7 Best Bridal Bun Hairstyles

What more can be a special day than to be a bride. What makes this day more special is that you just cannot stop looking and admiring at yourself as you have done a lot of homework to be and to look what you will look. What becomes important is that how confident you are with what you are wearing as all the eyes will be on you.

bridal bun hairstyles

So your clothes, jewellery, accessories and your hair- all do the wonders and all have to be perfect. Here we discuss on some hairstyles for brides which provides not only the comfort but also provides the beauty to enhance your look. Watch out for the simple videos below to decide on your own hairdo for your special day.

Top Videos Of Bridal Bun Hairstyles:

For that Asian bridal bun you need a medium length hair. Thick hair can do wonders to this hairstyle. Accessorize your hair with flowers and broach if you are not using dupatta right over your bun. Even if you are using a dupatta and the same is transparent, you can use a broach as that will be visible through the see through dupatta.

Styling the bridal bun can be as easy and simple as this one. If you have natural black, long thick hair then this style will be very graceful. Accessorising it with a veil or a broach or both will be justa perfect look. This will suit whether you have a long or a short face.

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A simple Indian bun never goes out of fashion. Even if you have long hair, use of extensions make it look more elegant and makes the bride look long as most of the indian brides are short in height. You may accessorise it with flowers ormaangtika or even crystals and broach.

Hair Style with Side buns also go well with a bride on her wedding day. Even if you have thin hair but soft and curly this may be your choice whether you have a round or long face or black or blonde hair color. If you do not have natural curls, you can use curl irons. However you need to feel more confident with this side bun as this is not very common.

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For a medium long hair this wedding prom updo is the most elegant style. If you already have thick hair you may not use extensions. Accessorise your bun with a broach or an orchid.If you have a sort height you must go for this as this updo will also make your face look long and make you look tall.

This formal bun updo can go for a formal party or a wedding or just about anything. You really do not need a stylist for this. This can be a very good idea for the summers. This is easy to do it even by yourself. You need to secure your base well and then you may be your own stylist.

Indian bridal bun for a medium length hair. If you want you can also use extensions. Accessorise it well with a stone studded pin or a broach so that even if you have dupatta over your bun it is visible. You can also accessorise it with red roses or even orchid to match your wedding dress.

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