9 Latest and Best Permed Hairstyles with Pictures

9 Latest and Best Permed Hairstyles with Pictures

A hairstyle with perms is a great way of styling poker straight or flat hair that is normally unable to retain temporary curls. Women who are fond of curly hair can try this hairstyle. Perms are permanent waves that or curls that can be created with the help of chemical solution and perming apparatus like perming rods and rollers. The role of the solution is to restructure the otherwise straight hair into curls. After the application of chemicals the hair is washed and then rollers are fixed. The next step is to treat it with a perming solution which finally gives the required curls. Before getting the hair permed one should keep factors like the suitability of the hairstyle and the chemical solution in their minds. There are several permed hairstyles available and should be chosen according to the personal requirements.

Beautiful and Stylish Permed Hairstyles:

Let we have to look at the top 9 hairstyles for permed hair.

1. Root Perm Hairstyle:

permed hairstyles

As the name suggests this hairstyle requires the perm from the root of the hair to give a bounce to flat hair. This is one of the most befitting hairstyle for short haired people. It is an amazing makeover for short haired people and the perm stays on for a maximum of three months only.

2. Perm With Body Wave:

Permed hairstyles 2

An emerging trend, this hairstyle gives a lot of body to thin flat hair and compliments the face as these wavy curls add softness to the facial contour. You can style it easily by blow drying and will not last more than two months. Girls with shoulder length can easily try out this hairstyle.

3. Permed Hairstyle With Volume:

Permed hairstyles 3

Even though we use curlers for this hairstyle it actually does not include curls. It creates a lot of volume and looks beautiful on oval shaped faces. If you have long hair and you would like to give a lot of volume then this is the hairstyle for you.

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4. Spiral Permed Hairstyle:

Permed hairstyles 4

This hairstyle gives a funky and youthful to a person and requires a long rod to achieve these spiraling curls. It is a very trendy hair style and is known to provide good volume to the hair.

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5. Stack Permed Hairstyle:

Permed hairstyles 5

This hairstyle involves curling the lower half of the hair. It looks good on any length of hair provided the length is the same throughout. This is done to create textures and a potion is deliberately kept off curls so as to maintain softness of the face.

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6. Spot Permed Hairstyle:

Permed Hairstyles

Ideally this hairstyle is labelled as a partial perm and involves perming one section of hair at a time. This hairstyle requires the same procedure for perming the hair and is generally used if a person wishes to get good volume in one particular section only.

7. Alkaline Perm Hairstyle:

Permed hairstyles 7

This hairstyle can be very damaging so people with thin hair or with hair colour on, should avoid it. Only normal hair that has never been permed before is applicable for this hairstyle. It has the capacity of lasting as long as five months.

8. Acid Perm:

Unlike Alkali perm this Hairstyle can be used on coloured hair and is more for creating loose curls. Even Brittle hair can work well with perm and this does not possess the drying quality. This is best suited on a square shaped face.

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9. Exothermic Perms:

Permed hairstyles 9

This type of perm is very easy and simple to keep as they do not require time the process; neither does it require heat from external sources. These perms utilize chemicals that release sufficient heat required to perm the hair. This hairstyle is much in demand as it simple and gives excellent results.

Perms have been in existence for many years and this evergreen style is getting evolved by the new generation of hairstylists in the most innovative way possible. So if one wishes to get a complete makeover permed hairstyle is an excellent option.