9 Ancient Mummy Tattoo Designs for Women and Men

It’s being said and believed that tattoos instantly lends you a gorgeous and unique look and makes you stand out in the crowd. People depict tattoos as per their thoughts and imagination, but some tattoo lovers adore to depict historic and ancient designs as they bold, scary and at the same time always have some meaning of symbols associated with it.

Mummy tattoos are the ones which remind you of death and terrify you at the same time. Mummy tattoos are popular among people who believe in life after death and who adores fear creatures to be depicted.

Best and Stylish Ancient Mummy Tattoo Designs:

Let’s have a look at the top 9 different types of mummy tattoo designs with pictures.

1. Green Ink Mummy Tattoo Design:

Green Ink Mummy Tattoo Design

This is a mummy tattoo designed in a marvellous way which can easily bring a cute smile to your face. The cartoon image of this mummy looks very fabulous and the green ink makes it appear more thrilling. The orange and the purple eyes give a distinct look to the image.

2. Incredible Mummy Tattoo Design:

Incredible Mummy Tattoo Design

The tattoo appears pretty fascinating as it’s depicted the Egyptian ancient age and combined with mysteries giving a spectacular look to the wearer. The tattoo design is brilliantly depicted covering the entire back of the tattoo lover.

3. Magnificent Skull Mummy Tattoo Design:

Magnificent Skull Mummy Tattoo Design

As a skull tattoo symbolizes death and mummies also depicts the same, the combination of both lays emphasis on life after death. The wide eye along with sharp teeth lends a frightening look at the same time represent the wearer’s bold attitude.

4. Creepy Mummy Tattoo Design:

Creepy Mummy Tattoo Design

Tattoos can be designed assumption and as per your thought process also giving a new and creative look to the image. In this image, a creepy or a frightening mummy is outlined where is face is fully covered and he is holding a skull in his hands. This is a terrific way to portray the truth if the life that’s death is sure to come, it’s inevitable.

5. Scary Mummy Tattoo Design:

Scary Mummy Tattoo Design

In the image, more emphasis is laid on the white eyes of the mummy intending to scare people from its design. This is a perfect design for people who appreciate mummy tattoo designs.

6. Realistic Mummy Tattoo Design:

Realistic Mummy Tattoo Design

It’s being believed that mummies are wrapped with bandages, then places in the tomb; the tattoo depicts the same message. The image is crafted in such an appealing that it lends a realistic feel and look to the wearer’s forearm.

7. Ancient Egyptian Mummy Tattoo Design:

The mummy tattoos have got inspired and spread from Egypt, and now it’s being loved and adored by many tattoo lovers. The Egyptian mummy images are quite big in size and cover almost a part of the body lending an outstanding look to wearer persona.

8. Gorgeous Mummy Tattoo Design:

The tattoo design has been sketched in a wondrous way giving an incredible look to the wearer’s sleeve. The vibrant colour combination implied on the mummy head along with surroundings depicted with black ink lends a striking and charming look to the sleeves.

9. Fabulous Wrap Mummy Tattoo Design:

This is a mummy tattoo wrapped white bandage all over his body and here the mummy has a smiling face and the eyes are reflecting the same. The image is sketched in a marvellous way lending an eye-popping appearance.

The mummy tattoo design is greatly inspired by Egypt as in this country mummification was being done after the death of a person. Mummy tattoos can be depicted in various sizes, shapes and designs and even on any part of the body desired by you. Generally, these tattoos are very elaborate are looking marvellous if they are designed in a proper way.

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