9 Extraordinary Metallic Tattoos

Having tattoos is a widely accepted trend among the youths these days. However, there are few who are afraid of the pain of getting their body part inked. For such people, metallic tattoos have been a fashion stud solution. The tattoo allows you to change the designs according to your style, as it lasts only for 5-6 days only.

Best and Stylish Metallic Tattoos:

Here are some chic tattoo designs in metallic form to decorate you with.

1. Feather Structure Metallic Ink Tattoo:

metallic tattoos

A feather tattoo metallic design made in golden and blue is quite impressive for women for a beach themed celebration. The tattoo symbolizes celestial wisdom, spirituality, truth, courage, freedom and much more. It gives a simple way to express your attitude.

2. Temporary Arrow Metallic Tattoo:

Temporary Arrow Metallic Tattoo

Arrow metallic temporary tattoos are generally carried by the people who are close to the nature. When carried on the body, it indicates positivist, strength, peace, harmony, and much more. The golden arrows when created parallel, give a dashing effect. It gives a proper look in behind your neck. If you want, you can give a 3D effect too.

3. Ornamental Leaf Pattern Metallic Tattoo:

Ornamental Leaf Pattern Metallic Tattoo

The temporary metallic tattoos are widely used to design the hands, legs, waist, neckline, etc. instead of ornaments. The golden leaves and circular petals give a lovely look to the wearer. It signifies victory, good luck, vision, and much more.

4. Heena Pattern Metallic Tattoo:

Heenapattern Metallic Tattoo

Heena patterns have been quite adoptable in the metallic body tattoos. The design is made in silver and dark black shades to give an attractive look to your design. It is quite loved by the teen girls while looking for a different look over casuals. This design provides simplicity towards your passion.

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5. Egyptian Style Metallic Tattoo:

Egyptian Style Metallic Tattoo

Inspired by the Egyptian culture, this kind of temporary tattoos metallic design is generally carried on the back side. The design implies the importance of the Mummies, along with pious geometric designs which have their own place in the history.

6. Mermaid Pattern Metallic Tattoo:

Mermaid Pattern Metallic Tattoo

Mermaid tattoos in metallic designs are quite pure and come with a deep meaning. A flash tattoo metallic design is made with the scales of the mermaid, which embody beguiling beauty, enchantment, charm, love, grace, enchanting melodies, and much more. If you like to go on beach side, then this design will catch the attention of your friends or dear one too.

7. Golden Flower in Metallic Tattoo:

Golden Flower in Metallic Tattoo

Floral tattoos gold metallic design are the prime attraction of the college teens to show out the shiny side of their look, mostly carried on the back. The floral design stands for luck, purity, fertility, love, beauty, wealth, clarity and truth.

8. Butterfly Design Metallic Tattoo:

Butterfly Design Metallic Tattoo

Butterflies have been a cutest design in the metallic gold tattoo for giving an unblemished appearance with a bold touch. The Christian charm gives a deep meaning of life which indicates resurrection, change, hope, endurance, life, and much more.

9. Style Mandala Metallic Tattoo:


The Mandala is a virtuous circular tattoo design which has its unique significance in the Hindu and Buddhism cultures. Similar to the floral designs, the tattoo denotes the circle of life and death. It carries an idea from the lotus flower, and hence, it embodies purity, clarity and truth.

The tattoos metallic designs are available in the market, with various designs to choose from according to your choice. They are available in various colors like gold, silver, red, blue, yellow, and many more to highlight your dress code in functions.