9 Best Flower Jewellery For Mehndi Designs

9 Best Flower Jewellery For Mehndi Designs

Flowers and jewellery place an important role in Marriage ceremony which is a very special occasion for any girl. As important is how she feels, equal important is how she looks. Mehndi art enhances her look of hands and legs and it can be further enhanced with use of floral jewellery around her hands to décor the mehndi.

flower jewellery for mehndi

This apart even the sister of the to-be bride or her cousins may like to decorate their mehndi with flower jewellery either on their palms or as ‘baju bandh’. Even the floral jewellery itself goes well for any occasions like wedding, haldi, baby shower, karwa chauth. It is also easy to make the floral jewellery all by yourself or you can even get made from professionals and stylists.

Beautiful Flowers Jewellery For Mehandi Designs With Images:

Below are best flower jewellery for mehndi designs with pictures that will make you very happy with beauty.

1. Jasmin Flower Jewellery For Mehndi Designs:

Jasmin Flower Jewellery Mehndi Design

Jasmine flowers can be used to create a peacock like jewellery to hold onto the palms. This apart bracelets can be made of fresh flowers too to accentuate the hands. This also accentuates the Mehndi. Once you have jewellery like that of flowers you should avoid wearing other ornaments as they will steal the look of the flowers.

2. Chrysanthemum Flower Jewellery For Mehandi Design:

Chrysanthemum Fresh Flower Jewellery for Mehndi

Even a small bouquet with fresh daisies or chrysanthemums may be created. To accentuate this bouquet one may choose to put beads of various colours or even pearls. Now tie this as a strap on the wrist or just like a prom corsage.

3. Red Roses Flower Jewellery For Mehendi Designs:

Red Roses Floral Jewellery for Mehndi

Red roses are always everyone’s favourite and especially for weddings apart from all other occasions as they are the symbol of love. You can turn the delicate rose buds into rings to decorate those mehndi hands.

4. Mixed Flower Jewellery For Mehndi Designs:

Mixed Flower Mehndi Flower Jewellery

Use white chrysanthemums with red rose buds to intertwine delicately by using a stringed beaded with pearls and make a bracelet. This will help adore the mehndi on the wrist. You can wear this type of mehndi flower jewellery on any occasions or wedding parties also.

5. Hair Chotlis Jewellery For Mehandi:

Hair Chotlis Mehndi Jewelry Flowers

Another trend for floral jewellery is earrings and hair chotlis. Hair chotlis can be accessorised with jasmine and rose flowers. If you do not have long hair you can use extensions to have beautiful hair chotlis accessorised with fresh flowers. Even if you are tying a bun you may choose gajras to emphasised the entire look.

6. Orchid Flower Jewellery For Mehendi Design:

Orchid Flower Jewellery For Mehndi Designs

Floral jewellery for mehndi goes well even for a haldi function in the wedding season. Use of orchids is enhancing the look for the floral jewellery and also gives prominence to the to-be bride giving her a pretty and charming look. These are very easy to make at home itself.

7. Gold Flower Jewellery For Mehndi:

Gold Flower Jewellery For Mehndi Designs

This beautiful fresh flower jewellery for mehndi is so much perfect for a maangtika and extends till the bun level. Also earrings have been made with the same floral pattern. You really do not need gold or diamonds if only flowers can give you so natural and charming look.

8. Maangtika Style Flower Jewellery For Mehandi Design:

Maangtika Style Flower Jewellery For Mehndi Designs

This gold and red flower jewellery mehndi design again goes so well with traditional attire. The maangtika is enhancing the entire look with the bouquet in hand.

9. Classical Look Flower Jewellery For Mehndi:

Classical Look Flower Jewellery For Mehndi Designs

This is a look that can be accentuated with Mehndi. A complete flower jewellery attire- maangtika, earrings, bracelet, bajubandh, kamarbandh.

Jewellery Mehndi with fresh flowers offers an attractive look to the women for wedding and other functions. Choosing the best from the latest designs of our jewellery mehndi designs you can appear in different style to your beloved ones.

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