9 Best and Easy Celebrity Short Hairstyles for Women

9 Best and Easy Celebrity Short Hairstyles for Women

Everybody knows the influence celebrities hold in the world of fashion. The relationship that exists between celebrities and trends in fashion is very closely knit one. The well-known personalities either set trends with their unique dressing style or making popular the existing designs. This leads to more and more fans that flock to emulate their favourite celebrities, by way of dress, makeup and celebrity short hairstyles. The trends set by Hollywood in celebrity fashion trends is well known to all. There are people who meticulously follow these stars on what they are wearing right from red carpet events to even airport styles.

9 Female Celebrity Short Hairstyles That Will Leave You Spellbound:

Looking out for something new, then read on to find out more about celebrity short haircut styles. Check out 9 latest celebrity short hairstyles here and see how best you can make the right choice!

1. Back-swept Cut:

Celebrity Short Hairstyles 1

This is one of the latest celebrity short hairstyles. The hair is backswept, and the colour makes it look more attractive. This haircut has an extreme upsweep creating an asymmetrical style that will make a face look more angular. This kind of cut creates interesting angles to the face. The undercut look on the sides is easy to maintain as there is less hair to take care of. A perfect hairstyle for a woman who likes to lead a dynamic life.

  • Best Occasions: Best for evening parties with friends.
  • Ideal Age Groups: Women in their 20s can carry this look.
  • Suitable Hair Types: This style is best for straight and wavy hair.
  • Preferred Face Shapes: Oval-shaped faces look good with this style.
  • Perfect Seasons to Try: Summer would be a good season to try this hairstyle.
  • Matching Dresses: Leather jacket with matching pants can work this hairstyle.

2. Blunt Wavy Cut:

Celebrity Short Hairstyles 2

We have seen several female celebrities with short hair. This cut can highlight the quirky side in you with a wavy blunt cut. This short cut can bring out the diva in you. This cut enhances the cheekbones and reveals a beautiful look altogether. The windblown effect gives a new dimension to the face. This is a look which can be lovely on all. Light hued hair suits this hairstyle better.

  • Best Occasions: This suits outings and dinner nights.
  • Ideal Age Groups: Try this with any age below mid-30s.
  • Suitable Hair Types: Wavy and curly hair suits this look.
  • Preferred Face Shapes: Heart and oval-shaped face look good with this.
  • Perfect Seasons to Try: This celebrity hairstyle is suitable for summer better.
  • Matching Dresses: This is good with any western outfit or ethnic clothes too.

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3. Cute Pixie Cut:

Celebrity Short Hairstyles 3

Among female celebrities with short hair, this is very popular. This is a perfect pixie cut and suits oval-faced women. This hairstyle can make one feel very confident and comfortable. One benefit of this hairstyle is that it can widen the face of a woman with a narrow face. A close crop has the ability to change the entire look of the face in a good way.

  • Matching Dresses: Western outfits match this well.
  • Best Occasions: It suits outings with friends and family.
  • Suitable Hair Types: Women with straight hair can wear this look.
  • Preferred Face Shapes: Oval-shaped women suit this hairstyle the best.
  • Ideal Age Groups: This style is suitable for women in the early 20s to 30s.
  • Perfect Seasons to Try: This celebrity style can best suit any season of your choice.

4. Side Bangs with Straight Blunt Bob:

Celebrity Short Hairstyles 4

This is one of the best short celebrity hairstyles for girls. This ideally suits women who have round faces. This straight blunt bob looks very stylish with side bangs. This can be sported as a chic look. What is special about this kind of hairstyle is that it can make a face look much slimmer than it actually is. This hairstyle is a simple straight style. This face-framing style is very flattering to look at.

  • Suitable Hair Types: Straight, thick hair is good for this.
  • Best Occasions: Try this with casual occasions and outings.
  • Ideal Age Groups: It is a hairstyle suits women in their 20s.
  • Preferred Face Shapes: Round and oval face shapes suit this style.
  • Matching Dresses: This can be well suited with any dress of your choice.
  • Perfect Seasons to Try: This celebrity hairstyle is suitable for all seasons.

5. Fringed Short Bob:

Fringed Short Bob

This is one of the best celebrity short haircuts with a nice haircut idea for straight hair. And this is an awesome haircut with razored long layers and a straight fringe over the forehead. This is a fringe cut at the very ends. This type of fringe can flatter girls who have a high forehead. There are no limits to creativity with this kind of bangs paired with a short bob.

  • Matching Dresses: It can suit both formal and casual attire.
  • Perfect Seasons to Try: To try this celebrity hairstyle anytime.
  • Suitable Hair Types: This hairstyle suits straight hair the best.
  • Preferred Face Shapes: All face types are well suited to this one.
  • Ideal Age Groups: This hairstyle suits women in their 20s to 30s.
  • Best Occasions: One can wear this to parties and important events.

6. Whimsical Pixie Cut:

Whimsical Pixie Cut

This style has been seen often in celebrities with short dark hair. Women with an oval face can try this pixie hairstyle, which lets your cheekbones look more prominent and gives you a cute look. This short hairstyle will help to enhance natural beauty. Try this cut with moderate length fringes falling straight on the forehead. This is a great way to frame an oval face. It gives the look of an edge by cutting in some bangs to cover your forehead.

  • Suitable Hair Types: This famous style best with short hair.
  • Ideal Age Groups: Try this celebrity hairstyle in any age group.
  • Perfect Seasons to Try: A good hairstyle for the summer season.
  • Preferred Face Shapes: Oval face women can try this out totally.
  • Matching Dresses: Try this popular hairstyle with any western outfit.
  • Best Occasions: This goes well with a casual regular office/college look.

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7. Ash Blue Crop:

Celebrity Short Hairstyles 7

This asymmetric cut is a short haircut for oval-shaped face women. It gives more shape and creates interesting angles. This is an adorable crop with an edge to it. This is celebrity short haircuts styles. This works as a perfect complement for oval face. The layers are jagged with and uneven. This hairstyle looks elegant and trendy and allows the feminism to shine from within. Coloured hair looks good with this cut.

  • Ideal Age Groups: Try this on women in their 20s.
  • Best Occasions: This goes good with night parties.
  • Suitable Hair Types: Straight hair suits this hairstyle.
  • Perfect Seasons to Try: Any season is good for a haircut.
  • Preferred Face Shapes: Oval-shaped face is ideal for this.
  • Matching Dresses: It suits only western quirky and funky dresses.

8. Tousled Hair with Bangs:

Tousled Hair with Bangs

This haircut is something like a short bob which suits women with slightly wavy hair. This hairstyle has a trendy and modern look with an illusion of additional depth and texture created with subtle highlights close to the roots. A haircut need not be fancy to look great, and even a simple one can add a lot of charm to a person’s looks with its subtle appearance. If you like simple short hairstyle, this is the one for you!

  • Ideal Age Groups: This is good with women in their 20s.
  • Perfect Seasons to Try: Any season is good to go for this.
  • Suitable Hair Types: Try this fashionable style with wavy hair.
  • Preferred Face Shapes: All face types can totally rock this style.
  • Best Occasions: Try this with creative occasions like music nights.
  • Matching Dresses: Try this with only western outfits and long dresses.

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9. The Shaved Look:

The Shaved Look

In this hairstyle, the sides are shaved, and the hair lying in the middle is kept combed back by using a styling gel. Colouring the hair blonde might enhance the beauty of this look. If your hair is slightly thick, then you will totally rock this look. The comb-back look has a neat appearance to it made prominent with the undercut hairstyle on either side.

  • Matching Dresses: Best for elegant and classy attire.
  • Perfect Seasons to Try: Any season can use this look.
  • Best Occasions: This would suit parties and formal events.
  • Suitable Hair Types: Straight or wavy hair are good to go here.
  • Preferred Face Shapes: Oval or diamond-shaped faces can carry this look.
  • Ideal Age Groups: Those women in their mid-20s to early 30s can work this look.

Additional Tips:

  1. Regular hair care routine is of prime importance in regards to the health of the hair, so one must take care of hair according to the hair type and texture.
  2. Keep the scalp clean by regularly washing hair. Avoid washing hair with very hot water. Avoid over-shampooing your hair as this can damage hair.
  3. Trim your hair regularly as this will stimulate hair growth.
  4. Condition your hair to keep it smooth and shiny.
  5. One must avoid tying up the hair too tight as this can cause it to break.
  6. Practice proper brushing techniques and use a wide-toothed comb to remove tangles from the hair.
  7. A regular visit to the hair salon would go a long way in protecting your hair.
  8. Drink a lot of water and eat a balanced diet as this is essential to keep your hair healthy and strong.

Celebrity short hairstyles are trendsetters in the fashion world of hairstyles, be it short, long or wavy. Celebrities set the trend, and some of them have no problem in keeping up with the ever-changing tide of fashion trends. There have been times when it is the celebrities themselves who are the ones who set the pace in fashion and inspire people to follow them. Please do share with us as we would love to hear from you regarding your experiences in choosing a celebrity hairstyle.

Frequently Asked Question and Answer:

Q1. How do celebrities influence fashion and set trends?

Ans: Celebrities easily influence fashion by what they wear and whatever is in style at that time, and they also create trends for themselves. The minute somebody sees a new dress or fashion, they are able to relate it to some celebrity either wearing it to a fashion show or in some movie. Several times it is seen that celebrities promote certain fashion trends and people who like these celebrities dress in a certain way because their favourite celebrity has worn or is still wearing it.

Q2. Who is a fashion blogger, and how does one become one?

Ans: The main aim of a fashion blogger is to redefine personal style in a way that designers and publications have not been able to do. Fashion bloggers are a rare breed of creative people who are also entrepreneurs and fashion-forward thinkers. If you want to become a fashion blogger, you need to focus on two vital things. One is to create quality content and then to build your own brand. A fashion blog covers many things like clothing, accessories, apparel trends and beauty tips.

Q3. What is the meaning of red carpet attire?

Ans: Red carpet fashion refers mainly to outfits that are worn on the red carpet. It could be at high-profile celebrity events or award ceremonies. They can also refer to film premieres. These are events that can create a significant and lasting impact on the fashion world. All such red carpet events have a dress code where the choice is between a cocktail dress or an evening gown. The celebrities are dressed in a fit manner to suit the grandeur of these events.