9 Best Indian Wedding Nail Art Designs

Indian weddings are the most lavish and expensive affairs. They are flamboyant, packed with people and almost look like a festival every time they are celebrated. The joyous dancing, colourful decorations, loud Hindi music, different rituals and customs make this occasion unique, auspicious and charming.

They are some of the most wonderful weddings seen across the world and have also become a popular attraction for people living in the far west. Speaking of Indian weddings, one must remember that everything here is decorated in the traditional and ethnic Indian style; including the bride and groom’s outfit. The bride is taken special care of and is made to look the best on her wedding day. Her nails are also well manicured, trimmed and shaped. Most brides also prefer to put on some great nail art designs. So here, we have enlisted a few ideas for those brides who are in search of some great suggestions.

1. Shining Wedding Nail Art:

indian nail art

Your wedding day is probably the most important day of your life and you are willing to do everything to look fabulous. You want the perfect hair, the perfect outfit, the perfect make up and of course the perfect nail art. The shining wedding nail art with nice silver embroidery looks outstanding, pretty and very trendy. They are bound to make you look extra special on that special day.

2. Orange and Gold Wedding Nail Art:

A combination of thick orange and gold make the perfect wedding nail art. Some flowers can also be used to give it to a more shiny and fabulous appearance. Intricate patterns should be added too.

3. Light Pink Wedding Indian Nail Art:

A nice pink glittering nail colour with some solid black designs on top of it make great designs for Indian weddings. They make your hands look beautiful, especially when you’re showing off your ring to your friends.

4. Red and Blue Wedding Nail Art:

Shiny, glossy and glittering nail art is what Indian women want on their weddings. A combination of blue and red look almost perfect on these young Indian brides. Nice golden embroidery can be added to increase the charm.

5. Yellow and Orange Wedding Nail Art:

Young Indian brides looking for a typical Indian look can go for the yellow and orange wedding nail art. The rich and strong combination of orange and yellow reflect the mood of Indian weddings and almost look auspicious.

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6. Traditional Indian Wedding Nail Art:

You can always get yourself a nice yellow nail colour with some rich and colourful Indian patterns on it. They make great Indian wedding nail art designs and also look creative and well polished.

7. Meaningful Wedding Nail Art:

Some Indian women tend to be conservative and like their nail art to be meaningful. For them, this particular nail art looks perfect. You can coat the royal purple colour on your nails and add some strong embroidery material which will act as a strong symbol of Indian weddings.

8. Elegant Wedding Nail Art:

A combination of golden and pink with a fine black line running in the middle look elegant, poise and very subtle. They are well manicured, although they don’t carry any heavy detail. They are very simple to look at and make excellent designs for the fashion conscious and dainty Indian brides.

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9. Matte Red and Gold Accents Wedding Nail Art:

The best idea for Indian wedding nail art is matte red with golden accents. The texture is just beautiful and the embroidery is outstanding. They look rich, loud and very fashionable.

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