9 Best Bob Hairstyles with Bangs You’ll Try In 2020

2020 has proven to be a year of bobs and bangs in the hair-styling industry. We have seen many celebrities walking on the red carpet flaunting in their new blonde bob hairstyles with bangs look. Certainly, long hair has its natural beauty, while there is something very cheeky about the short hairstyles with bangs. The look that a short haired bob cut lady gives is extremely adorable and cute than a lady who has long layered hair. Especially when summer is on its way, the time has come to take a heavyweight of hair off your shoulders, by still maintaining the style.

Having a complete makeover with your haircut is a great way to showcase your different side of personality. Short hairstyles with bangs can have a high impact on your face. As long as you choose the right kind of bangs for your face shape, you will definitely look super cool, flattering in your beauty. One of the good things about this haircut is that it requires less maintenance and time to style. A bob hairstyle without a side bang or fringe makes the look incomplete. There are many variations of bob cut with bangs, which we shall see in this article in the coming paragraphs.

9 Trending Bob Haircuts with Bangs for This Summer:

Here in this article let’s have a look at the best 9 Bob hairstyles with bangs for all kind of hairs. Nowadays these hairstyles are the most popular, so you must try it once this summer

1. Peek-a-Boo Bangs Style:

Peek-a-Boo Bangs Style

In this style, you would need the bangs to be cut in an angle so that it compliments your face. This haircut is unique and you will surely enjoy flattering it in different red or blonde hue. The most common face type that will suit in this haircut is round and oval shaped.

  • Suitable hair type: Straightened hair without any tangles
  • Suitable face type: big round face so that this cut makes the face look slimmer.
  • Best occasions: Any occasion where the crowd comes
  • Preferred age: Teens and younger women
  • Best season to cut: All seasons preferably summer and autumn
  • Suitable dress: Any western wear

2. Curly Hair with Bangs:

Curly Hair With Bangs

If you have good quality curly hair and want to keep it short, then you can choose to keep strong smooth bangs on your forehead. This will add attraction to your face and make you feel good about yourself. Do not worry this cut will suit on all face type and hair texture.

  • Suitable hair type: Wavy hair type or straight hair with slight curls
  • Suitable face type: Diamond shaped face
  • Best occasions: Any casual occasion
  • Preferred age: Teens, school and college going girls
  • Best season to cut: Winter and summer
  • Suitable dress: Casual wear, party wear

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3. Straight Across Bangs:

Straight Across Bangs

Straight across bangs are one of the first things that come to our mind when we think about bob haircuts with bangs. They are more of a feminine touch with a little mix of retro effect. Straight across bangs look good on oval, diamond or oval shaped faces. Straight across bangs haircut is a tricky way to hide your large forehead. Frequent salon visits are required (for trimming) to fix your vision as this hairstyle can hinder your vision.

  • Suitable hair type: Straight and silky hair
  • Suitable face type: Oval, diamond shaped or square shaped face. (medium and long faces shape)
  • Best occasions: Any casual occasion fits well for this haircut
  • Preferred age: Women of all age groups, especially younger women
  • Best season to cut: Summer or fall.
  • Suitable dress: Any western outfit or casual wear goes well with this haircut

4. Stacked Bob:

Stacked Bob

Stacked bob is one of the common hairstyles all over the world and especially looks beautiful with bangs. One can try to experiment with color highlighting to add some interesting touch to it. This cut will suit almost in all kinds of face shapes and skin tone.

  • Suitable hair type: Silky smooth straight hair
  • Suitable face type: Square and heart shaped face
  • Best occasions: Birthday party, engagement, weddings or any casual meetings
  • Preferred age: Women of all age groups
  • Best season to cut: Suitable for all seasons
  • Suitable dress: Any casual dress

5. The Vintage Bob Hairstyle:

The Vintage Bob Hairstyle

If you are fond of the retro look you can cut your bob that will look like the 40’s wavy short hair. The bangs would be on one side and not too dense. This hairstyle has generally suited women with oval faces and who are not very young at age. It can make you look sexy and sweet at the same time.

  • Suitable hair type: Slight curly hair or wavy hair
  • Suitable face type: Diamond shaped face, oval-shaped face
  • Best occasions: Party, engagements, weddings or any other special events
  • Preferred age: Women of age 25-40 yrs
  • Best season to cut: Summer, spring and monsoon
  • Suitable dress: Any open-necked dress, vintage dresses

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6. Side Swept Bangs:

Side Swept Bangs

Side swept bangs are another short bob haircuts with bangs that can suit most of the face shapes. It is an excellent choice for women who love to have short haircuts with bangs on the side. Even if the hair grows out, they easily blend into the rest of the hair without annoying the existing cut.

  • Suitable hair type: Silky straight hair and wavy hair
  • Suitable face type: Oval shaped face or thin slimmed face with sharp chin and jaws.
  • Best occasions: Party, engagement, weddings or any special occasions
  • Preferred age: Women of all age groups, especially teens
  • Best season to cut: Suitable for all seasons
  • Suitable dress: Party wear and casual dresses.

7. Unbelievable Pixie Cut:

Unbelievable Pixie Cut

Pixie Bob haircut is quite stylish if done from an experienced hairdresser and can look bad if not done properly Pixie with long bangs can suit women with square and round face. One should also have the attitude to carry this look. If, you are an outdoor person with hectic schedules and no time for yourself you should choose this hairstyle.

  • Suitable hair type: Straight and wavy hair type
  • Suitable face type: Oval shape face, heart-shaped face, square shape face
  • Best occasions: Casual gatherings, school/college going
  • Preferred age: Teens
  • Best season to cut: All seasons are good for this haircut
  • Suitable dress: Any bold western wear, preferable sleeveless boyish type dress

8. Smooth Tapered Bob with Bangs:

Smooth Tapered Bob With Bangs

This is a simple hairstyle for women who like to be like this. This cut is also known as the concave Bob and looks fantastic in brown hue hair. If you do not have original straight hair, you can also first straighten it and then style it accordingly to give the right effect on your face structure.

  • Suitable hair type: Straight hair without any tangles
  • Suitable face type: Small and medium shaped face with a sharp chin
  • Best occasions: Special occasions like birthday party, engagements, wedding, night parties and shows
  • Preferred age: Covers women of all age groups
  • Best season to cut: Suitable for all seasons
  • Suitable dress: Partywear

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9. Red Bob Hairstyle:

Red Bob Hairstyle

Do not worry if you are bored with your black and want some new hairstyle in red color. Cut it short into an angled bob cut and keeps some long bangs of your forehead. This style is good for oval shaped women. The ruby red hue will attract attention to your face and make you glow.

  • Suitable hair type: Silky smooth straight hair
  • Suitable face type: Square shape face, rectangle shape face or big round face
  • Best occasions: Special occasions, party, night shows
  • Preferred age: Women of young and middle aged.
  • Best season to cut: Intense summer
  • Suitable dress: Any casual or western outfits go well with this cut

Style tips on how to maintain bob hairstyles with bangs:

  1. Giving baby bangs on the front is a tricky way to hide your large forehead.
  2. Side bangs that cover your one eye is another way you can hide your big face and make it look sharp and slim.
  3. It is recommended to wash your hair regularly to keep your hair straight and natural as there are high chances of short hair getting damaged easily.
  4. To avoid split ends and hair fall, it is recommended to go for regular trims in the salon as the bangs can grow and be annoying to your vision.
  5. Do not use much of heating products in your hair as it can damage the natural moisture of the hair.
  6. For making the hair look fluffier, try using your hand to shuffle around the hair inwards and outwards. This will give a voluminous effect.

Each of these haircuts with bangs is well tried by celebrities and well-known people. It has been a style statement of 2020, which is still continued in this year 2020. Highlighting the bangs with suitable colors can also make wonders on your face and look. To know which style and which color suits you, go to the nearest salon and ask the advice of a style expert. If, you are happy with the different hairstyles mentioned above, choose one for further discussion on this.

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