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5 Best Homemade Skin Tightening Face Masks You Should Follow

Ageing is an age-old natural process, you can’t avoid it. Crow’s feet/ laughing lines, pigmentation and sagging skin of face and neck start showing with time. It can be depressing when telltale signs of fading years start reflecting in the mirror. You miss your young supple glowing skin. That’s the time you start looking for rejuvenating creams and face masks to give you a facelift. Don’t panic, take a deep breath and look around in your kitchen, the best ingredients for a face mask to tighten facial skin naturally are within your reach to moisturize and revitalize your skin.

Skin Tightening Face Masks:

Let’s find here with mentioned top 5 natural face tightening mask list to try at home.

1. Oats, Honey, Gram Flour Skin Tightening Face Pack:

Oats, Honey, Gram Flour Skin Tightening Face Pack


Spoon of gram flour/ oats/honey and rose water.


Grind the oats into little powdery form. Then add a spoon of gram flour to the powdered oats and mix them. Add a spoon of honey to the mixture and blend it well. The consistency of the paste would be thick, so add rose water to get it to the thickness of medium consistency. The pack is ready to be applied. Wash your face, apply it and leave it for 15 minutes. Wash off the pack and pat dry with a towel.


Gram flour is beneficial for tan removal n acne treatment, exfoliating dead skin. Oat has rich antioxidants and is effective in soothing sunburns. Skin becomes smooth and oil-free, pore size is reduced. People with dry skin can add a little bit of curd to the pack, to avoid a dry, stretchy feel. This tightening face pack home remedy is best for oily/dry skin types.

2. Egg white, Honey and Fullers Earth/Flour Skin Tightening Face Pack:

Egg white, Honey and Fullers Earth/Flour Skin Tightening Face Pack


Honey, flour (for normal skin)/ fullers earth (Multanimitti) and glycerin in case you have dry skin.


Break the eggshell and separate the white part, keep in a bowl and add other gradients to it. You have a choice to take flour or fullers earth, either one can be used. If your skin is dry, then add few drops of glycerin to this mixture. Before applying it cleans your face then applies all over your face and neck. Leave it for 15-20 minutes, and then remove it with lukewarm water.


Fullers earth gives a cooling effect and removes away the oil from the skin. Using Multanimitti/fullers earth can cause slight tingling sensation which is completely normal. People who have dry skin should use flour along with glycerin. Fuller’s earth gives a cooling effect to the skin and removes blemishes and lightens the skin. Try this amazing face tightening face pack for normal/dry skins.

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3. Cabbage, Mint, Milk Creme Skin Tightening Face Pack for Dry Skin:

Cabbage, Mint,Milk Creme Skin Tightening Face Mask for Dry Skin


1 teaspoon of cabbage paste, ½ teaspoon mint powder, 2 teaspoons of milk cream, 2 drops of honey.


First, take ready-made mint powder available in the market or take 10-12 fresh mint leaves, wash them and leave them in sunlight to dry. Crush fully dried leaves and make a powder out of it. Secondly, take cabbage, wash it, chop them finely and make a paste out of it. Take 1 teaspoon of cabbage paste, ½ teaspoon of mint powder and 2 teaspoons of milk cream in a bowl and mix them well. Spread it all over the face leaving the eye and lip area. Remove it after 20-25 minutes, dry your face.


Mint leaves deep cleanse the skin and give a cooling effect. The cream provides essential moisture and hydrates the skin. Cabbage is the magic ingredient of this face pack because it is full of vitamin A, B, C, K and P. It contains an amazing antioxidant to tighten the skin. Try this best face tightening mask for normal skin textures.

4. Lemon, Honey, Egg white Skin Tightening Face Mask for Combination Skin:

Lemon, Honey, Egg white Skin Tightening Face Mask for Combination Skin


1 teaspoon egg white, 2-3 drops of honey, 3-4 drops of lemon.


Crack an egg and separate the white portion in a bowl and beat it well. Add honey and lemon juice to it and mix it well. Cleanse your face of dirt and oil before applying the mix. Leave it for 15-20 minutes and wash it with lukewarm water.


Egg white is a remarkable ingredient of this face pack for tightening and toning the skin because it contains albumin, a simple form of protein that helps tighten pores and clear blackheads. Ascorbic acid in the lemon lightens the skin tone. Honey is antibacterial, good for acne treatment n prevention. It also has antioxidants and is a natural moisturizer. This skin tightening face pack home remedy is best suited for people with combination skin.

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5. Fullers Earth, Tomato n Lime Juice Skin Tightening Face Mask:


One tablespoon each of tomato juice and Fullers earth (MultaniMitti), Half tablespoon lime juice.


Grate or churn it in a mixer a tomato to make a pulp to take out the juice. Cut a lime and squeeze the lime juice. Add both the ingredients in a bowl and put fullers earth and mix it well. Make sure there are no lumps in the mixture. Wash your face and apply this paste well all over the face, leaving the delicate areas around your eyes n lips. Wait for 10-15 minutes and gently wash it and pat dry your face and apply a moisturizer.


Fullers’ earth is nature’s wonder for oily n greasy skin types. It tightens the pores, reduces the possibility of blackheads and white heads. Tomato juice is beneficial for balancing the pH, treating the sunburns and other random skin ailments. Lemon juice checks the excess oil formation and is a natural skin whitener lightens the blemishes. This is the best face mask to tighten skin which is oily.

Natural contents are a God’s gift to us in dealing with all kinds of skin ailments. So, to age gracefully, a lady just has to look around in her kitchen cabinet and perfect skin care ingredients are at an arms distance. A good facial mask helps to draw out impurities that hide beneath the top layers of skin. It not only lifts your spirit but stimulates your senses.

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