5 Vitamin E Benefits and Side Effects

5 Vitamin E Benefits and Side Effects

Vitamin E is a great antioxidant that can be found in many foods such as cereals, vegetable oils, eggs, fruits or meat. You can also find it in any drug store, where it’s sold as a supplement and has a lot of great benefits for our body.

Vitamin E Benefits: Reduces Scars

One of the best vitamin E benefits for women is helping reducing scars. You should know that vitamin E is a strong antioxidant that helps speed up the scars’ healing process. It will help forming a protective layer that will keep all those free radicals away from your scar. This way, your scars will heal faster and you’ll get to enjoy one of the greatest vitamin E benefits for women.

5 Vitamin E Benefits and Side Effects

Vitamin E Benefits: Prevents Wrinkles

When it comes to vitamin E benefits for skin, you should know that this vitamin will help you both prevent and treat wrinkles. The first place where wrinkles show up is the sensitive skin underneath our eyes. That’s why we’d suggest enjoying one of the best vitamin E benefits for skin: apply some vitamin E underneath your eyes and observe how its emollient properties help your skin regenerate. Moreover, it will also increase collagen production, so your skin will feel rejuvenated.

Vitamin E Benefits: Stimulates Hair Growth

We also recommend using it for your hair because there are a lot of vitamin E benefits for hair. And we can include amongst them hair growth stimulation. This vitamin’s antioxidants will improve your immune system and increase blood circulation to all your body parts, your scalp included. So this healthy blood supply to your scalp will help your hair grow longer and faster.

Vitamin E Side Effect: Blurred Vision

This is probably one of the most common side effects of vitamin E, especially if you’re consuming more than 300 units daily. If you happen to encounter this type of side effects, we recommend seeing a specialist that will guide you in the good direction and will indicate what treatment to take in order to get rid of this bothering effect.

5 Vitamin E Benefits and Side Effects

Other Side Effects of Taking Vitamin E

There are also other side effects of taking vitamin E that might occur if you increase the daily dosage. We’d like to include in this list dizziness, headaches, nausea, diarrhea or unusual weakness. We recommend consulting a specialist before starting a Vitamin E cure, this way you’ll prevent all those possible side effects.

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