9 Amazing French Crop Haircuts for Men in 2020

French crop haircuts are nothing but Caesar’s cut. The best thing about cropped hairstyles is that they can instantly fit any type of hair of the face. Thus, the versatility of this hairstyle is very high. This is the reason why this type of haircut is gaining much popularity. Without much time wasting, let’s jump on the list right away.

Best French Crop Haircuts for Men with Images:

Let’s find here with a compiled list of top 9 amazing French crop hairstyles for men.

1. Disconnected French Crop:

Disconnected French Crop

If you’re looking for French crop hairstyle, this haircut will suit you the most. The sides have a disconnected faded cut while the top of the head is styled with moderately long curly hairs that are swept towards the front. This haircut also looks great when you colour it too as well.

2. Crop with Undercut:

Crop with Undercut

This type of French crop men’s hairstyle looks very interesting and stylish as well. This haircut comes with an undercut that runs from the top of the ears to the top. The top of the head is styled with mostly short hair. This cut can also be used by those people who have curly hair. The top appearance can look a bit messy, but still very cool.

3. Crop with Skin Fade:

Crop with Skin Fade

If you want a French crop men type hairstyle, then look no further. The sides of the head have a fade that is low yet they have skin fade. The top of the head has long hair which is shaped really well, with a little messy look. This is definitely the haircut for most teenagers.

4. Blonde Textured Crop:

Blonde Textured Crop

This is really nice looking men’s French crop haircut. This cut looks great on people having blonde coloured hair. This cut features a top hair fully textured, with curls and moderately sized hair. The sides have a very high fade tapering towards the top of the head. This cut really looks great on someone who has a curly hair.

5. Textured Crop with Beard:

Textured Crop with Beard

This is really a very unique looking French crop men’s hairstyle. The sides of the head have hair that runs down its course, while the top has hair that is swept towards the front. Hair is of normal size. The one thing that really increases its looks is when you have a beard. A beard with this haircut really looks dashing.

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6. Crop and Cow-lick:

Crop and Cowlick

If you love the French crop haircut, then this will surely make you happy. This haircut features low fade on the sides, but the top of the head has curly hair that is styled in such a way that it covers a part of the forehead. This style looks best with a beautifully shaped beard.

7. Short Crop Textured:

Short Crop Textured

After looking at French crop haircut pictures you always wanted a cropped haircut, right? Well, now you can. This haircut includes short or low fades on the sides and has short hair on top. The top hair can be a bit messy. This cut looks very cool and stylish yet very simple.

8. Textured Crop Longer Hair:

Textured Crop Longer Hair

If you’re thinking about how to do a French crop haircut, then there’s nothing better than learning how to do this simple cropped hair which is longer. The sides have a low fade, while the top hair is long, textured and are swept towards the front in a different manner. The front looks very clean and eye-catching as well.

9. Textured Crop Low Faded:

Textured Crop Low Faded

This is definitely one of the most popular French crop hairstyles for boys. This haircut includes low faded sides, with normal textured hair on top which is cropped and swept towards the front. The look has a very nice teen feel to it and is absolutely great for boys.

Therefore, it should be clear to us by now that most cropped hairstyles look almost the same with very minor differences. And these differences are so small that you need someone to guide you, otherwise, you’ll choose the wrong one.

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