5 Reasons to Stop Tanning

5 Reasons to Stop Tanning

Most women would do anything to maintain their tan as a tanned skin is considered by most people more attractive. You ask yourself why? Its probably a personal preference but if you are a person who loves tanning, especially artificial tanning you should take a glimpse at the following reasons to stop tanning. There has always been a battle between the pros and cons of artificial tanning but do try to decide for yourself.

It is a well known fact that natural beauty cannot be topped and that there are a variety of ways, healthier ways to enhance your natural beauty, so here are some of the most important reasons to stop tanning and promote your natural beauty:

1.Ultraviolet rays are known to cause skin cancer so this should definitely be the first reason to determine you to stop tanning. Each time you tan you increase your chances of developing skin cancer and this is something everyone wants to avoid. Cancer is a treatable disease in most cases with the condition that it is discovered at an early stage.

5 Reasons to Stop Tanning

2.A tan doesn’t last long so you will have to constantly go to a tanning salon to maintain your tan, meaning you will expose your body regularly to the UV rays you should be avoiding in the first place.

3.Tanning might make you addicted as you get used to the color of your skin and you’ll keep trying to maintain a skin coloration that is actually not your natural skin coloration. This will only make you expose yourself to the harmful UV rays more.

4.Tanning costs and if you add all the tanning sessions you’ve had, you might be surprised, but not in a pleasant way. This means you pay money to expose yourself to danger. Why not turn to organic spray tan instead as it is healthier anyway if you just can’t give up your tan?!

5.Tanning can lead to premature aging skin and this is something most women would give anything to prevent. The UV rays can dry the skin and cause it to loose its elasticity. This eventually leads to wrinkles and sagging skin, which is not ideal especially if you’re relatively young.

Why not try to spend your time more effectively and save the money spent on a tan for something else which makes you happy. Natural beauty will always be appreciated so why not try and feel good in your own skin?