9 Best Homemade Moisturizers For Oily Skin

There are a lot of people in the world who suffer from and are prone to very oily skin. One of the main reasons why people have oily skin is because of the of the fact that the sebaceous glands, which help in producing oil, are quite large and are concentrated in a particular section of the face, rendering that part oily and quite uncomfortable. Some of the other areas that might be prone to excess oil include the neck, back as well as the chest. Genetics play a major role in determining how oily a person’s skin becomes.

homemade moisturizers for oily skin

However, other factors such as stress, hormone levels and other health related issues could also cause your skin to become oily. Since it is a known fact that we cannot really change a person’s genetic predisposition, oily skin on the other hand can be controlled and prevented.

Homemade Moisturizers For Oily Skin:

Listed below are some of the best homemade moisturizers for oily skin.

1. Rose Petal Homemade Moisturizer For Oily Skin:

rose petals - face

A rose petal moisturizer is one of the best ways to get rid your oily skin of its oiliness. All you need to make this moisturizer involves a cup of rose petals, some rose water and a cup of aloe juice. Add the ingredients together and let it come down to room temperature before cooling it in the fridge as well. Apply once it has had time to cool in the fridge. This moisturizer helps in the removal of dirt and oil. This is the best homemade moisturizers for oily skin.

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2. Aloe Rose Homemade Moisturizer For Oily Skin:

Aloe Rose

An aloe rose moisturizer is also apt for oily skin. All you require to make this involves 1 teaspoon of carnauba wax, rose essential oils, some Aloe Vera and Jojoba oil. These ingredients will collectively help to remove dirt from the face as well as wax the skin in addition to clearing it of blemishes.

3. Olive Oil And Milk Homemade Moisturizer For Oily Skin:

olive oil

An olive oil and milk moisturizer is also a great remedy for oily skin. To make this at home you would require some fresh milk, lime and a few tablespoons of olive oil. Milk will help in softening the skin while olive oil and lime will help to make the skin healthy and remove dead cells and acne respectively.

4. Baking Soda And Lemon Homemade Moisturizer For Oily Skin:

baking soda and lemon for oily skin

Baking soda and lemon together make for a great remedy to combat oily skin. Mix the ingredients in a bowl and add some water after which you will need to apply the ingredients gently on your face. This is one of the best homemade moisturizers for oily skin.

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5. Honey And Eggs Homemade Moisturizer For Oily Skin:

Honey and Eggs for oily skin

A mixture of honey and eggs is great for oily skin as the honey acts as a mild antiseptic and also helps exfoliate the skin. Eggs help in the reduction of acne as well as in reducing the size of the pores on the face. This is the best homemade moisturizer for oily skin.

6. Marigold Petal Homemade Moisturizer For Oily Skin:


People with oily skin can also soak marigold petals after which you would need to mash them and apply some glycerin to it. This acts as a potent skin tonic which removes impurities from the skin.

7. Strawberry Mix Homemade Moisturizer For Oily Skin:

Strawberries mix for oily skin

You could also cut and smash a few strawberries and add a teaspoon of honey to it in addition to a cup of curd or cream. Ensure that the mixture cools down in the fridge before applying it to your skin. This will help your skin experience a burst of moisture and revitalization.

8. Cream And Pear Juice Homemade Moisturizer For Oily Skin:

Pear Juice for oily skin

The uses of pear juice along with heavy cream makes for an effective homemade face moisturizer for oily skin. Store the mixture in the fridge and use it daily for fantastic results. This is the best homemade moisturizer for oily skin.

9. Apple And Honey Homemade Moisturizer For Oily Skin:

Apple and Honey for oily skin

Squash an apple and add just a small teaspoon of honey to it. Apply it to your face and then rinse it off with some cold water. This natural face moisturizer is perfect for oily skin. This is one of the best homemade moisturizers for oily skin.