9 Best Alien Tattoo Designs

If you are among one of those who love to get inked and look stunning yet unusual and conventional, these alien tattoo designs are for you! Alien tattoos can give you a distinct and impressive look. These are not considered usual as they display the supernatural aspects of life. Getting inked with an image of an alien so you can customize according to your likes and therefore there are a wide variety of choices and combinations!

You might be wondering what the significance of an alien tattoo is. Well, most of the time, alien tattoos does not signify anything important. But there is underlying alien tattoo meaning hidden. You can get them done just to express your love for alien movies and science fiction or life in outer space. Or, you can also depict the quirky side of your personality through a funny yet sarcastic looking alien tattoo. For some people, it is a means to convey that they do not belong to this world neither do they fit in anywhere. They have been alienated and are unique.

There are many types of alien tattoos which come in different shapes and sizes. One thing you must remember is that the tattoo you chose should somewhere coincide with your personality. It should depict what you are and what are your tastes. Also, mentioned earlier, it should mean something to you.

Simple and Cute Alien Tattoo Designs:

Let’s have a quick look at the top 9 and best of alien tattoo designs with pictures. You can pick the design and idea according to your desire.

1. Globe With Alien Ship Tattoo Design:

alien tattoo

In this design, we can see an alien ship moving around travelling the globe. The idea of This alien tattoo depicts sci-fi movies and fiction ideas where the forces from the outer universe are conspiring against the earth, in turn, trying to capture and invade the same. This tattoo shows the imagination beyond what we could think of and works great for those who love fantasy movies and fiction.

  • This is one captivating and startling tattoo which can be possibly designed on the belly area.
  • The best placement for this tattoo would be on the side part of your abdomen, provided you have it flat and toned. You can also choose to get this inked on the back of shoulders sides.
  • The size of the tattoo should be big enough to occupy the whole length of your side abdomen area. This can help standout on the concept.
  • The fine intricate lines with the black and white combination look very interesting for this tattoo. Therefore, people with a fair complexion must get it inked in black.
  • Both men and women generally prefer this tattoo. However, this alien tattoo idea looks good on the young guys.

2. Shooting Alien Tattoo Design:

This tattoo is developed after those who could think in a terrific way. Here the alien is holding guns in the hands, firing in several directions in order to protect himself get attacked by humans on planet earth. This image is based on what we generally notice in science and fiction cartoons on television. Further, the alien tattoo meaning signifies the importance of self-defence against threats for survival.

  • The tattoo can be designed on both the arms as well on legs. Through this alien tattoo, the person can get instant and an extraordinary look.
  • This tattoo can be done in a combination of various colours. It is supposed to be funky and quirky, so mixing up various colours will make it look better.
  • As it is meant to be colourful, people with very fair or moderate complexion and rock this tattoo very well. People with darker complexions who still want to get this inked will need to go for matt or pastel colours.
  • Medium size tattoo will look good for this alien tattoo pattern.
  • Generally, this colourful alien tattoo picture is preferred by boys as this looks fun yet quirky and cool.

3. Alien Head Tattoo Design:

Although one may think that alien tattoos need to be very extraordinary and funky, it is also possible to get the alien tattoo styled in a simple yet elegant way. This above mentioned alien tattoo picture displays how that can be done. This tattoo is for those all who loves the simplicity yet imagine quirky and fantasy things. This tattoo further can be easily crafted and inked without issues as there are no intricacies involved while designing the same.

  • It is a tattoo not specifically meant for any gender. Both men and women can wear this tattoo the way they want.
  • You can get this tattoo done anywhere you want and in any size. It’s pretty versatile. However, the advantage behind this lies in the fact that those who want a small alien tattoo and the cute alien tattoo can also get this inked in their fingers of hands and legs, yet look cool.
  • For colours you can choose are black, red, orange or any other vibrant colour. A contrast can be created by colouring the eyes in a bright colour, keeping the outline black.
  • Due to the nature of this alien tattoo, those with fairer skin tone looks better with this alien tattoo design.
  • A small alien head on the side of your wrist or on your neck and a bigger one on your hand or arm, both ways it looks simple and classy. As mentioned, this can also be placed small size in fingers.

4. Ferocious Alien Tattoos in Green:

This alien tattoo is for those who like fantasy yet wants to depict a bold and wild aspect of them. This alien tattoo is very artistic in nature as it successfully signifies the bold, angry, wild nature yet with fantasy and funky things. It is a great form for body art with its alluring green colour all over. The sharp teeth and anger in the eyes portrayed is giving a fantastic look to those who get inked. The intricate detailing further adds beauty to the tattoo.

  • This tattoo is wild and ferocious. Usually, men like to go for this tattoo a lot.
  • As the name suggests, this tattoo needs to be done in green. The shade should be somewhat faded in some areas while bold in other areas.
  • This tattoo is best for your hand. You can get it done on the length of your hand. If you have a gym body with all your nerves popping out, then the nerves can be highlighted in the green shade to make it look more awesome.
  • The tattoo can be of medium to large size in order to successfully portray nature.
  • Because of the colours within, those with fairer tone will suit better to get this alien tattoo inked on them.

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5. Breathe Taking Alien Tattoo Design:

In this alien tattoo design, one can see a flying saucer, which is about to be landed on earth. This depicts exactly how the fantasy and sci-fi movies show with the small mystical dots around the alien landing on the surface of the earth. The pine trees around further add to the look. This tattoo hence is for those who love this concept. Although this tattoo looks pretty simple, this goes with a lot of thought and ideas behind.

  • Both the genders, men and women can do this tattoo inked. Men can go for a complete black ink tattoo whereas women can add hues of pink here and there to enhance the texture around.
  • This tattoo looks more like the as classy logo. Therefore, getting it done on your arm is the best placement.
  • The fin work involved in the tattoo needs to be given attention to. It is what defines the tattoo.
  • Those with fairer skin tone suits better for this tattoo.
  • This tattoo should be done in a small size, a small one for the output of having a cute alien tattoo design.

6. Dragging Alien Tattoo Design:

This alien tattoo design shows how an alien skeleton is crawling around without direction on the surface as if he is finding something. This is for those who like fun but want to signify the devilish side of themselves. This tattoo is one of the cool alien tattoo designs one can find around trending. This alien tattoo idea can be applauded for the amount of significant meaning one could think off while putting this thought, of mixing devilish yet fun elements together.

  • This could also be a catchy eye tattoo and attractive design if designed on the back. For men, they should get this tattoo inked behind their shoulder on one side or on the arms/wrists.
  • This design could appear to be more attractive if designed by women and would look great if worn backless.
  • The colour of his tattoo if kept black would look better. You can always use red or orange for basic highlights. The smoky and shadow effect in this tattoo is what gives it this deadly look. Make sure you do not miss out on that.
  • The size of the tattoo should be a medium size in nature, which looks cool.
  • Those with both whitish and fairer skin tone looks good with this alien tattoo idea.

7. Funky Alien Tattoos:

This alien tattoo is a great and spectacular way of blending the alien face with your favourite cartoon character. This is one of the trending alien tattoo pictures among young guys who love sci-fi and fantasy aspects in their daily imaginative world. The alien in this tattoo is standing on the rocky surface, making funny faces, and the acts are bringing a sweet smile to the person who has a glance of it. All you need to do is replace the face of the carton with an alien, keeping the rest including the facial expressions as it is. This alien tattoo idea is meant for all the cartoon and anime fans.

  • Men can get their favourite superhero inked with an alien face which will make it look so cool.
  • Women can go for an alien with a cute pink maybe a frilly frock with a bouquet in hand. Or they can also choose the power girl poses for their alien tattoo.
  • Adding a background or a text element to the tattoo will make it catchier. And as there are multiple elements in the tattoo, it will definitely occupy more space. Therefore, you will have to use your entire arm for this tattoo to look as good as you want it to be.
  • Colours can be chosen freely. There is no restriction to colours while drawing cartoons; therefore, a more colourful approach towards this tattoo will be the best.
  • Because of the choice of colours, those with fairer and whitish skin tone can prefer this quirky alien tattoo.

8. Striking Standing Alien Tattoo Design:

alien tattoo

The advantage of this alien tattoo design can be designed in any posture; it would easily grab other attention with its significant and pretty unusual yet quirky designs. A very few people like the idea of getting aliens tattoo design. This standing alien with its head turned down could be another great pick to boost your looks. This looks similar to an alien from outer space has landed to capture and invade a war against the enemy. Do not miss out on this alien tattoo idea if you are among those who are outgoing, devilish yet quirky and bold.

  • This tattoo can be done in the middle of your upper back. It will look deadly.
  • Usually, men prefer to go for this tattoo in complete black.
  • The shades and highlights are important to give the tattoo its actual look. So it is better if you keep it in one single colour and focus more on the detailing aspect.
  • This tattoo looks great and magnificent if done in a bigger size.
  • Any skin colour tone can be suited to this tattoo.

9. Appealing Alien Tattoos Designs:

In this art, design alien is wearing a shirt, and it has been artistic in the fact that the curves are pretty stunningly drawn with catchy eye colours making the design appear very special and catchy. The alien tattoo sleeve design appears hence very realistic and ensures to make every head turn on to the wearer of this design. These tattoos appear close to human life and are indeed in a very artistic form.

  • Both men and women can wear these types of tattoos. For men, the alien could be wearing a casual checked shirt or a tie.
  • For women, the alien could choose to be in a tight bodysuit, weird headgear with a gun in hand. Also, women can go for an alien short tight dress with super high heels and dark makeup.
  • This tattoo can be made on your back, arm and also on your hand but in a comparatively smaller size. Besides the alien, you can add other props to your tattoos like a light background or some equipment or machinery.
  • This tattoo is supposed to be a blast of colours. Various combinations of colours make it look more attractive, but make sure to coordinate your colours according to your complexion.
  • Because this alien tattoo is colourful in nature, those with fairer skin tone can prefer this design than that of others.

10. Alien Skull Tattoo:

Alien skull tattoos can give the look of scary and haunted. They can be more in the creepy and devilish side yet can look funny. This alien tattoo design looks great and is preferred by those who love adventure acts yet are cool. But they are considered to be very cool and are very eye-catchy.

  • This tattoo is usually not preferred by women. Men can think to get this tattoo inked on their chest, arm, and back.
  • For women, they can get simple alien skull tattoos in pink or purple inked on their wrist or the side of the neck, which can add a pop of colour around the region.
  • Men can either go for a black outline of a skull with shades and shadows, or they can go for a colour-filled tattoo of gold with black and red highlights.
  • The size of this tattoo should be big for it to stand out. A big alien skull green on your arm is very attractive.
  • Those with any skin tone can prefer this alien tattoo pictures.

Additional Tips:

There are some basic tips you are required to follow and some instructions you need to adhere to before and after thinking of getting a tattoo done.

  • Have a clear idea and imagination of what type of an alien tattoo you want to and wish to get inked. There are several types of tattoos which may confuse you. Decide which one you want and where you want to get it done beforehand. Do not go with empty mind with a brief picture to the tattoo artist. Always keep in mind not to forget doing your research and having an idea on what you want is important while you are picking out a tattoo for yourself. This is a permanent art design that will be with you forever, so it’s perfectly okay to take your time while choosing your perfect alien tattoo.
  • Make sure you visit a professional tattoo store and get your tattoo done by a professional only. Otherwise, you may regret it later if the tattoo artist does not work well on the design and mess it up. It might be a bit expensive, but taking a risk is not worthy.
  • Learn to maintain your tattoo once you get it done. Infections are common and usual after you get a tattoo done. Make sure you stay away from this mess and take all the necessary precautions. Ask your artist for further details on how you can take special care of the tattoo in initial days.
  • Colour coordination is important. The colours in your tattoo must we well coordinated if you are going for a multicoloured one. If you do not trust your choice, go black. It is the safest means you can resort to.

Alien tattoos can be crafted and artistic in many various ways like smiling, happy, sinful, bold, funky, fresh and similar ways. It can also be connected and linked with other objects and themes like skull, spaceship, stars, war, avenge, and so on, according to your perception and imagination. The tattoo’s design appears very sensual yet different and can be inked in different shapes, sizes, and colours to make you appear happening.

Alien tattoos can have a deep meaning and significance attached to each one of them. But itis totally alright if you have not found one. It is okay if you want to have an alien tattoo without any reason except for the fact that you just love the idea of it. The advantages of getting an alien tattoo done are that there are so many varied options. You can choose a funky or quirky one or instead go with a realistic one, and get it done in black or grey or even opt for a multicoloured tattoo. It can be based on a fiction novel or movie or just something that you’ve been having in your mind for a long time. It can be along with the cool space elements or just a stand-alone alien.

There are many places to get alien tattoos inked where they will look attractive. Hence, the options are limitless. And this is what makes alien tattoos intriguing. It’s just one thing you need to keep in mind. Take the correct decision for yourself.