healthy lips you have to follow some beauty tips for lips care.

beauty tips for lips

Best Natural Homemade Beauty Tips For Lips Care:

If you want softer and lighter lips then we have to follow the below homemade and natural best beauty tips for lips care that you can try out.

1. Stop The Smoking:

Smoking lips

If you smoke then you will get dark lips and you cannot blame anyone for that. You need to ditch the nicotine if you want lighter lips. If you already have darkened your lips by smoking cigarettes then you can try homemade scrubs to get rid of it slowly but at the same time you should not start your smoking again.

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2. Scrubs Care For Lips:

Apply cream lips

Lips need scrubbing too. The dead and decaying lip skin cells should be scrubbed on a regular basis and this will help you keep your lips soft and smooth. This is especially important if you have dark lip color. You can try homemade honey lemon sugar scrub or you can try scrubbing your lips with a moistened toothbrush and some lip balm. All these work well and you need to do these on a follow up basis to get softer lips.

3. Keep Your Lips Chap Free:

Lipstick LOnger

The only way that you can keep your lips chap free is to keep it moisturized. To keep your lips moisturized, you need to invest in a good lip balm which contains jojoba oil, Shea butter and olive oil. All these are good for keeping the skin of the lips soft. You can also try using almond oil and jojoba oil on your lips before going to bed at night and this will also penetrate deep into your lips’ skin and give you softer and moisturized lips with regular follow up. This is one of the best and simple lip care tips.

4. Drink Lots Of Water:

water lips

Water helps to keep the body hydrated. This also helps keep your lips moisturized naturally and keeps them from getting dry or chapped. Plenty of water is most useful lip car tip.

5. Intake Less Caffeine:

Caffeiene less

The less you drink tea or coffee the lesser your lips will get dark. It is not good to totally avoid drinking these because these do provide antioxidant boost to the body. However, you should always consume tea or coffee in fewer amounts. This helps you to boost the antioxidant, keep you fresh but also not darken the lips. If you drink too much of tea or coffee not just your lips but also your teeth will get stained over time. This is one of the other simplest beauty tips for lip care.

6. Lessen Sun Exposure:

lip care dry

The UVA and UVB Rays can darken your lips. It is best to avoid as much exposure to the sun as possible if you are not using any lip balm which comes with an SPF Shield. These days you get UVA and UVB sun shield lip balms. You can invest in one of those if you have darker lips.

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7. Lessen Use Of Cosmetics:

Lessen use of cosmetics

You need to cut down on the use of dark lipstick colors. Darker lipsticks make your skin darker. So if you apply these too much on your lips then overtime, your lips will become dark as well. This simple lip car beauty tip will keep you happy with lustrous lips.

8. Use Natural Oils To Remove Lip Makeup:

natural oils use

You can remove your makeup from your lips by using some natural and herbal oils. Instead of using any makeup remover, you can cleanse your lipstick from your lips using almond or jojoba oil. This will soften your lips and also keep your lips lighter in color. It is one of the most useful beauty tips for lips care.

9. Don’t Bite Your Lips:

Licking Lips

Some people have the habit of biting their lips. It actually makes your lips more chapped and dehydrated. This is something we usually do when we feel that our lips are feeling dry. You should use a lip balm for all those times instead of trying to bite your lips or sucking them to hydrate them with your saliva.

10. Healthy Diet:

Healthy diet lips

A good nutrient rich diet helps you keep your lips in good condition. Lots of fruits, fresh leafy vegetables and proteins should be included in one’s diet and this will give you good skin from within. Healthy diet is one out of the most helpful lip care beauty tips.

11. Stay Away From Chlorinated Water:

chlorinated water

Chlorinated water can make your lips darker in color. You should only drink water from a water purifier which gets rid of chlorinated water to a maximum possible extent.

12. Apply Natural Lip Moisturizers:

natural lip moisturizer

You can apply natural lip moisturizers like those made by mixing a tbsp of honey and jojoba oil. You can also use a mixture of almond oil and jojoba oil. You can try permutations and combinations of these ingredients and you can also add a little bit of Shea butter to it. This should be applied every day before going to bed. Proper follow up can lead to softer lips and your darker lip color will become lighter over time.

13. Lighten Lips With Natural Bleach:


Good natural bleach is the lemon juice. You can apply this to your lips after scrubbing them a bit. Lemon juice can also hurt your lips and you will feel the tingling sensation or the burning sensation when you apply this on cracked lips. Make sure you don’t scrub your lips too much otherwise applying lemon juice can be a painful. You can also apply cucumber juice to your lips or tomato juice. These don’t hurt or burn your lips even if they are chapped or cracked. You can also use sour curd on your lips by taking a bit of it on a cotton ball.

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14. Concealer:


A concealer can help your lips get a lighter shade and it can also help you smoothen out any uneven cracked surface of your lips. You can apply a bit of concealer on your lips before applying lipstick. This is very effective lip care tip for beautifying your lips and which is very simple to follow also.

15. Nude Pencil:

Nude pencil

If you have thin lips, you can try a makeup trick which can make your lips look fuller. Go for a nude or skin tone lip pencil and line your lips. Now use normal lip color pencil and line outside this skin tone line. This will make your lips fuller if they are thin.

16. Exfoliation:

Daily exfoliation is a necessity to maintain the beauty of your lips. A little amount of Vaseline or any petroleum jelly can be used on the lips daily and is one of the easiest lip care tips that can be followed without any hassle.

17. Some Other Natural Remedies:

Application of almond oil on your lips just before going to bed lightens the lips, and as a result the discoloration is reduced providing natural beauty to the lips. A mixture of lemon/lime juice or cucumber juice can also be used for the same purpose.

18. Stay Away From Dark Colors:

In order to avoid pigmented lips, one should avoid dark and pigmented lipsticks as they fade away the natural pinkness of the lips. Soft colors should be used, and special care should be taken about the brand that is being used, as the lipsticks may contain harmful chemicals which may damage the lips forever.

19. Rose Petals For Soft Pink Lips:

This is one of the many homemade beauty tips for lips. Add a little honey to some crushed rose petals. Some milk can also be added in case the lips are pigmented. Apply this mixture for 10-15 minutes on your lips. Later wipe it with a damp cotton swab and apply lip balm to maintain the moisture content of the lips. The regular use of this is extremely beneficial to maintain the pinkish tint and softness of your lips.

20. Use Pomegranate Seeds And Milk Cream:

If you want to be free of those shady lips to get pink good-looping ones, then no remedy can be better than pomegranate seeds. Mash the pomegranate seeds and prepare a suspension with milk cream. If you apply this on your lips on a regular basis, results will be visible within no time.Moreover there are no side effects as it is one of the natural beauty tips for lips.

21. Remove Makeup Before Sleeping:

Another big reason that many have tedious lips that they don’t remove their makeup before going to bed. Rubbing your lips with olive oil or almond oil right before going to sleep can help you get natural glowing pink lips.

Your lips are one of the most visible features about your body. Follow these really hassle-free tips to retain that youthful pinkness and the softness of your lips forever.