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9 Gorgeous Hairstyles with Maang Tikka

One of best accessories for hair is maang tikka or maatha patti trending nowadays. Maang tikka hair jewellery is worn by the bride, her friend or other women on traditional occasion. Whether it is a simple pendent style, jhumar, single stranded or double stranded when added awesome hairstyles with maang tikka, they gives a very elegant and graceful look.

maang tikka hairstyles

There are varieties of maang tikka available that can be worn on different hairstyle. It is a unique piece of jewellery and the best part is that there are many tikka hairstyles.

Different Hairstyles with Maang Tikka:

Here’s a look of 9 maang tikka hairstyles that will make you look stunning.

1. Maang Tikka With Open Hair With Loose Curls:

Maang Tikka With Open Hair With Loose Curls

If one has nice long and wavy hair, the best option would be open hair. For centre strand maatha patti, hair parting would be done in the middle. When such loose wavy curls are combined with matha patti, it creates a really soft, simple and yet attractive look.

2. Braided Hairstyles with Maang Tikka:


Braids create the most beautiful and traditional look. For maang tikkas one can go for simple braids as well as fishtail braids hairstyles. They create a nice and soft look and are specially recommended for heart shaped faces as they help enhance your jaw bone.

3. Maang Tikka With Buns Hair:


Though buns can be made with any type of maang tikka, they look spectacular with the ones with side chains. Buns can be made with different styles. Single stranded, double stranded and multiple stranded maang would look great on this hairstyle.

4. Maang Tikka with Straight Hairs:


If one is wearing simple pendent tikkas, then straight hair are surely the best options. The hairstyle is also ideal for square and round shaped face as it helps cover up the face and creates a slimmer look.

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5. Maang Tikka with Side Parting:


In side parting the chain of the tikka is hidden underneath styled hair, so that pendent hangs right below the hairline. It is a simple way to style the maang tikka.

6. Maang Tikka with Centre Parting:


It looks fabulous when maang tikka is attached to centrally parted hair. This hair style makes the maang tikka more noticeable and prominent on the face and puts the emphasis on the forehead. This style open up the face, creating a brighter look, putting the face in the spotlight.

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7. Puff Hairstyle with Tikka:


Puff hairstyle is best for crescent and pendent type maang tikka. Puff Hairstyle with tikka makes the face look clean and bigger. It draws direct attention on the maang tikka. One with small face should try the puff hairstyle.

8. Back Combed Semi up Do Hairstyle with Tikka:


If one doesn’t want hairs troubling the face but want open dazzling hair, back combed semi up do will be the best options. The hairs are back combed and semi tied. This can be done with both straight and curled hair. It will look great on all types of face shapes.

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9. Sophisti Cated Up Do with Braids and Twists:


Thick hair is good for intricate updos which combine with different elements. A crown French braid and a low bun from twists are an excellent idea for a trendy look. The twist provides the unique texture that may look just a little messy, while the other elements of the hairstyle remain impeccable.

Indian bridal outfit are commonly accessorized with tikkas on woman’s forehead. Maang tikkas are also worn for spiritual purpose. With such an important religious fashion component tikka must placed with best hairstyle which add glamour to one’s look.

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