8 Best Bang Hairstyles for your Face Shape

A blunt bob might suit your best friend well but that doesn’t necessarily mean it would suit your face as well. If long flowing locks is your thing, this doesn’t mean it would suit your mother too and hence goes the list. We all are born with different styles and types of hair and it is here that we need to match our face shapes with the best hairstyles. Just like the hair, different people have different face structures and here is a list of what hairstyle to opt for based on your different face shape.

1. Short And Crisp:

bangs hairstyle for round face

This type of bangs are usually preferred if you have a round or oval face. If the bangs are too short, the roundness of your face would be imminent and more prominent. Whereas short and crisp front bangs would create a fluff on the front that would gel well with the roundness. The same goes for the square faces with a broader temple but make sure you don’t opt for shorter front bangs if you have a broader jaw line.

2. Side Swept Bangs:

bangs hairstyles suit the face2

If you want to opt for side swept front bangs make sure you have a square face. Square face or maybe heart shaped faces are perfect for side swept bangs. In case of a solid heart shaped face, you can opt for a side parting on either side but if you have a square or even a round face, it is better that you opt for a middle parting.

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3. The Front Straight Bangs:

bangs hairstyles suit the face3

The front swept bangs are supposed to fall straight over your forehead and end just above your eyebrows. To sport this look it would be better if you have a proper heart shaped or diamond shaped face. A mean oval face would look good too but try to avoid round or square face types.

4. Long Wavy Front Bangs:

bangs hairstyles suit the face4

If you have a square or round face, you can even work the wavy locks. This hair starts with a side parting and the luscious waves on the front would definitely account for a fuller look. Try to keep the hair fluffed up by using maintaining the waves. This side parted wavy lock would look good with a oval shaped face too but if you have heart or diamond shaped face don’t opt for it.

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5. Long Locks:

bangs hairstyles suit the face5

If you want to opt for long bangs on the front and do not wish to opt for shorter ones, the basic requirement for this would be an oval face. Oval is the best shape to sport a long layered look. Another competitor with the oval shape would be a square or a diamond shaped face. However, if you have too much of a heart shaped face do not partake in longer locks.

6. Messy Layers:

bangs hairstyles suit the face6

Also a heart shaped or a diamond shaped face can be accentuated more by soft curls that are properly brushed to the side. You can always add a little extra help to create more prominent curls which would add volume to your hair and make up for the strict heart shaped face. Oval shapes look good here too.

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7. Go blunt:

bangs hairstyles suit the face7

Often blunt bangs on the front would suit your face if you have an oval or heart shaped face. Even a diamond shape would look good but strictly avoid blunt bangs especially one that comes in the bob if you have a square shaped face.

8. The Front Drapes:

bangs hairstyles suit the face8

This type of front lock will fall carefully around your face and would obliquely start from one end and end where your face meets the neck. The top bangs here are draped across your face so if you have a heart shape or a diamond shape with a long chin you would benefit from this hair.

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