5 Best Benefits of Using Fish Oil for Hair Growth!

Fish oil is one of the highest-selling food supplements in the world, highly recommended by doctors for its content of omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids benefit the body in various ways by nourishing and regulating the way the organs function. Using fish oil for hair growth is also found to be very beneficial due to its nutritional value.

How To Use Fish Oil For Hair Growth

Fish oil comprises omega-3 fatty acids and is extracted from the tissues of certain oily fishes like tuna, salmon, mackerel, etc. Omega-3 fats are highly beneficial for heart health, skin disease, mental health conditions, bone health, etc. There are very many benefits of using fish oil on hair as well, especially in promoting hair growth and improving hair health.

Is Fish Oil Good for Hair Loss?

Hair loss is common these days due to high pollution, unhealthy foods, improper lifestyles, and climatic conditions, and using fish oil for hair loss treatment is found to be very effective. Fish oil contains omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids, proteins, vitamins, and essential fats, and nutrients that nourish the scalp and hair follicles and prevent hair fall considerably. It also helps in controlling inflammation on the scalp and dryness that cause hair loss. Thus, regular consumption of fish oil for hair fall control would give significant results.

Benefits of Fish Oil for Hair:

Let us look at the various fish oil benefits for hair,

1. Boosts Hair Growth:

Using fish oil for hair growth is very beneficial, as the essential proteins, fatty acids, vitamins, and omega-3s present in fish oil help in nourishing the scalp and hair follicles, and boosting hair growth significantly. The essential proteins help in strengthening the hair fibres and roots and preventing hair breakage and loss.

2. Improving Circulation in The Scalp:

One of the best fish oil uses for hair is improving scalp health. The omega-3 fats in fish oil greatly benefit the scalp by improving the blood circulation and providing essential nutrients to the scalp cells. Good circulation helps in expanding hair follicles and stimulating better hair cells production.

3. Reducing Inflammation:

Fish oil benefits hair loss problem very efficiently. Fish oil has properties that help reduce inflammation on the scalp and hair follicles that may cause hair loss or hair damage. Inflammation is also one of the many reasons for hair loss and alopecia.

4. Moisturizing and Conditioning:

Consuming fish oil for healthy hair gives great benefits, as it is full of essential fats that help in providing essential conditioning to the scalp and hair strands. These fats help in eliminating conditions like dry scalp, flaky scalp, dandruff, etc. by maintaining the right balance of oils on the scalp.

5. Healthy Beautiful Hair:

The omega-3 fatty acids and other nutrients in fish oil help in the development of shiny and lustrous hair. Using fish oil for hair thickness gives very effective results as omega-3s improve the density and volume of the hair very well. It also makes the hair look healthy and vibrant.

How to Use Fish Oil to Promote Hair Growth:

Though omega-3 fats are essential fats for maintaining and supporting body health, the human body does not generate omega-3 fats on its own, so we have to rely on external sources like fish oil or other plant bases. With proven results of benefit to heart, skin, and other organs, fish oil is good for hair growth as well. Consuming fish oil has also shown significant improvement in stimulating the scalp and hair follicles for hair growth. Let us look at the various ways of using fish oil for hair.

1. Including in Regular Diet:

One of the best ways of consuming fish oil is including in our regular diet. Fish oil is the fat extracted from the tissues of oily fish like herring, tuna, salmon, mackerel, etc. These fish have high contents of omega-3 fatty acids in them, and consuming these fish at least thrice a week has shown significant improvement in overall health. Consuming fish oil for hair regrowth has shown considerable results due to its scalp nourishing and stimulating properties.

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2. Fish Oil Supplements for Hair:

Another easiest way of consuming omega-3 fatty acids is by taking fish oil supplements. Fish oil supplements have a big market with different brands in play catering to the different needs of the customer. Consuming fish oil pills for hair growth is very beneficial as it helps to boost blood circulation and strengthen the roots and hair. Up to 5000 mg of omega-3 fatty acids, the supplement can be safely consumed per day.

3. Fish Oil Capsules for Hair Growth:

Topical application of fish oil capsules for hair growth has shown significant results. The essential oils present in fish oil nourish the roots and hair follicles and aid in hair growth. For the topical application of fish oil, follow the below method,

  • Take two capsules of fish oil and extract oil from it.
  • Add four tablespoons of olive oil to fish oil and mix well.
  • Apply this mixture to the scalp thoroughly by gently massaging.
  • Wash off after two hours with a mild shampoo.

Fish oil capsules benefits for hair also include adding smoothness, lustre and shine to the hair, making it look glossy and healthy.

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4. Omega 3 Fish Oil for Hair:

The healthiest and tastiest way of consuming omega three fish oil for hair is by adding fish oil to our regular smoothies, juices, and soups. Fish oil has an unpleasant smell that may make many of us nauseous. By adding fish oil to other foods helps in reducing the smell very much. Fish oil vitamins for hair and body are essential as they greatly help in enhancing the functionality of the organs of the body, including the scalp and hair follicles.

Some Additional Benefits of Fish Oil and Precautions:

Let us look at some additional benefits of Fish Oil,

  1. Fish Oil benefits the body in numerous ways. Regular consumption of fish oil is found to significantly improve heart health, reduce triglycerides levels, and treat inflammatory bone conditions like arthritis and other chronic conditions.
  2. Fish oil is also very effective in balancing the natural oils on the scalp and providing sufficient hydration to the hair strands. The fat in fish oil is to improve the elasticity of the hair fibers and greatly reduce hair breakage.

Even though fish oil has a great many benefits, there are certain precautions to be taken while consuming it:

  1. It is advisable to check with a medical doctor always before including any food supplements in your diet. This is applicable to fish oil as well. It is important to get the suitable dosage and usage of fish oil depending on your body condition, health conditions, usage of medications, daily regimen, etc.
  2. Fish oil can give mild side effects at the beginning, like nausea, indigestion, diarrhoea, headaches, rash, etc. Though these side effects are normal, it is always advisable to consult a doctor if symptoms persist or increase.
  3.  Fish oil has a very offensive smell. Most people avoid the topical application of fish oil due to its smell. So, you must use it with caution if you have to be around people.
  4. Always consume fish oil as per the limits of consumption, as excessive consumption of fish oil is known to give some side effects.

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Fish oil is the only meat-based source of the rare omega-3 fatty acids; these essential fats are found to be one of the best hair care therapies around. Fish oil benefits for hair growth and body are too many to brush off this superfood from our daily consumption. It is advised for people with high LDL cholesterol levels and diabetes to consult a doctor before consuming fish oil. If fish oil is not suitable for your body, you can always opt for vegetarian sources of omega-3s like walnuts, chia seeds, flaxseeds, etc.