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80s Inspired Makeup Look

80s Inspired Makeup Look

The 80s was an age of over the top makeup. The outfits were big, hairstyles were big, accessories were huge, so there is no wonder makeup also had to be impressive.

Looking back to that era such names come to our minds like Madonna or Cindy Lauper. Women started to wear strong makeup looks, their faces were resembling a painting, rather than having a natural, minimal look. The heavy look brought in by the 70s makeup was continued but in an even more accentuated style. Eyes, cheeks and lips were given a special attention in this decade. Everything was bright and powerful. Ladies of the era had the chance to try their artistic talent, the canvas being their own faces. Read more to find out the chic makeup trend of the 80s.

80s Inspired Makeup Look 80s Inspired Makeup Look 80s Inspired Makeup Look 80s Inspired Makeup Look

Keyword: Bold Eyes

The 80s was a period when women expressed their liberty to do whatever they wanted as far as makeup was concerned. Eyes were really emphatic, ladies were eager to achieve a bold, dramatic look. Applying several layers of eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara were key to obtaining this bold-eye result. Among the most representative eyeshadow colors of that period we can mention electric blue, green, purple or orange.

Tons of eyeshadow were applied to get that dark-eye finish. If we take a look at some twenty year old pictures of women from that era, we can see that they were not afraid to combine more heavy colors, using bright eyeshadow palettes, mainly for the night time parties.

Tip: Define your upper and lower eyelids with black or purple eyeliner. Make them bold, within the limits of tastefulness. Apply lots of bright purple, orange, electric blue or green eyeshadow over the entire eyelid. You can also use two colors at the same time to achieve a trendy, colorful 80s look.

Sculpted Cheeks

Cheeks bones were really accentuated in the 80s. Ladies used pink blushes and bronzers to contour their faces, the heavier the better. These were very popular and absolutely indispensable items in a girl’s makeup bag.

Tip: Sweep the blush onto the apples of your cheeks and contour it by applying bronzer under your cheek bones. Don’t forget: you’re back in the 80s, so make it heavy!

Lips: Go For Red Or Purple

Ladies of the 80s used purple or bright red lipsticks and heavy contours with pride.

Tip: For a fun, party look try a bright red or purple lipstick! Enjoy your new 80s inspired look and feel the glam of this interesting period!

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80s Inspired Makeup Look 80s Inspired Makeup Look 80s Inspired Makeup Look 80s Inspired Makeup Look

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