9 Best Smooth and Straight Hairstyles

In this article today we are going back to the basics. Mother used to repeatedly tell us to oil our hair when we were small. She used to say a head full of long straight locks would always look good on you and now that you have achieved your full grown straight hair, the boredom of everyday hairstyle has started to bother you.

hairstyle for smoothing hair

With a smooth and straight hair, many beautiful hairstyles can be opted for. These hairstyles not only break the monotony of the everyday look but also make you a trend setter.

Amazing Smooth and Straight Hairstyles for Girls:

1. The Simple Pony up:

smooth and straight hairstyles1

One of the best looks for a sleeked smoothened straight hair is the ponytail. It not only goes well with the look and texture of the hair but is also easy to manage. When you have a finer consistency of hair you can opt for this posh styled pony where you gather your hair into a pony but leaving the longer locks on the front free. After the pony wrap the longer locks at the back of your pony.

2. The Looped Low Bun:

smooth and straight hairstyles2

This is a perfect look for any formal event when the everyday bun or ponytail has made you tired. To get this look start by smoothening out your hair and then gathering the front locks, tying it in with a tie. Tease the rest of the hair in the short pony and then gather the rest of the hair underneath and tie again. This time loop your previous pony and then make a bun of the lower hair.

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3. The Uber Trends:

smooth and straight hairstyles3

As long as we are talking about smoothened straight hair you can always opt for a newer look instead of going for the same old hairstyles. Here one side of the head is properly shaved while the other sports a beautiful shiny and luscious lock. This is a relatively new hairstyle but has gained popularity ever since its arrival. Even if you do not wish to shave it, you can always opt for asymmetrical frontal locks.

4. Using Accessories:

smooth and straight hairstyles4

A simple hair accessory is all you need to make your hair stand out in the crowd. It doesn’t always take good hairstyles to flaunt awesome hair and by the sheer use of a beautiful trinket maybe, or just a simple clip on hair accessory you can add a variety look to yourself. Here a head band is used.

5. The Wrapped Bun:

smooth and straight hairstyles5

to get this look start by leaving a good chunk of your frontal locks and free and then gather the rest of the hair at the back. Start by tying it in a soft pony with a lean tie so that you can easily hide it. Now use the looping method to create a low bun. Now take the lock from the left and wrap it to the right and pin it. Do the vice versa for the other.

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6. The Under Tuck:

smooth and straight hairstyles6

To do the under tuck it is best if you use a head band at the initial stages if you are not well acknowledged with the professional approach. With a head band you can simply tuck and roll the hair to get the look. Otherwise the professional knot approach can be a easy way.

7. The Side Braids:

smooth and straight hairstyles7

The simple side braid is a good look for the straight haired lass too. This is simple and yet trendy. This can be a party look and a formal one too and therefore here we have the one sided braid where the other half of the lock is left free.

8. The Back Roll:

smooth and straight hairstyles8

Start by tying your hair, all of it, into a lose pony and then take a loose strand from the back of the pony to wrap it round and round around the pony. Use a clip at the end to lock the roll.

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9. Go For Layers:

smooth and straight hairstyles9

With a smoothened and straight head full of hair, you can easily opt for layers as a hairstyle since it would add volume to the look and at the same time create a hairstyle pattern.

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