9 Best Hairstyles For Black Little Girls

Hairstyles for Black Little Girls

Little girls love playing dress up with their barbies and other friends. Often they seek for inspiration from their parents to try out something stylish. Here are some of the cutest black hairstyles on little girls that we think look the best.

Beautiful Hairstyles For Black Girls:

Twisty Braided Mop:

These are the most popular braids amongst children as they are easy to make at home. These are essentially braids made of two sections closely twisted together. The reason they stick together is because their hair is naturally curly. They look prettier with the colorful hair accessories.

Beaded Corn Braids:

Corn braids are the most commonly made intricate braids on children that can be left on for weeks at a go. The beads and colorful accessories add to their cuteness. They are fuss free and can be intricately woven to keep the hair off their faces and swept away neatly. This is a hairstyle that both adults and children love to sport.

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Curly Braided Ponytails:

These are like normal ponytails but with a lot of intricate weaving. Initially braid the entire hair and then re- braid them into two curly ponytails on either side. They look adorable on little girls.

High Bushy Ponytails:

For hair that is not frizzy curly or is curly but with less volume, this is the best hairstyle that will not only give it volume but also make it look neat. Just gather the entire bush into a high ponytail and use colorful headbands to accessorize it and keep away the fly away stray strands from your face.

Braided Mohawk:

This style works great on boys as well as girls. With their frizzy spring curls one can make fluffy small afros along the middle of the head. Together they will resemble a Mohawk which is a very stylish hair do at the moment. Even Willow Smith was spotted in this same hairstyle at one of her appearances.

The Afro Ponytails:

While the afro is a pride in the black hairstyle department the little girls can also proudly flaunt them as cute little afro ponytails on each side of their head or just the iconic style without alterations. Depending on what your kid likes give them a thorough makeover with the afro hairstyle.

Braided High Pony And Fringe:

This hairstyle is a staple at all red carpet events and galas where the grown ups flaunt them in style. Well then the kids can outshine them armed with their style and cuteness. Make it further innovative by braiding out the fringes as well. This will make sure no stray gets to your girls eyes as these fringe cut can be tricky for them to handle beyond a length.

Gathered Fringe Ponytail:

There is nothing more refreshing than your natural hairstyle with no added work. The gathered fringe ponytail aims to do just that. Just let your naturally curly hair stay displayed in full glamour. Gather the front section of your crown and fringe and tie it up on top of the head to avoid the stray hairs to obstruct the kid’s view. This is extremely refreshing and fuss free.

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Natural Side Swept Curls:

Another completely natural hairstyle is the side swept open curls. Just arrange the hair on to one side of your head and manage a deep side parting if possible. If that is not possible just comb it across and use a hair fixer to keep it in place. The curls keep the bounce alive and make it a fun party hairstyle for little girls to try.

You could try out what works best for your child and learn to do one of these styles the next time they come to you for a new hairstyle.