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9 Best Bombay Style Mehndi Designs With Images

Mehndi being a very intricate and finest art has evolved a lot over the years in Asian and Persian countries and is also famous amongst all religions for almost all occasions. Over the years various styles and patterns have emerged like glitter, Arabic, traditional, contemporary etc. Amongst all is also Bombay style Mehndi is one of the best one. This style is not really anyone’s copyright but the style itself is referred to as Bombay style Mehndi. This is very popular and in demand.

Bombay Style Mehndi Designs

Bombay Mehandi Designs With Pictures:

Below are some of the famous Bombay style mehndi designs with photos which are suitable for all type of occasions and wedding parties with all types of dresses.

1. Heart Shape Bombay Mehandi Designs:

Bombay style mehndi designs2

This simple Bombay mehandi design is a mix of contemporary and traditional. The design on the half palm is made like a crescent moon facing inwards so as to make a heart while you join both your hands together adjacent. This apart the design stretching towards above the wrist is also so intricate and minute and filled in with so much of precision.

2. Color Bombay Mehendi Designs For Girls:

Bombay style mehndi designs6

This is a bombay motif pattern with use of florals at places. Use of glitters make it all the more attractive and is a perfect party style Mehndi art. You can simply rock with this style of colorful mehandi design. This is one of the best bombay style mehndi designs for hands with different colors and these are suitable for engagement ceremonies also.

3. Arabic Style Bombay Mehendi Design:

Bombay style mehndi designs3

The bombay mehendi design is based on crescent moon and therefore is only on half of the hand. This is depicting the moon on Eid and thus symbolizing that. You can wear this mehndi design to all your occasions and functions.

4. Bridal Bombay Mehndi Designs:

Bombay style mehndi designs4

This is a beautiful figure of “dulha-dulhan” mehndi design and is perfect for a to-be bride. A symbol of love and affection togetherness. The art is made with so much of specifications right from jewellery of the girl to the specification in their clothes and is made with so much of finesse and only portray the creativity and the passion of the art.

5. Bombay Mehandi Design For Legs:

Bombay style mehndi designs5

In this bombay styles mehndi design the peacock and jail work is interesting and will look very good on someone with full legs. This may not go that well on slim legs as the design requires lot of space. This surely requires patience.

6. Peacock Feather Bombay Mehndi Design:

Bombay style mehndi designs1

This Bombay style mehndi design is for the love birds and is based on theme of peacock feather being a symbol of love-so this is very much in demand while valentine’s day for impressing the partner.

7. Thick Dark Bombay Mehndi Design:

Bombay style mehndi designs7

This bombay style mehndi design is Simply a beautiful creativity of artist. A motif pattern unique in itself and with so much of intricacies involved. Though there is space between two figures but still looks so heavy. This mehendi design may be suited for long hands as the pattern has various spacing between.

8. Bombay Mehandi Designa For Hands:

Bombay style mehndi designs8

This beautiful mehndi pattern is for a to be bride in wedding ceremony. The work of mesh with florals and the semi circular patterns are beautifully portray and which makes so attractive with the intricate designs filled in.

9. Traditional Bombay Mehendi Design:

Bombay style mehndi designs9

This mehendi pattern is just so traditional and yet so attractive to suit slim hands. Since there is enough space between the patterns on the wrist area and the patterns on the finger tips, that is enhancing the beauty of the pattern itself.

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